Saturday, 31 August 2013

Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace Game Store

Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace Game Store: Microsoft has said that they will rename the Xbox Live Marketplace to a Xbox Game Store.
Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace Game Store
Initially, Live Marketplace is an online store to provide the game, extensions, video and other types of content for the Xbox One 360.

Now, when the clip has been moved to the business in Xbox Video Store, also sells music on Xbox Music Store the name change will help Microsoft emphasized that this store specializes in used game business.

According to a spokesman for Microsoft, this move will help users find content more easily on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One day coming out in November.

Last year Microsoft also has similar steps as renamed to Windows Phone Windows Phone Marketplace Store to help users clearly know this is the app store for its mobile platform but the music and film has its own warehouse.

Smart Meter Google Company Producing

Smart Meter Google Company Producing: Google recently confirmed that it has officially acquired companies producing smart meter called WIMM Labs. 
Smart Meter Google Company Producing
This is seen as a preparatory step to search giant entered the market to compete with smartwach manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, or Samsung.

Actually it looks like the sale has taken place since last year when WIMM claims to stop selling the smart meter at the time WIMM One of them is concurrently closed site Twitter announced on the website and that is there were confidentiality agreement to develop its technology SmartWatch. 

But then the moment we only know exactly what Google has acquired WIMM.

Once owned by Google, WIMM team of engineers will work in groups on Android. 

This policy is quite confusing as it had previously transferred smart meter project to the Google X team the development team responsible for Google Glass smart glasses and self-driving cars. Google did not disclose further plans which they intended to do with the WIMM.

Thus, we can see smart meter market has been getting a lot of interest from companies both large and small technology. 

After the SmartWatch to startup emerging from the upcoming Pebble. we will have more Sony SmartWatch 2, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple iWatch.

According to the latest information the Sony clock will be sold in September, while the Galaxy Gear will be released on 4/9;'s iWatch Apple will likely only be introduced by the end of next year.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History

Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History: According to the latest rumors the new generation iPhone is forthcoming. 
Story Of Most Anticipated Smartphone History
Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S on 10/9 here. iPhone is not the only phones in the world and the tech world eagerly awaiting customers. 

In addition to the iPhone and countless other products may also be honored however, is not empty and become blockbusters but instead to take life spray bomb.

Apple's iPhone has set a measure for all other smartphones. IPhone early form birth is 1/9/2007 after months of speculation. 

Bring on the pocket PC users building an empire on the application and create fever still simmering today. However, Apple's first smartphone was not rated because only slow EDGE network connection, call quality is bad.

Galaxy S4 showcase event attracted great attention from the world of technology especially when the Korean manufacturers spent more aggressive advertising budget than Apple iPhone and want to drown. 

Results on sales of S4 entirely as expected: S4 sold 10 million units in less than a month on the shelves.

First debuts 4/2013 received great attention because in the name of Facebook phone. However, it was a bitter disappointment for HTC and Facebook. 

The most notable is that it was built First of applications - Facebook Home interface, allowing users to access Facebook as soon as they open the machine. 

With mid-range camera, removable battery and memory card support equipment First is forgettable.

HTC Zara Mini At Just 210 USD

HTC Zara Mini At Just 210 USD: Following rumors of Zara model with 4.5 inch screen, quad-core chip and Sense 5.5 interface, a Chinese website has just posted images of a mini Zara is very eye-catching design.
HTC Zara Mini At Just 210 USD
It seems that HTC will launch Zara 2 different units.

This model has slightly rounded edges like the Lumia 620 nearly 10 mm thin and weighs 125 grams.

Product code name of the HTC 301e, owner parameters as 4.3 inch TFT screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, dual-core 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and storage capacity of 8 GB.

HTC Zara mini camera used after 5 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of recording 720p video, running Android 4.1.2.

This will be a 2 SIM products with prices around 212 USD in China. The time of product launch international market has yet to be determined.

Many Phones With Sharp Decline In August

Many Phones With Sharp Decline In August: More than a year after selling out in Vietnam, Samsung Galaxy S3 still pretty good sales.
Many Phones With Sharp Decline In August
Samsung Galaxy S3 (down 1 million)

With this product has decreased $ 1 million, to 9.9 million, the product at the same price as the Lumia 920, LG Optimus G and Sony Xperia SP will encounter certain problems during the competition.

Galaxy S3 features a 4.8 inch screen high quality, sharp 8 megapixel camera and Touch Wiz UX Nature intelligent.

Before fell to approximately 10 million the Galaxy S3 has undergone a number of other price cuts starting point Galaxy S4 sold.

Sony Xperia ZR (down 1.5 million)

New sales markets from early July the waterproof handset from Sony has sharply discounted rates. Xperia ZR is a miniature version of the Xperia Z with beautiful design powerful configuration.

In Japan, this model is the best-selling smartphone of the Docomo network, than the iPhone 5, but in Vietnam, ZR not really impressed.

Compared with Xperia Z, ZR have better water resistant the back cover is also removable to replace the battery. Currently, the product is being sold for $ 12 million, genuine.

HTC One (down 400,000)

Since officially sold out in mid-May, this is the first high-end smartphone from HTC with a price adjustment. At $ 15.3 million, HTC One is priced lower than competitors like the Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z.

Another noteworthy point is the 16GB HTC One recently sold in Vietnam market also declined from 14.5 million to 13.8 million.

After One, HTC will distribute the mini One in Vietnam in mid-September. This product has the same design of the One but for smaller screens low profile. Suggested price of the HTC One mini is 11.6 million.

