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5 Best Android Apps : Cool Android Apps by my Choice

Best Android Apps : Cool Android Apps
Android developers now a day has developed Cool Android Apps, more than 100,000 Cool Android Apps has been developed, here are the best 5 Android Apps by my choice.

Because Apple easily accessible, the user-friendly apps, the concept is introduced, the smart phone ownership was never so much fun. But the problem with Apple is that they have a closed club. Either an Apple fan boy (or girl) does or does not like. However, Google's Android has changed all that. Smart Phone Apps that have to be considered the exclusive domain of the state is now Apple. Also, the introduction of the Windows 7 phone, smart phone applications market growing rapidly.

Android Apps is the fact that the beauty of open source Android operating system. Google is very much in smart here, bedrooms allows developers creativity to shine through, and although Android Apps before they go some way Apple apps to reach over 280,000, there are many to choose from. Such a simple question, what are the top 10 Android Apps you should have?

Here are my current options, all free. I warn that with new releases every week, and it shall be modified to add. Apps I tried to select a range of activities, so games, productivity, social media, etc.. There is a wide selection

1. Gmail and Google Calendar

Now I know that it will not be more exciting to do something. It is a bit of a no-brainer for me, as I live in my Gmail account. Instant access to many accounts, is a corresponding. Since Android is a Google Apps, Gmail works seamlessly, as one might expect.

2. Tweet Deck

I have friends stream, but I believe that a HTC phone app which converges on Facebook and Twitter status updates. Tweetdeck a similar thing for you to see what Twitter, truths, and all the buzz is happening on the screen allows. Once the information is constantly updated with. You can also update your status for all accounts directly with an update.

3. Goggles

So this is one of the fun, but surprisingly practical applications of Google Labs. Looking through these pictures, take a picture and then do a Google search based on the analysis of images. The bar codes and QR codes (see the strange black and white squares pattern) but works. See a product, take a picture, and you think the products, or related products will provide Amazon price.

4. WordPress

It is strongly being productive section. I have a number of WordPress blogs, and efficient application to directly update my blog, and check out the posts and pages, add comments and see all of your visitor statistics, all while sitting the car makes. This allows for multiple blogs, and easily switch between them.

5. Evernote

Well, I know it will have banners, but you know what Evernote, version of an Android app that familiar with. Evernote note pad an online website where you notes, clippings, and photographs may want to save. The application to take pictures, write notes or even record audio notes and upload them to your Evernote account lets on.

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