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Microsoft Windows 8 Successful Sales Story

Will Microsoft Release Windows 9 in 2013: The operating system Windows 8 is coming out in October 2012 has spread to the market. Increasingly wide use of this new OS are supported by the emergence of a wide range of the latest gadget or computer that carries the Windows 8 OS.
Microsoft Windows 8 Successful Sales Story
However, reportedly Windows 8 OS has not been able to sell well today. This is because most users criticized the changes Microsoft introduced a GUI OS.

As was reported earlier, the reason consumers "stay away" is due to a change in the display graphical user interface. On the mat CES 2013, the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Windows, Tami Reller announced that Microsoft has sold 60 million copies of Windows 8 since its inaugural launch.

In the largest technology exhibition in Las Vegas is, Reller did not explain in detail about the internal sales projects. He suggests that Windows 8 is in a position of sales "selling well".

The company is headquartered in Redmond also said in late November last year, Windows 8 has sold 40 million copies in one month. However, the relevant sources suggest that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and other Microsoft executives were quite disappointed with the overall sales performance.

Paulo Camara, Head of Mobility Services in IT companies Ci & T revealed that one of the reasons why Windows 8 is not yet managed to excite because of the emergence of the version of Windows 9.

According to him, Windows 9 is expected to bring significant changes for Windows users. "The next Windows version will surely include the power of Windows 8 and fix major gap," said Camara.

This indicates whether Windows 9 will bring back the Start button? No one knows. 

However, Steve Ballmer revealed that Microsoft has no intention of leaving the Start Screen.

Camara went on, Windows 9 is likely to have a faster adoption for the company rather than Windows 8. 

Microsoft plans next is unknown, only the public had learned the news that the company will release the software giant's latest product, called Windows Blue this year.


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