Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Google and Samsung Prepare Android Sense Key

Google and Samsung Prepare Android Sense Key: News of the Android 5.0-based devices increasingly widely Key Lime Pie. Latest Google and Motorola is reportedly working on a smartphone with the name 'X-Phone'.

Android Sense Key
The news comes from Motorola Mobility job listings posted to via LinkedIn. The page provides information seeking Director of Product Manager who will work directly on the project X-Phone.

Not long ago, the Motorola Mobility's posting drew it. But unfortunately Phadroid succeed faster with document capture.

Less than two months ago, the news indicates that Google and Motorola will deliver the best Android experience with the X-Phone.

Some believe that the Android-based smartphone Key Lime Pie will be present on the mat Google I / O in May 2013. Motorola was rumoured to be the first vendor to issue a five Android-based devices.

DroidForums call, the device - possible X-Phone - be the first smartphone that runs the Android operating system bada 5.0 and comes with a mini bezel and carries the 5.0-inch screen.

Reportedly, the new interface on the Motorola X Phone will integrate a number of new features that can rival Samsung as it features S-Beam, S-Voice, and the like. Since annexed Google, Motorola relatively quiet in product development.


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