Gear Galaxy Most Fuctions

Gear Galaxy Most Fuctions: Samsung will introduce at IFA 2013 with OLED touch screen 2.5 320x320 resolution, dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 6GB or 8GB memory range depending version.
Gear Galaxy Most Fuctions
Followed by the information this morning about the software interface with the NFC controller Galaxy Gear will have Bluetooth 4.0 LE, accelerometer, 4MP camera 720p video recording and speaker on the strap.

Most significant information is battery life of this product for about 10 hours and runs a customized version of Android Jelly Bean. noted that this information is still just rumors not official.

BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android

BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android: BlackBerry has recently launched surprise official website refers to BBM as well as its characteristic features for iOS and Android. 
BlackBerry Begins Official Website BBM For iOS And Android
Accordingly, BBM on iOS and Android will be fully functional as the BlackBerry OS version it still has BBM Video with screen sharing capabilities BBM Voice phone calls BBM Connected apps associated with a of certain software helps us share with your friends on BBM more quickly. 

By accessing this website, you will see a small square box, this will be the email you enter early to receive the latest information about BBM for Android and iOS, or perhaps when you have BBM on both the founded on those who register will be given priority before use. 

Fact, a few minutes before appearing on the Web site, the BlackBerry has accidentally launched a website titled BBM For Android And iPhone Is Here accompanied by two function buttons. 

BBM BBM for iPhone and for Android. However, Canadian corporations have quickly removed and replaced on the website. 

Upcoming conference programming Blackberry Jam will take place in Hong Kong from 26th till 27th October 9, probably BBM for Android and iOS will be introduced here.

Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA

Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA: Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA Archos recently unveiled a tablet computer and telephone to prepare for the new IFA 2013 event will take place next week. 
Archos Reveals Smartphones And Tablet Ahead IFA
First, the series Platinum will have its new members 97B Titanium HD is equipped with aluminum housing, IPS screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 and runs Android 4.2. 

Next tablet called 101xs2 is a hybrid product because it can be attached by magnets to the base keypad and transform into a laptop when needed. 

Archos says 101xs2 will run on quad-core processor, HD IPS screen, front camera later two stereo speakers, more powerful configuration, the brother 101xs launched last year . 

All of the above devices are available app store Google Play . Not only that, Archos is also preparing to roll out a new generation of ChildPad the tablet looks and interface design for children them. 

It says that the machine will own repositories Google Play of the machine will be filtered with the content appropriate for children, along with features that help parents control their children's use of tablet-based Android 4.2. There is also a 101 Childpad is designed to shorten a distance between the digital world with the physical world by using the small audience magnet. 

It is unclear how the effects of it. For gamers, ahead of this year's IFA, Archos has unveiled a gamepad 2 to replace the gamepad 1 is sold on the market. It is a tablet form with integrated handle gaming on the camera body and is compatible with thousands of the latest titles. 

Series Archos Xenon then added three new products with HD screen, dual-core or quad-core chip, runs Android 4.2 and 3G connectivity. 

On this occasion, Archos introduced more new products in the line smartphone is the new Oxygen next two Platinum and Titanium series is. 

The Archos 50 oxygen will use Full-HD screen with IPS panel, chip quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, 16GB internal memory, 13MP primary camera, secondary camera is 5MP and Android 4.2 preinstalled. 

The Titanium line of products, there are more low profile only two processors, 5MP main camera, 0.3 MP secondary camera. All these smartphones are running Android interface original and attested from Google. 

Archos says that the configuration and detailed information on the above equipment will be announced more in the future. It will also provide an IFA wristwatch prototype smart unique. Subtlety will continue to update the latest information for you.

Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine

Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine: Bring to a lot of new changes this version will support HTML5 on desktop protocol smoother operation along with the added utility W3C Geolocation API. 
Opera 16 Web Browser Based On Chromium 29 Engine
It allows you to standardize an interface to get information about the geographic location of the device such as the fact that it can be used on sites like Foursquare to services that can help identify locations easier.

In addition, the stable version of Opera 16 for Windows and Mac OS will bring features like before such as form autofill, full screen mode on Mac computers and jump list helps the better on Windows. 

In addition, other features such as Speed ​​Dial, Stash, Discover, Off-Road will also be added to upgrade the browser can work in the best way.

There are also two versions related to early use Chromium, Opera 16 will be added to the utility and chrome.history chrome.cookies are utility API appeared in Opera 15 but not only that, the session. 

This new version also provides for the development of more utility models to help them build the equivalent of processing tools and Opera version 16 also showed a clear break away from the utility limit 6 appear on the browser interface.

Reportedly, since switching from Presto engine to operate starting Chromium platform version of Opera 15, far more than 300 extensions support for this version and then another in which also includes many of today's popular service is Evernote, Pocket, Yandex, Pinterest, LastPass and Feedly.

Continue to develop your roadmap, earlier this month, Opera has released version browser developed by Opera first Chromium 17 to the 30, promises to bring back pin tab feature as Opera on 12 and many other improvements.

Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4

Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4: Talking Hodiny he said, Vietnam is home to the largest Opera Mini user of seventeenth worldwide and fourth in Asia, after India Indonesia and China.
Second Largest Market Of Opera Mini 4
The reason is that in the past year efforts deployed 3G infrastructure the data package fits pockets and smart phones suitable budget in Vietnam has fueled the growth of Web access from smartphone users of Opera Mini especially Android devices.

During 1 year, from 7/2012 to 7/2013 Opera Mini users on smartphones has increased 142%.

