Friday, 18 January 2013

Flexible Displays From Samsung

Flexible Displays From Samsung: One advantage of OLED technology is that it allows much finer screens than the conventional LED.
Flexible Displays From SamsungSamsung has used this feature to further the development of a flexible screens that could revolutionize the industry.

South Korea presented their progress in this field in the CES 2013 held last week in Las Vegas. In one of his press conferences, taught the display, which has a name, Youm, and several concepts and prototypes.

The screen has a negligible thickness and can play with different designs as possible with current technology. An official of Samsung first demoed a functional screen which reproduced Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted.Since this show is quite impressive.

It almost looks staged. Then Samsung showed some design concepts, some more finals as a device in which the screen is folded into the song to show notifications.

Much more surprising are other concepts, like a sort of strip in which a screen is wound. This device has dimensions almost of a pen, but the screen can be unrolled to take the size of a tablet.

Fold looks like a mobile phone, but inside is a folded OLED screen. Once opened, the screen dimensions are doubled to facilitate the consumption of certain content.

Certainly, an interesting concept, but so far away. However, Samsung seems unwilling to give ground on innovation not to abandon the privileged position that is gaining in the field of mobility.

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