Thursday, 17 January 2013

Prepare BPPT Website Information Flood Detection

Prepare BPPT Website Information Flood Detection
Prepare BPPT Website Information Flood Detection: Rainy season happened the last few weeks, resulting in seasonal flooding is also occurring in some streets of Jakarta.

It is considered to be his full attention, both for the community and the government of Jakarta.

Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) have attempted to enlighten the public, through the early flood detection. According Trihandoko Seto, Head of Assessment & Application of Technology Making Rain.

"In BPPT, we have the technology, starting early flood detection, not warning," said Seto. He explains, BPPT also have technology such as weather radar, rain gauges and river height gauges.

In addition, it also provides weather modification technology. Weather modification can be used as steps for intensity and discharge excess water. Thus, the method could be used as a way to reduce flood in Jakarta.

He further said that weather modification is supported by the Agency for Disaster Management will be implemented starting January 21, 2013.

"Early detection of flooding also delivered not only on the website, but also broadcast to social media," he said.

If the water level in the dam Katulampa eg rising, then it could be a sign that the flood will arrive in Jakarta. Thus, at least some time before people are able to find out through the website.

According to Seto, the topography of Bogor has a high rainfall. However, somehow the water will flow from upstream to downstream, including through the Jakarta area.

"Jakarta's Ciliwung river there. Was its coverage includes Jakarta, Bekasi, Jakarta and Bogor. Nevertheless, the rain did not recognize the province," he explained.

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