The rapid growth of the Android operating system has taken the mobile platforms become the second largest Opera Mini user community in Vietnam.

The latest data we showed that Vietnam Opera Mini users increased by 211% on Android and the Android web page views increased 465% over the same period last year he said Ivollex Hodiny.

On this occasion Opera officially announced the partnership Monday with partners in Vietnam, which is Vinaphone. 

Accordingly, VinaPhone also officially launched the data package unlimited browsing of the first network in Vietnam.

Customers only need to pay 2,000 dong a day to be able to unlimited browsing via Opera Mini browser, download files or watch live video free.

Currently, Opera Mini mobile browser is a fast and stable, has attracted more than 230 million users worldwide regardless of the ordinary telephone lines or smart phones and PC .

In Vietnam, the number of people using Opera Mini on Android up 211%, contributing to the total number of Opera Mini users on smartphones up to 76%.

Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest

Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest: Facebook has updated its terms of use allowing businesses and brands to use their fanpage to create promotions and contests easier. 
Facebook Fanpage Use Assessment Results Like Contest
A special feature is the Facebook management support number of people like comment to summarize results.

Previously contests, promotions manager with apps only, now Facebook has removed it. Currently users can completely manage the site and the application Timelines Facebook .

The program is organized on Facebook will be the number of support like comment send messages to the page so that as the vote share. 

A given tool enables post export data help summarize the results simpler. This tool is still in the testing phase errors occur for a number of languages.

It is worth noting that on the fanpage competitions require players to tag your friends in such a condition is valid, and help spread the competition is higher. 

But Facebook has banned the use of this method fanpage.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7

Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7: All this iPhone have in common that situation is to install iOS 7 Beta shift by 6 update from iOS to not add UDID. 
Apple Lock Your iPhone UDID And Not Add iOS Beta 7
Today some overseas website posted notice that Apple has begun to shut some iPhone running iOS Beta 7 deactivating the active state machine will stop at the active standby screen.

The problem is that I also received information from the users in Vietnam has also been a similar situation, the machine is used after access to it was deactivating wifi. 

It is possible that Apple is conducting decommissioning of the iPhone running iOS Beta 7 which is not registered in the list of device programmers. 

Therefore, to be sure then if you are using the Windows 7 Beta to iOS add UDID or data backup for sure. Recently, Apple has also increased the number of devices that programmers can add up to 200 devices UDID. 

Should you backup data with iTunes, iCloud by now. If careful, you can turn off wifi and 3G, temporarily use the network again. 

Deactive If you are worried do not rush, move on DFU and restore normal iOS 6.1.4. UDID as identifier codes of each iPhone, Add UDID is often manipulate the programmer to make an iPhone that add to the list of our test device, they can use it to develop software. 

Every time programmers of iPhone UDID added to the list which is updated at the same time Apple also their list. 

The problem is that you usually do not add UDID Subtle but pressing shift use from iOS 6 update to iOS beta 7 is always to bypass UDID check this step. 

This machine can help active normal operation without interest accounts programmers interested in what is UDID. 

Samsung Tablet Will Cut Because Of Low Sales

Samsung Tablet Will Cut Because Of Low Sales: The manufacturer has to Digitimes that Samsung has cut orders for components production line tablet 10.1 firm. 
Samsung Tablet Will Cut Because Of Low Sales
Raised This information will gradually restrict the Samsung production line This product sales due to too low compared with what it expects. 

Even when bulk discount Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Tab 3 and Note 10.1 versions, the sales are still unsatisfactory. 

According to statistics which sold about 17 million tablets in the first half of this year but 70% of the size 7. 

Anyway, it seems that Samsung does not give up the big screen tablet segment. they still have the map of tablet news 10.1 tablet generation as well as 12. 

Digitimes sources also said the laptop market where Samsung will be the next to dominate after No. 1 in sales in the array of TV and phone.

Nokia Window Phone 1520 6 Inch Screen Reveal Photos

Nokia Window Phone 1520 6 Inch Screen Reveal Photos: Files of Windows Phone Central show, Nokia 1520 with 6 inch screen, 1080p resolution is next to a smaller Lumia. 
Nokia Window Phone 1520 6 Inch Screen Reveal Photos
This site does not provide much information about the forthcoming product.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a source close to Nokia told The Verge that AT & T is testing a product code-named Bandit. The device has the same design as the photo.

Super large screen smartphone Nokia can use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 4 cores, and is also the first Windows Phone to use Full HD screen. 

The information leaked on the big screen of your Nokia smartphone before all that, the company will introduce Lumia 1520. 

Sample devices compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to be available around November.

Last week, a tablet running Windows RT Nokia has leaked with HD display and a competitive price with the iPad.

iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple

iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple: iPhone 5 bikhoa Bring to a shop on Le Hong Phong, Vietnam Anh Nguyen said this morning when connected to Wi-Fi network, your machine was immediately deactivating. 
iPhone Running iOS Beta 7 Is Apple
Despite using many ways but Vietnam still does not turn up I used to be.

According to Ho Hai Minh, technicians specialize in iPhone, Apple is taking courses from iOS devices updated to iOS 6 beta 7 update by selecting shift without UDID step further. 

In the morning, his technical department have received from customers 4 devices with this phenomenon. Apple is taking active measures to stop the iPhone running iOS beta 7 is not registered in the list of its developers he explains Ming.

According to Minh, this is not worth worrying phenomenon, the user can switch the device on DFU restore back to iOS version 6.1.4 and used again. However, when restoring the machine, the device will lose all previous data.

