Monday, 25 February 2013

AMD Turbo Dock For Future Children

AMD Turbo Dock Can Revive Future Children: AMD disclose a while ago, Turbo Dock is one of the company's strategic technologies in 2013. Turbo Dock is basically a power management system comes with the new generation of processor chips Temash firm.
AMD Turbo Dock
Turbo Dock keyboard technology works automatically adjusts the performance of the device hybrid, depending on the mode of use of the device. When users plug it into the dock in this Turbo to use one laptop, performance will be increased.

When removing the device from the dock to be used as tablet, the device will automatically decrease to save battery performance.

AMD promises to use Turbo Dock, the performance of the device will increase up to 40% compared to not attached to the dock, can help users use your as 1 regular laptop. In tablet mode, AMD said the performance of the machine is enough for the user to view the full HD resolution video, gaming, while the battery will save.

AMD product demo at WMC Compal hybrid computer has a 13.3-inch screen resolution of full HD running Windows 8 and use SoC Temash. Although only the product demo not the commercial version but Compal leave users impressed with hinged design for sure.

You will not be afraid to wobble after insert the dock into use. The tablet is designed with white plastic shark. Compal's a commendable thing compared to other hybrid devices even in tablet mode, Compal still have enough USB ports and HDMI.

The keyboard has a beautiful aluminum design and luxury. However, there is one point that both the tablet and the dock have one battery in it.

To demo the ability to switch the performance of Turbo Dock, AMD used to test Fish Bowl HTML5 for IE to demonstrate the graphics capabilities of chips Teams  for people. We can see in the video demo is that when plugging the dock, the performance of the machine increases, the number of fish in the water increases, and you remove the dock, the fish is reduced and the frame rate also drops.

Turbo Dock is a very promising system, by not only providing a keyboard and mouse, but it will also help improve performance when used as first laptop users.

With the promise of AMD, in future, Teams’ will be a chip worth our wait.


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