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FireFox OS Complete Platform Released In 2013

FireFox OS Complete Platform Released In 2013: Mozilla event officially entered the war open-source mobile platform has surprised many people, by main rival FireFox OS will be Android.

FireFox OS Complete Platform Released In 2013
Firefox OS is an open mobile operating system, which is built based on the FireFox browser. FireFox OS built the necessary applications such as Facebook, Twitter network, hosting services, weather software with popular games such as Cut the Rope or Electronic Arts game, Disney Games.

Mozilla also introduced the Marketplace application store technology users FireFox, a software store similar to Google Play Android or iOS Apps Store. 

Accordingly, most of the applications are running on the web and this is an advantage in this application is compatible with other smartphones.

FireFox web browser using Mozilla's computer had achieved much success but before the explosion of mobile technologies FireFox become difficult competition especially when it is not licensed by Apple to run on the iOS platform also on the open source Android platform FireFox is limited pretty much by the binding.

Before such a situation, Mozilla had to build an operating system for FireFox. The study began in 2011 and was finally introduced. 

Mozilla event officially entered the war open-source mobile platform has surprised many people by main rival FireFox OS will be Android.

However, it is very difficult to say that FireFox OS does not make a story. First this was a completely free platform, similar to Android. Monday, FireFox OS can run well on low hardware devices, while Android is processed slow or even can't work in these devices.

Notably, FireFox next OS is an open source platform. Developers can edit arbitrary, provided that may help your application or service can be operated smoothly. If compared with the closed operating system is designed, it is clear that FireFox OS has a superior strength.

Also, FireFox OS also promises by written based on HTML 5 so developers easily build applications for the mobile operating system. It is also an advantage of the platform FireFox.

Another notable point is that Mozilla says it has persuaded its 18 networks and 4 support for FireFox mobile OS. Although, technology analysts say as if that was not enough to beat the power of Google Android and Apple iOS, but at least make sure FireFox OS not overshadowed before the official hand users.

Even in the early days of the new platform launch of Mozilla a number of technology companies has introduced the first product run FireFox OS as Alcatel One Touch Fire, ZTE Open and most recently as a model Geeksphone Peak. 

The introduction of the new platform smartphones has prompted technological and user excitement.

Starting this summer, the first smartphone running FireFox OS Alcatel, ZTE, LG and Huawei be sold through America Moovil, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Three Group, KDDI, KT, MegaFon, Qtel, SingTel, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia Group, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, TMN and VimpelCom.

However, more prominent in the number of technology companies and is promising to march into the mobile market with Mozilla FireFox platform, Sony. Page technology Slash Gear on 26/2, said the Japanese electronics company announced it would introduce to the market the mobile devices using open source operating systems FireFox in 2014.

Bob Ishida, Deputy CEO of Sony said that its engineers are working with with Mozilla technology companies to develop "one or more device run FireFox platforms".

In the context of South Korea's Samsung Electronics has publicly stated that there is no interest in open source operating systems FireFox because there must concentrate to develop Tizen platform the Sony is a chance to dominate segment smartphone running FireFox platforms OS and a real competitor of Sony when it only electronics company LG.

However, according to analysts, way ahead of Firefox OS is not flat, easy go. According to estimates by analyst firm Gartner as of Q4 / 2012 past rival Android platform is said to be in direct competition with the Firefox OS coming time accounted for 70% of global smartphone market share while iOS holding 21%.

That is not to say that phones running the Android or iOS platform are still attractive to users. Many technology companies have had to give up playing pity when facing fierce competition from the two platforms. 

Thus, to prevail, FireFox OS needs to attract more consumers as well as further application development.


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