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Smartphone Will Use Sapphir

More Tough, Smartphone Will Use Sapphir:Strong rock that unfortunately is still expensive which is $ 30 while the Gorilla Glass  a commonly used today  priced at approximately $ 3 Analysts believe that the price of the screen .
Smartphone Will Use Sapphir
It is made of a material that has the quality a notch below the diamond will go down in the next few years.

According to the MIT Technology Review GT Advanced technology is currently working to create a sheet of sapphire which is thinner than a human hairIt can cut production costs sapphire sheet.

The company also believes it can make a sapphire display only three or four times the price of Gorilla Glass screen. From recent reports, the use of Gorilla Glass made ​​by Corning at least one billion gadget attached. Corning itself has become a favorite since the first iPhone product lines.

Enterprise IT least record sales reach $ 2, 04 billion per quarter three years ago. Not long ago Corning Gorilla Glass 3 officially announced. In the latest version the company claims that the glass Gorilla Glass 3 stronger than Gorilla Glass 1 and 2.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Google Against Users To Stop Glass Cyborgs

Google Against The Users To Stop Glass The Cyborgs: Google Glass awake much more love between users techies but also raises some hatred. 
Google Unite Against Users To Stop Glass Cyborgs
There the local decided to ban its use even before its release. This time, users have come together to encourage the prohibition of new augmented reality glasses in public places under the platform Stop the Cyborgs.

Following the precedent of Seattle the bar The 5 Point Cafe that already prohibit the use of Google Glass in your establishment last March 10 users have mobilized against creating a platform for this new device called Stop the Cyborgs.

This movement has been created in order to stop a future in which privacy is impossible and businesses have full control. Therefore invites citizens to unite and save humanity from a set cyber.

The organization said in its statement that the population is continuously tracked by smartphones online tracking banking and videovigilancias by CCTV so it could be another Google Glass tracking device on already existing. This is because these devices with no way of knowing if you are being recorded in contrast to smartphones where users should hold the camera visibly.

With augmented reality the user can use the Google Glass display Google+ or Facebook profiles of the person you are watching using facial recognition or voice what they consider a violation of privacy.

Furthermore, the data obtained in this way will not go through any database that can filter data in the most public private but all data are delivered directly to the people with whom you are interacting.

No distinction between the real world and the digital

However, for components of this platoforma these concerns go beyond privacy. His biggest concern is the failure to distinguish between the digital world and the real world which could cause people to make decisions and interact with people on the basis of information obtained through the Google Glass.

In this line, according to the belief of the platforms will act as autonomous individuals to make decisions and relate to others, but the system is controlled by a small group of corporations to make it impossible to escape his online profile.

In this campaign Stop the Cyborg adds that Google ban Glass is just the beginning for they try to add other devices with similar characteristics in the future. Thus, the site also added various prohibition signs of this device for users who want to use it to their homes or establishments in addition to its own online store where offer shirts with printed signs.

Sony SmartWatch And Its New Search Interface

Sony Improves Search Interface And Its SmartWatch: Sony has included a series of updates on his watch SmartWatch smart with improved notifications more accurate search interface and new styles.
Sony SmartWatch And Its New Search Interface
Also includes support for 200 new applications enabled for the clock. After the rumor mill about Apple smart watch and confirmation from Samsung on the development of his own wrist device Sony does not forget to improve your SmartWatch already available on the market. 

So has launched several enhancements to its wrist device. The signature package brings new features among which are those relating to notifications. Now you can preview the emails text messages and social networking updates.

The search is one of the aspects that have been optimized. Now indicate battery level will be more accurate. There is also support for almost 200 new applications that will be available to watch ordered by category to find them easily and quickly what you want.

The interface will also have a new look as it features six different styles to vary them according to taste and give a different look and renovated the clock.

To celebrate these improvements Sony has also launched two new accessories for your SmartWatch a new charging cable and new bracelets to wear different colors on the wrist. 

The update is available on Google Play.

Microsoft Developers Will Pay $100 For Approved Application

Microsoft Developers Will Pay $100 For Approved Application: BlackBerry which got 70,000 applications BB10 launch no less Microsoft will start paying developers to register or upload their applications to the Windows Store the great Achilles heel of their operating systems.
Microsoft Developers Will Pay $100 For Approved Application
With this strategy the Redmond company hopes to increase the number of applications available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone which is currently unable to compete with iOS and Android.

Microsoft is offering $ 100  per application developers to program for Windows operating systems. To access this assistance must reside in the United States and be an adult. Moreover such aid is limited in time and will last only until June 30, 2013 so it is only valid for almost three months.

So far Microsoft did not pay directly for enrolling in your store applications for their operating systems although indirectly funded the development of this.

The company used to test the application and see if it can be viable and can be sued by customers give some money to the developers to continue and put on the market. However this system of patronage is not agile.

Although Microsoft had previously paid for the development of Windows and operating system never done by applications.

This change in strategy may be produced because Windows needs a broader catalog of applications to compete with online stores such as Android or Apple.

But this change is not the only thing that is holding the Redmond company to try to get your Windows Phone has a wider acceptance and become more popular. Last week Microsoft released two video pieces to try to explain to developers how to write applications for Windows on your online store.

It seems that Microsoft has finally realized that without a good deal of applications an operating system has no future today. However, we have to see if it is late and if a period of only three months is sufficient to trigger the release of apps. BlackBerry which went adrift and resurgence is completely renovated with BB 10 was aware of this reality and the development of software for ecosystem was a priority.