To prevent this phenomenon, users can back up data in iTunes or through iCloud. To avoid locking devices installed iOS beta 7 is not the right way, as he Minh the user should temporarily disconnect the Internet connection such as Wi-Fi, 3G.

Add UDID is a process previously required for programmers to test before Apple's OS is in beta. UDID is offering iPhone, iPad. 

Test equipment to the list of application developers by signing up with Apple. However, many people when testing iOS 7 skipped this step proceed shift click to go to update the operating system is loaded on your computer.

Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer

Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer: A 24-year-old hacker in America now faces 18 months in jail after being arrested by the FBI while trying to sell access to information are two of the country's supercomputers. 
Hacker Arrested FBI Selling Visit American Supercomputer
With the name James Andrew Miller, the hackers had successfully hacked into the information system of many large companies such as American Express, Yahoo . Adobe, Google, WordPress and installed by hacking keyboard tracking software on the computers of employees of this company. 

In the case that Miller was arrested, the perpetrators wanted to sell access to FBI information management accounts of two supercomputer located at the Department of Computer Science Research under the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Miller demanded the FBI paid $ 50,000 for this deal and of course the FBI never spend that amount.

In the chat with the Secret Service Miller boasted that he had been accessing information supercomputers is due to hack into the system of a university in Japan, where the two are allowed to connect to this machine. 

Miller also served previously sold for FBI agents account access network Domino's Pizza stores and many other places the U.S. at a cost of over $ 2,200. 

The culprit was also revealed he can gain access to supercomputers at Harvard University and the University of California

Miller used the nickname Green to go online and he is a member of the hacker group Underground Intelligence Agency. 

One other hackers named Robert Intel Burns who became a witness for investigators since 2010 and has participated in UI A plays an important role in solving crimes because he introduced Miller the FBI agent.

In addition to 18 months jail, Miller will be monitored within 36 months and forced to compensate for the damage he held was hacked and violated. The amount of compensation has not been disclosed.

Dolphin Browser Exchange Events

Dolphin Browser Exchange Events: These browsers have good speed and sensitivity are also some unique features such as voice control data synchronization. 
Dolphin Browser nhatben popular browsers
All these features are designed to provide the best browsing experience on mobile. Upcoming Dolphin browser is expected to officially launch in Vietnam.

Dolphin representative will meet users directly in the city of Ho Chi Minh in Saigon Hub on the evening of Tuesday, September 3 at 6.30pm. 

Edith Yeung is the Vice President of International Business Development from Dolphin headquarters in San Francisco to participate in this event with us.

You can register to participate in this event .

Edith Yeung is the head of International Sales for Dolphin Browser nhatben popular browsers Tuesday on Android and iOS, is currently the only browser only gestures and voice activated state where and when is the # 1 free app good for iPhone and iPad by PC Magazine poll. 

China Telecom selected vaKDDI Dolphin is the only browser preloaded on their Android phones in China and Japan. 

Dolphin Browser has over 80 million installations worldwide and invested mobile browser is the first and only investment fund Sequoia. 

Previously, Edith has worked with companies such as AT & T Wireless, Oracle, Siebel, Autodesk, Telstra, etc. She often talked about mobile women and international business. 

She also founded Right Ventures, an investment fund that focuses on investing cloud computing and mobile applications.

Vivas Lotus S1 Smartphone

Vivas Lotus S1 Smartphone: This smartphone is the first Vietnamese brands are research design and development manufacturing in Vietnam. 
Vivas Lotus S1 Smartphone
Our products have been the Ministry of Information and Communications conformity certification in May 7/2013.

As representatives of VNPT Technology this is the first product in the product chain smartphone will be released in the near future.

Earlier, a number of technology companies in Vietnam such as FPT, Viettel. also launched the smartphone segment average. However, the Vietnamese brand products are manufactured in China.

Vivas Lotus S1 5 inch screen size, elegant design and well-being, 2 sim 2 waves, 2,200 mAh battery allows users to experience the full benefits of the line smartphones like modern movies, hearing music, download photos surf the web ... for a long time.

Product configuration is quite good as the speed of the processor 1 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, 4GB of internal memory the main camera on the back 5 Megapixel, Micro SD card slot with a maximum capacity of 32 GB, the equipped with common connections such as 3G, WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth. Machines operating system Android 4.0.4.

In addition, S1 Lotus Vivas fully integrated online applications on Appstore VNPT allows users to easily access and experience of network applications such as mRadio, myRadio, Zoota, Alo TV.

Price of Lotus S1 Vivas is 3,900,000 VND, the warranty period is 12 months. The machine is supplied with attractive promotions with a total contract value of up to 2,210,000, which accounts VinaPhone sim worth VND 1,250,000.

The VNPT expectations with its strategy, the smart phone will become VNPT countries and products are exported to overseas markets.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Nokia Sirius 10.1 Inch Tablet Running Windows

Nokia Sirius 10.1 Inch Tablet Running Windows: According to a source close to Nokia the Finnish phone company is preparing to launch the first tablet with 10.1-inch size using RT.  
Nokia Sirius 10.1 Inch Tablet Running Windows
Windows operating system code-named Sirius. In terms of design Sirius will bring the look of Lumia smartphones.

Expected Lumia Sirius will have Full HD 1920x1080 pixel display, integrated technology show clear images even outdoors. 

The back of the camera has a resolution of 6-MP, 2 MP front camera. Sirius will use quad-core processor Qualcomm Snap Dragon 800, 2GB RAM, LTE connectivity support. Machine can operate continuously 10 hours.

