Saturday, 16 February 2013

PS4 and Xbox 720 Integration into Tablet And Smartphone

PS4 and Xbox 720 Integration into Tablet And Smartphone: Electronic Arts reopen the matter of sound generation platform. PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will be interconnected with the mobile platform like tablets or smartphones.
PS4 and Xbox 720 Integration into Tablet And Smartphone
EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen believes the latest generation consoles Microsoft and Sony will be integrated with a mobile platform, so players stay connected to their game.

"I think once again without specifying a new console, you should assume that the console will be integrated into the living room and they will give you a lot of ability to interact," he said.

Furthermore Jorgensen explained, the latest generation of consoles allow players to interact and control it via tablets and mobile phones.

"I think you'll see more integration between tablets, phones, and consoles from time to time. Later there will be an interesting innovation around it" he added.

To note, the most recent game console-awaited debut is the PS4 and Xbox 720. Some reports said on February 20 console made ​​by Sony will be on display while on the mat for the console Microsoft Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013.


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