Monday, 25 February 2013

The New PlayStation 4 Will Release in 2013

The New PlayStation 4 Will Release in 2013: In the event of introduction PS4 Thursday morning last week Sony is saving the information about the machine including the shape, design, price and launch date their products have not been clearly defined.
The New PlayStation 4 Will Release in 2013
However, according to recent information, the Sony plans to sell the PS4 for about $ 400 for a 160GB hard drive and $ 500 for 500GB.

Japan will continue to be the market with the PlayStation 4 first followed by North America and ultimately Europe, cannot until early 2014, the new machines are sold all over the world. 

Sony gave no specific timeline, but an unnamed representative said in November last year will is PS4 delivery time probably for the holiday shopping season in North America.

If so, then laptop PS4 will soon be in Vietnam this year, we will continue to wait and see.

It is only very basic information about the machine, Sony also said it hopes to introduce more specific about the PS4 in the exhibition game E3 2013 takes place in June this year. 

At E3 2013, many studios also promises many new game with the ultimate graphics for PS4, for example  

  • Killzone:    Shadow Fall, Driveclub
  • Infamous:  Second Son, The Witness, Deep Down, Diablo 4, Quantic Dream, Destiny and a new Final Fantasy game from Square Enix.

Essence will continue to update the latest information about this machine.

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