In addition, Sirius would support Micro SD memory cards up to 32GB, a Micro HDMI port and a Micro USB port.

According to The Verge Nokia also plans to produce more and charge the keyboard dock comes with Sirius. It is expected that the Nokia tablet will be released on 9/26 and the equivalent price of the Apple iPad.

HTC One Test Android 4.3 ROM Leaks

HTC One Test Android 4.3 ROM Leaks: Android 4.3 for HTC One at the end of September and now the installation of this update has been leaked online by nicknames LlabTooFeR programmers.
Android 4.3 ROM Leaks for the HTC One test
In the new version we are allowed to choose their own music as background for the video created by Highlights feature, in addition, the transit time in the video image will depend on the pace of soundtrack.

The task management and functional testing of network traffic is now carried out app drawer screen Wi-Fi icon Hotspot and innovation. Features Wi-Fi is turned on to serve for the purpose of positioning the Android 4.3 also appear.

Please note that the installer leaked today is just the internal beta pre-release only. HTC will likely add other new things before the company launched the official update. installed the new ROM Guide.

  • Download the ROM file here and copy it to the memory of the HTC ONe
  • Boot into recovery mode. If you do not know what the recovery is please reference topic about how to upgrade ROM and related issues .
  • Select the backup to backup the entire contents of the computer missed a problem, we can recover
  • Choose Install zip file> browse to the new file you downloaded
  • Choose flash, flash forward complete, restart your computer and start using

Market Growth Smartphone

Market Growth Smartphone: Report by IDC show Furniture smartphone sales volume in the Vietnam market in 2012 was 4 million. 
Market Growth Smartphone
This year, that number can go up to 6 million units. Theo to a report Titled Handbook on Vietnam's mobile market has been published by Appota - a unit of mobile content distribution Vietnam is a country with rapid growth of smartphones 2nd world just behind China.

According to reports from Appota, the number of Android devices available in Vietnam, by the end of 2012, is about 9 to 10 million units. The new iPhone is the most popular products in Vietnam. 

Accordingly, the number of iOS devices sold in Vietnam could reach 4 million units. Three quarters of them are iPhone.

iPhone is an iconic product for smartphones in Vietnam During the period 2009 - 2011 and Remain the number one position in the market at the moment. 

In Vietnam, Apple products are always respected and is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Trend loving Apple products only When changing the line Android phone with good configuration, Cheap appeared on the market.

The report of Apppota, iPhone currently accounts for about 40% smartphone market share in Vietnam, while Android with about 30 Different brands accounted for almost 60% of the rest mainly products from Samsung, LG, Q-Mobile and Hkphone.

As predicted, Android phones will continue to grow strongly accounting for about 80% smartphone market share in Vietnam for about 2 years.

Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market

Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market: The decline in market share of Apple in China are making thousands of units produced locally miserable accessories. 
Chinese Firm Shedding Accessories Apple Lost Market
At the present time, they are forced to shift to production of suitable accessories to the device products Samsung's tablet or domestic manufacturers.

The conversion of producing accessories for Samsung, Lenovo and numerous other Chinese phone companies make these units took a big charge Vincent Kwok - CEO of the production company's accessories in Guangzhou Magic Kingdom said.

The number of models released each year by Apple few manufacturers make such Kwok feel your breath because they only need to design a form or two accessories for the smartphone or tablet for long-term production. 

However, as sales of the iPhone, iPad plummeting in China the company was forced to develop a range of other accessories to form various sizes, different designs for brands such as ZTE, Xiaomi.

The market is shifting to Samsung and the Chinese brands so we are forced to expand the product line. 

This helps us reduce the risk. Just focus on Apple products is too dangerous at the moment, Mr Kwok said.

The market share of Apple iPhone products sold in China in June fell to 5%, while Samsung ranked number one with 18% as reported by Canalys on 9/8. IPad sales also fell 28% market share down sharply from 49% a year ago. 

Meanwhile, Samsung was able to expand its market share to 11% from 6%, calculated from the month 6/2012.

For those who like Giant Zhang co-founder Jison accessory maker Case the transition is not easy. The type of senior housing leather case for iPhone with over 300 currency price does not match the client group using low-level smartphones.

Although 70% of sales from the company's Han still come from Apple products, he said the company does not intend to rely on the iPhone and iPad. Apple has no new ideas, new designs. 

Rapidly changing market. If you do not change, you will die, said Han.

Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year

Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year: According to a survey of journalists, these models range from 7 to under 9 million that many supermarkets sold under the brand enough as Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell.
Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year
Equipped with Core i3 configuration - Configurable business world considered the majority of students priority by shopping with moderately priced affordable, fully configured for web surfing word processing, Basic graphics applications such as Photoshop.

Together, despite the price soft or in the form of installment purchase but buyers are still many supermarkets, electronics shop your bag with gifts accessories shopping coupons, antivirus software copyright from 1 to 3 years.

Equivalent promotions apply to senior product laptop. This move is said to drastically enlist attract customers in the computer shopping season of the year's busiest.

Here is the configuration of products sold under the Core i3 for $ 9 million refer to the address at the cheapest prices on the market today.

The configuration of the machine: Intel Core i3-2328M Processor (2.2GHz/3MB), 2GB RAM DDR3, 1600MHz (2 slots), SATA 500G HDD (5400rpm), Intel HD Graphics 3000 VGA. Asus X401A-WX441 using 14inch HD WLED screen, Webcam, Bluetooth, 6 cells battery, built-in Linux OS, weighing 2kg.
Core i3 Laptop Price For New School Year
Reference Price: 8.4 million.

