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Intel Negotiates To Launch In Spain

Intel Negotiates To Launch In Spain
Intel Negotiates With Manufacturers And Mobile Operators To Launch In Spain: Intel is in talks with manufacturers, telecom operators and 'retail' for the launch in Spain of mobile devices with processors of the company.
"We have concrete plans for Spain and, in this sense, we keep conversations with manufacturers, operators and channel. There is no reason that is not possible the launch in Spain of mobile with our technology," he clarified Mateos.
The manager explained that in Europe Intel phones are "working very well". For example, in Austria the ZTE mobile technology from U.S. manufacturer "is the best selling". Also, Orange sells 'San Diego', a mobile 'white label' equipped with Intel technology, both in France and in the UK.
Mateos has indicated that the company is working in the mobility environment, in addition to smartphones, tablets. So far, Intel has launched tablets running Windows 8, but "soon" begin working with Android, he said.

POOP Ultrabook

The management has indicated that, despite the fall in portable consumer segment, the average prices of the devices are rising, thanks to the fall of the 'Netbook', who are displaced by tablets, whose costs are higher.

In addition, the management has indicated that both the company and the industry are working on the segment of 'Ultrabook', which accounts for 5% of the units sold in portable and whose average price is around 800 euros.
Mateos has also pointed out that in the month of November the 'Ultrabooks' have represented more than 20% of high-end notebooks.

"Strong year" despite declines

In relation to the overall results of the company, as Intel does not break down by country, the management has indicated that 2012 has been "solid" given the technological transition that is living and the market situation.

In this sense, the U.S. manufacturer reported net income in 2012 of U.S. $ 11.005 million (8270 million), representing a decrease of 15% over the previous year, reported the multinational. 

Meanwhile, the turnover of the company stood at U.S. $ 53.341 million (40.075 million euros), 1.2% below the figure for 2011.

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