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Top 5 Developments Of The Telecommunication Systems In 2013

Top 5 Developments Of The Telecommunication Systems In 2013: At a press conference MWC 2013 Event Group President and CEO of Ericsson Hans Vestberg highlighted five trends will take place in 2013 comes from the increasing demand of consumers for quality and operational capacity of telecommunications networks.
Top 5 Developments Of The Telecommunication Systems In 2013

Here are five trends that Hans Vestberg said:

Smartphones will account for over 50% of the number of telephone main warehouse and will be the average price line. Consumers will use more and more applications and data connections between a variety of devices such as in the transportation industry, the electricity industry.

The number of mobile Internet users will be greater than a fixed number of Internet users. Average each household has three people connected to the Internet. And service providers to extend service to the field of to conquer new revenue funds to leverage the power influenced the mobile industry to other industries.

The number of mobile broadband subscribers will surpass 2 billion. Interactive connections between people, devices and information will require methods of cost flexibility and diversity.

The average smartphone user will use 20 MB / day. Therefore the requirements of customers in diverse service experience and quality will make the telecommunications network to prioritize network efficiency and quality.

4G continues to grow with the number of LTE subscribers is expected to exceed 100 million. And the network will continue to create competition based on the quality of the network to ensure the provision of diverse services and quality for our customers.

At MWC 2013, Ericsson also announced significant project "window may participate in the transmission of mobile broadband" one of a series of solutions to realize the vision of "connected society".

Ericsson said it was a project to explore and test innovative applications when connected to conventional glass windows and turn windows in our daily living environment becomes transmission equipment.

Ericsson test antenna using transparent turn ordinary window into a part of the mobile broadband network  increasing coverage for indoor environments providing quality mobile environment between buildings or when use public transport to go to work. 

Thus a bus can be expanded or a custom office entertainment. Windows can become table notes the information and then email those notes.

Connect with windows to provide additional spectrum for the control automated curtains, with cloud computing management for ventilation, lighting. Solutions can reduce energy consumption in buildings. 

By attaching the device solar energy to produce electricity, the application can provide power to operate.

This approach will support the telecommunication network process the restrictions on the spectrum and the construction of the station in order to ensure the quality of mobile services.

Interested readers can view the video introduction to the new and notable projects by Development Manager Wireless Division Ericsson Jan Hederen introduced.

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