HP Pavilion G4-2009TU Intel ® Core i3 CPU-2350M 2GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD Serial ATA, DVDRW optical drive. Screen Size 14 nch LED-backlit HD BrightView Intel HD Graphics 3000 Graphics, 6 cells battery, weighing 2.19 kg.

Reference Price: 8.9 million.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Android Smartphone Users At Risk Of Attack

Android Smartphone Users At Risk Of Attack: Notice issued on 23/7 by DHS and FBI, Android the mobile operating system the most popular in the world continues to be the object of attack by the market share and open architecture of it.
Android Smartphone Users At Risk Of Attack
In the announcement, said: 44% of Android users are still using version 2.3.3 to 2.3.7 - or Gingerbread - was launched in 2011 and exists many security holes have been patched in later versions.

Android leads market smartphones with 80% global market share. Although used more in the consumer market instead of the market, DHS and FBI warnings software needs to be updated rapidly as more and more authorities for Android.

The two agencies launched a number of people at risk are older versions of Android users including viruses can send messages without the user knowing it, causing high phone bill surprises Rootkit tool to record the location and user password domain name Google Play fake, trick users into installing malicious software infection for hackers to steal sensitive information.

The latest version of Android 4.3 - Jelly Bean is considered safer to have preinstalled feature allows users to scan installed applications to detect signs of malicious code.

Microsoft Pressure To Transfer power

Microsoft Pressure To Transfer power: He confidently asserted, We are embarking on a new strategy with a new organization and we have a team of great senior leadership.
Microsoft Pressure To Transfer power
However, he has not revealed who will replace her.

The announcement of CEO Ballmer signaled to Microsoft about to undergo a transfer of power to pursue new development strategies. A month ago the group has also revealed changes in the future. 

According to CNN, the leadership was driven Microsoft focusing on development of hardware products and services provided online via interactive touch screen. 

Indeed, the growth of competitors and technological trends that Microsoft must inevitably change, if not regressed. On the hardware side despite trying very hard but the line tablet Surface has not yet achieved impressive results against opponents. Meanwhile, this is a growing trend strongly. 

On the other hand, Google's Chrome operating system dominate from mobile phones to tablets and even been expanded to the laptop. 

In addition, the trend of cloud computing services are playing a more important role in the development strategies of most modern information technology in the world.

So, what Microsoft have to overcome a lot to this group should have a strategic restructuring, long-term development. 

To implement such a strategy, CNN quoted CEO Ballmer said that he should retire to Microsoft have a new general manager capable of pursuing long-term strategy. 

I will work closely with other members of the board to find a great CEO. According to CNN the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates will also actively participate in the search for a new leader for the group.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer For Nearly After Retirement

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer For Nearly After Retirement: After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed would resign within 12 months the market has immediately received positive with an increase of nearly 10% share price.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer For Nearly After Retirement
Some information is also financial world, said the decision to retire, 333 million shares he owns Ballmer will be entitled to sell to the public.

Ballmer If he decides to sell these shares, he will own 840 million, according SPCapitalIQ.

Mr. Ballmer is now a dollar billionaire. He was ranked 51 in the world and 22 in the United States.

March this year, Forbes said his net asset value of U.S. $ 15.2 billion.

Phone k900 Super Camera's Settings

Phone k900 Super Camera's Settings: Lenovo k900 is equipped with an imaging software that comes fairly stable with more features or called Super Camera. 
Phone k900 Super Camera's Settings
A guy on XDA have separate apk file of this software and so we can install it on the machine Android other. 

Android is happy, if you have nothing good machine, the machine sooner or later someone else will have to try Super Camera then simply download the attached file below and copy it to the phone installed as a normal software. 

Super Camera runs well on Android 4.1 or 4.2.1, with the machine running Android 4.2.2 and Android 4.3, there are some functions do not work.

Sky Smartphone Surprise For Users

Skyphone Smartphone Surprise For Users: A relatively new name in the field of smartphones with the launch of the phone has an HDMI connection Limo last year. 
Sky Smartphone Surprise For Users
Skyphone, product development firms to continue to exercise caution when making phone market Sky Nano with strong improvement.

Sky product called Nano was introduced as the most unique phones, possesses unmatched features appear on the smartphone available in the market. 

It can playback content on TV screens, GPS global positioning independently with integrated chipset

Other unique features, the machine has the ability to operate like a desktop PC when connected to a monitor mouse and keyboard. Then, the user can use the Android operating system with no other experience on a laptop.

Besides the ability to work on interesting Skyphone said their smartphone will be equipped with impressive hardware, such as 4 cores processor, up to 2 GB RAM and 20 GB of internal memory. 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels and use of toughened Gorilla Glass protection.

Camera 13 dots will use sensors with high sensitivity and fast imaging speed comes standard video quality Full HD 1920,1080p. 

Equipped with multiple sensors, such as light, compass, balance.

Sky said Skyphone Nano ultra-thin smartphone market right eye Sera July this year at just 4.9 million. 

The biggest obstacle Skyphone brand is not strong enough to make the consumer can trust absolutely but the interest of the majority of customers is the biggest incentive for firms can gradually change the perception of consumers about a new generation Smartphone,Smartphone class for the Vietnam.

Sony Xperia Z1 Certified Water Resistant,

Sony Xperia Z1 Certified Water Resistant: The Sony Honami also known as Xperia Z1 been rumored for so long is resistant to water or not. 
Sony Xperia Z1 Certified Water Resistant,
Sony has recently stated by posting a photo on Facebook described a phone designed like Xperia Z with the words prepared to shoot splashed. 

