Monday, 25 February 2013

Google Planning To Introduce Communication Services Free Music

Google Planning To Introduce Communication Services Free Music: The Financial Times reported that Google is in the process of negotiations with the major music labels to launch online music service to compete with Spotify, Pandora, Slacker and Deezer.
Google Planning To Introduce Communication Services Free Music
Google now has a music download service as well as YouTube, but the company wanted to give users a new streaming music service. 

Expected launch, the service will provide access to millions of different songs. Before that, Google also plans to launch paid subscription service on YouTube which allows users to view and program your favorite artists.

Google's online music service is an extension for its music download service launched in 11/2011, available now in the U.S. and five European countries. So far, Google Music service has more than 1,000 partners provide music.

Interested in expanding the online music market is considered to be the necessary direction of Google, where YouTube, Vevo, Spotify or Pandora is very successful. 

Recently, the company has faced allegations from the RIAA in order to prevent acts of privacy content.

Google also said that, if its streaming music services are appearing on the market, the company will allow users access to unlimited free music but other services such as Slacker, Spotify or other services offer.

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