Thursday, 17 January 2013

Skype Present on Xbox Newest

Skype Present on Xbox Newest
Skype Present on Xbox Newest: The new console Xbox rumored to be integrated with the Skype application.  

This application will displace the voice dialing feature found on Xbox Live on a console before.

CVG citing sources nearby, Skype will serve as a basic communication service next generation Xbox console. "You may see voice and video features," the source said. Similarly, reported by Digital Spy.

Skype officially annexed by Microsoft in 2011 and then with the dowry USD8, 5 billion. 

Not long ago, in order to focus on developing applications, Microsoft Windows Live Messenger will close later in March and automatically lead users to use Skype.

Previous reports said the successor to the Xbox 360 console comes with a carrying two CPUs, each for games and run multimedia applications.  

Then Microsoft reportedly pinned kinect 2.0, 3D technology, and Xbox TV.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to officially announce their new console. Reportedly console will be showcased at the E3 event next June in Las Vegas, United States (U.S.).

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