Thursday, 17 January 2013

Prepare Samsung Galaxy Note 6.3 inch?

Prepare Samsung Galaxy Note 6.3 inch?
Prepare Samsung Galaxy Note 6.3 inch?: Samsung reportedly plans to overhaul the look phablet latest Galaxy Note with a larger screen.

South Korea Daily, Korea Times, reported that the Galaxy Note 3 will have a screen measuring 6.3 inches.

The world's leading smartphone manufacturer will use the jumbo besutannya to introduce the latest generation eight-core Exynos processor Octa at the end of this year.

Samsung's new processor will provide more power, given a screen size of the Galaxy Note 3 more jumbo than its predecessor.

In addition, the battery power will also be better.

The report also revealed the Korea Times, Samsung offers products besutannya for smartphone manufacturers in China as a way to reduce dependence on Apple.

The company offers cooperation to companies such as Huawei and ZTE have started to make progress in the west.

"We have introduced Ecynos 5 Octa China to attract clients and varying our client base in China with better price and a commitment," said a senior Samsung official at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Meanwhile, a senior Huawei do not want to be named said the company was currently in talks with Samsung. "Yes, we were approached by Samsung.

If the company offers favorable conditions, there is no reason to deny a new business," he said.

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