It also attach the hashtag # bestofSony same photo unveiled yesterday. Currently Sony has an invitation to attend the event to introduce new products on May 4 Honami/Z1 9 and most likely will be released here. 

Subtlety will continue to move you the latest news regarding this device. 

Honami Also related, a Chinese website has recently put out a press photo of the device, it will suggest There are three color options black, white and purple varieties Xperia Z . 

We also see the next letter G in terms of camera equipment, that rumor about Sony G lens Honami is used correctly.

Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product

Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product: Microsoft said that over the next few months the site search Bing of them will be upgraded to better serve the needs of online shopping. 
Bing Search Engine Help Shopping Easier Product
Specifically, when you type a name tag an item Bing will direct display of item information including footnotes consumer reviews and price have in stock or not and the the site also has a picture of every other product equivalent item that you are looking for. 

Also, the Bing ads also places are only about promotion or discounts on such items. Two most important information of an item is out of stock and the price or not. 

Bing should both understand that this information will be displayed in the results list search of each site as well. 

You only need to glance briefly compare prices between sites and sales from the Bing choosing where to buy without having to open a web page to each. 

Overall, this is a very good shopping experience because it helps us focus on the important information in one place, helping us shopping easy and saves time compared to a traditional surfing.

Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest

Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest: CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has officially announced he will retire during the next year until the company finds a successor.
Windows Vista Shame Of Steve Ballmer's Largest
Shortly after the above statement the famous editor of the site ZDNet Mary Jo Foley had a brief chat with the CEO of this character to learn about Ballmer's memories after a long time to stick with him industry and software giant Microsoft's next plan.

Ballmer shared shame of his greatest work during Microsoft's for Windows Vista - Windows version released in 2007 and received a lot of negative feedback from users.

However, for those who understand the industry, perhaps his biggest mistake was the failure to grasp the development trend of the smartphone boom. 

It is typical, Ballmer has announced closed columns so sure that the iPhone will not be able to gain market share (2007). 

In fact, it is considered as products change the way people use mobile devices creating the premise for a fixed period which Apple CEO called post-PC.

Nokia Lumia Smartphone will launch

Nokia Lumia Smartphone will launch: Chris Weber, deputy chief executive of Nokia, said the company is focusing on the launch of the smartphone under 170 USD. 
Nokia Lumia Smartphone will launch
In addition, image editing application Instagram can also occur in the near future.

Windows Mobile Phone is targeted at low prices since its Nokia partnership with Microsoft. In Vietnam the Lumia 520 for $ 3.8 million is the best selling smartphone in this group.

In addition to the low group products Nokia is focusing on the premium segment with the strongest product on camera Lumia 1020 model is expected to be sold in the U.S. and other countries will come later this year.

Friday, 23 August 2013

MakerBot Digitizer Scanner Machine Photocopy 3D Objects

MakerBot Digitizer 3D Objects: Digitizer is a scanner, 3D objects which can scan almost any object which up to a 3D drawing then transferred into 3D printer and print out a copy of such identical. 
MakerBot Digitizer Scanner Machine Photocopy 3D Objects
This is a product of the company MakerBot was first introduced in March this year but at that time it was in prototype form made ​​of wood and are very primitive. 

Manufacturers have recently announced the official price and date of sale and is accompanied by images of a complete Digitizer. 

Machine orders are priced $ 1,400 and will be available in mid-October of this. Digitizer advantage of a compact easy to carry a lot of traveling. 

However, because it can only be that the scan is not too large items with sizes in the range 8x8 refill only. 

Machines work best with objects that do not have the glossy surface. Users just need to put items into the machine and press the scan button the base underneath will start to rotate around and shoot the entire body with a laser is complete. 

Next, if you want in, you have to buy a printer 3D again MakerBot also always if you agree to purchase at a price of $ 2,200. See the video below to see how active digitizer.

MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Retina PNY Launches

MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Retina PNY Launches: The portable computer generation of Apple include the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina is designed.
MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Retina PNY Launches
To solve this problem the past PNY has launched its solutions with the release of the memory card is extremely compact dimensions and capacities up to 128GB. 

The full name of this product is the StorEdge then it is essentially an SD card but shorter size the memory card into a slot on the MacBook, it fit in there does not bulge should not cause discomfort while traveling transfer. 

PNY is now sold 2 versions different memory capacities, 64GB StorEdge cost $ 100 while the 128GB version is priced at $ 200.

BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt

BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt: BlackBerry is not much value, especially its value will decline as it has its own sale. 
BlackBerry Not Easy To Go Bankrupt
You will kill a business when you own your company for sale Brian Huen its analysis Red Sky Capital Management commented.

No partner is interested in buying the entire BlackBerry. Maybe this time the BlackBerry is necessary to calculate the partial dissolution and sold separately to maximize value.

Analysts said that BlackBerry can not revive businesses smartphone and its dissolution is inevitable.

The phone hardware segment the largest source of revenue of the BlackBerry but the $ 800 million valuation but basically it is not worth anything because most acquisitions partner if BlackBerry will delete Book by integrating it into their own technology.

However, patents, array software network security of the BlackBerry are valued at over $ 1 billion for each array and its current is still about $ 2.8 billion in cash. 

According to some analysts this amount is more than enough to help BlackBerry not being bankrupt.

Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon

Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon: Steve Ballmer, who served as CEO at Microsoft since 2000, recently made ​​the decision to retire in round 1 next year from this point. 
Microsoft Shares CEO Believes Soon
This information has been Microsoft officially announced.

The resignation is a difficult decision but this is the most appropriate time for Microsoft looking for a new leader personally Ballmer said in his speech. Microsoft has embarked on war corporate services reform. 

Microsoft aims to become a company of services and facilities and we need a new CEO for the new target. 

This orientation was also Microsoft announced mid last month. Accordingly, the entire group will be divided into 4 main groups including the operating system, and entertainment devices applications and services and cloud businesses.

Following the decision the company has appointed a special council to first look for a new leader. 

The council headed by John Thompson and will have the participation of former CEO Bill Gates. 

In addition, after the release transmitted, shares Microsoft has increased by 9%.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Windows 8.1 Phone Microsof Testing

Windows 8.1 Phone Microsof Testing: Recently, a Chinese programmer presence of a device running Windows Phone OS version 8.10.12166 with data on 10 sentences application developed by him. 
Windows 8.1 Phone Microsof Testing
Version WP8 GDR2 latest current is 8.0.10328.78 and with a jump of 8.10.xxxx is more likely this is the version of Windows Phone 8.1 is Microsoft internal testing. Islamic June, also announced WMPoweruser a case similar to the version Windows Phone 8 .10.12076.0. 

In the meantime, download wallpaper app on WP Store is famous Love Wallpapers HD also receive mysterious device with version 8.10.12073.0, 8.10.12086.0, 8.10.12100 and 8.10.12102.0. 

So, from the steady increase in the number of versions that can say WP8.1 Microsoft is being steadily developed. 

It is unclear when this update is released by the end of this year Microsoft will launch WP8 GDR3 more features and bug fixes that users feedback. 

Hopefully Microsoft has found its slowness and WP8.1 will soon come to the user at least early next year. During the waiting time let's look at a Windows Phone 8.1 is the concept users perform. 

This is what is lacking and Microsoft user wishes to change the WP platform can strongly compete with iOS and Android.

Yahoo Most Visited Website In U.S.

Yahoo Most Visited Website In U.S.: ComScore recently announced the list of top 50 most visited websites in the U.S. in 7/2013 and surprise when Yahoo was the number 1 usurpation of Google. 
Yahoo Most Visited Website In U.S.
Thus, from May 2011 until now this is the first time Google was defeated by Yahoo. More specifically, in 7/2013 196 564 000 people in the U.S. have access to Web sites owned by Yahoo while this number with the Google site is 192 251 000. 

ComScore noted that some of users accessing Yahoo data will be taken from the following website: Yahoo Finance , Yahoo? News, Flickr , Yahoo Answers. 

ComScore also said that figure does not include 196 564 000 in the number of visitors to Tumblr which has been acquired Yahoo so if including Tumblr, then that number will increase more. 

Currently we do not have specific parameters of the Yahoo web services are accessed the most. Obviously this is a very positive information for Yahoo, especially for female CEO Marissa Mayer. 

The Yahoo web services attracted a large number of users have access to see the return of the powerful Yahoo and also pointed out the significant effect that Mayer has brought. 

These include the biggest change is the innovative new interface to Flickr or Yahoo Weather app on iOS and Android. 

Since Yahoo CEO took office in 2012 Marissa has a lot of action brought freshness to the acquisition of the company as a variety of corporations the potential startup or most recently plans to change its logo. 

It can be seen that, Marissa looking to revive Yahoo is a moss apart and it looks like everything is going very smoothly for her.

Microsoft Search Engine And Found No RT Surface

Microsoft Own Search Engine And Found No RT Surface: Besides, Bing for schools includes many filters and strict confidentiality for subjects that students use. 
Microsoft Own Search Engine And Found No RT Surface
Just implement the plan, Microsoft has collected more than 800,000 students in the United States. Expected in the future the school will be equipped with teaching conducted remotely via Surface RT.

Strategy of Microsoft experts are prized for the Bing search rather limited compared to Google, but it becomes advantage of Bing than Google by the user as a student here. 

In parallel with the development RT Free Surface Bing for Schools is implementing a program to attract users equally it is encouraging teachers and students to use Bing as much as possible to earn bonus points. 

Although Microsoft Surface to not sound like doing charity but really this is a marketing strategy to start with the Microsoft. First, RT Surface advertise more. Second, help reduce inventory Surface is dull. 

Tuesday, calling for spending Bing users to earn points increasing visitor use Bing.

Everything sounds convenient and easy but with the technology market and the rapid growth of other services are launched multiple attacks prmotional ploy. 

Design thinking, only time will tell whether Microsoft will ever sink in to Windows shadow minister before or have more success or not.

Box Up 10GB Storage For Users

Box Up 10GB Storage For Users: Thus, Box is a provider of cloud storage solutions wide compared to most other competitors such as SkyDrive Dropbox (2GB), Amazon Cloud Drive (5GB) and Apple iCloud (5GB). 
Box Up 10GB Storage For Users
Google then give users 15GB free storage space but it is shared between Drive Gmail and Google+ Photos. 

Previously Box has also opened several waves allows users to permanently upgrade the capacity of the 50GB or 25GB without costs. 

It is also given 50GB of free collaboration for users of mobile devices from Sony and LG.

On this occasion, Starter Box launched a new package aimed at small businesses with 100GB capacity. 

Starter package costs $ 5 per user per month, supports up to 10 people. 

Box added that its service is 20,000,000 was spent by users and 180,000 businesses across the globe.

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