Friday, 18 January 2013

Megaupload New Service 'Mega' offer 50 GB' Free

Mega Offer 50 GB Of Free Storage To Users: Kim Dotcom has announced on his Twitter account the final details of its new online storage service, Mega
Megaupload New Service 'Mega' offer 50 GB' Free
The founder has said that service users can have up to 50 GB of free storage per account.

The founder of Megaupload old announced last October its new project, Mega, an online service whose main purpose is very similar to Megaupload disappeared.  

In this way, users can upload, share and download files safely so that, this time, the service can not be blocked by breaking the law.

Over the last few months have been learning more and more about the features of this new service. Dotcom has used his Twitter account to show her new things like download accelerator, which ensures that ensure maximum speeds in the service.

This time, Kim Dotcom has released a new 'tweet' commenting further progress in its new tool, which will provide 50 GB of storage for free to users, which together with the maximum download speed, Mega promises to make one of the largest storage services available online.

The announcement has been welcomed on the Web, obtaining a rapid dissemination of Kim Dotcom followers on Twitter, more and more eager to inaugurate the service at the next anniversary of the closing of Megaupload, on January 19.

Furthermore, Dotcom once again commented that for the moment his former service users can not retrieve their documents stored, pending a court decision.

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