The Canadian company gave test terminals in 2012 with which they could begin developing the system. In addition, RIM announced a succulent compensation plan for programmers. Alongside these initiatives, RIM promised to pay $ 100 per application developers that exceeded the test of compatibility with BlackBerry 10 in its debut.

In addition the Canadian company announced that $ 10,000 to give developers a paid application, with the condition that the app would generate a profit of at least $ 1,000 in the first year so once amortized investment the developer would benefit multiplied by 10 instantly.

BlackBerry has earmarked an investment of approximately $ 100 million to encourage the development of applications for BlackBerry 10.

Ebay Counterfeiting In Fashion

Ebay To Combat Counterfeiting In Fashion: Ebay the largest e-commerce portal in the world has launched.
Ebay Counterfeiting In Fashion
You can not fake fashion a collection of handbags designed by international designers in order to combat counterfeiting in the fashion world.

An initiative that was created in collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America  which will go on sale 90 bags unique custom designed by Carolina Herrera Ralph Lauren and Marchesa among others.

The bags can be purchased only in the Ebay auction format from March 25 and will go on sale with a starting price of 77.2 euros. 

You can also purchase one of the basic models with the campaign logo with a fixed price of 39.79 euros.

Revenues raised in this campaign will go to the CFDA Foundation for its programs to combat counterfeiting in the fashion world.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Black Hole And A Star Orbiting At A Dizzying

Black Hole And A Star Orbiting At A Dizzying: XMM-Newton space telescope of European Space Agency has helped identify a star and a black hole orbiting each other at a dizzying once every 2.4 hours.
Black Hole And A Star Orbiting At A Dizzying
The black hole  known as MAXI J1659-152 is at least three times more massive than the Sun while his companion a red dwarf star has a mass of only 20 percent of the Sun.

 The couple is separated by a million miles pinpointed the scientists.

This duo was discovered on September 25, 2010 by the Swift space telescope at NASA but, initially it was thought that it was a gamma ray burst. Subsequently, the Japanese telescope MAXI in the International Space Station found a bright X-ray source in the same place.

Finally, observations from ground and space telescopes, including the XMM-Newton X-ray revealed that came from a black hole feeding the material ejected by its little companion.

In a continuous observation of 14.5 hours with XMM-Newton detected several falls regularly spaced emission caused by the irregular edge of the accretion disk of the black hole which briefly hidden X-rays as the system rotates. From these data, the scientists established an orbital period of only 2.4 hours setting a new record for the binary black hole systems. The previous record holder Swift J1753.5-0127, has a period of 3.2 hours.

The black hole and the star orbit their common center of mass. Because the star is the lighter object is located farther away from this point and have to travel around its orbit larger at breakneck speed of two million kilometers per hour. It is the fastest ever seen star in a binary system of X-rays Furthermore, the black hole orbiting just 150,000 kilometers per hour.

The companion star orbits the common center of mass at a breakneck pace almost 20 times faster than the Earth revolves around the sun he noted researcher ESA Kuulkers Erik who added that he would be on the carousel of the galactic fair.

His team also saw that are well above the galactic plane outside the main disk of our spiral galaxy a rare feature shared by only two other binary systems.

Unknown Telephone Company Raising Ambition To Beat Apple

Unknown Telephone Company Raising Ambition To Beat Apple: Sammy Ohev Zion CEO of Blu Products given a lesson in economics. Each company spent an amount equivalent to a handset manufacturer.
Unknown Telephone Company Raising Ambition To Beat Apple
He said that a processor of Nvidia or Sharp's screen is what you can find on any handset from HTC, Nokia or Motorola.

However it costs just a fraction of what the user is required to pay at the store to buy a smartphone. You will have to pay the added cost of marketing up to 9 digits of Samsung, the wages of non-production department of HTC or the cost of building skyscrapers of Sony in New York. 

What happens if you buy the same high-end products at no charge outside it? Meanwhile, a high-end smartphone will cost around how much?

$ 300 is the price to buy a company's products, the Blue Life View, with 5.7-inch HD display, 12-megapixel camera and front camera resolution up to 5 megapixels. Ohev-Zion believe that users will want to buy the a reputable product but they will be more attractive by the cheap products but still impressive.

Blu Products is a manufacturer of small, do not have a reputation and is only active in the Latin American region. However, the CEO of them Sammy Ohev-Zion - is an experienced. He has been active in the distribution sector, working with a variety of leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola for 17 years before deciding to birth Blu brand.

He used the relationship of myself to put the phone Blu shelves at Amazon, Best Buy and many other retailers. 

As he, Blu becomes a big in the phone world sooner or later.

However, the statement of Sammy Ohev-Zion is not blasphemy because this company has been taking steps to develop firmly. 

70,000 phones sold in 2009 its sales rose to 4.1 million units in 2012. 

Another notable point is that the company target market is Latin America, where the update is quite slow with the development of mobile technology. 

With the platform has built good market, Blu opportunity to become the number one smartphone becomes more developed.

National Research Center Of Italy Discovered Mysterious Gas

National Research Center Of Italy Discovered Mysterious Gas in Titan's atmosphere: Researchers at the National Research Center of Italy, and the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia have detected a mysterious gas in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon Specifically the scientists found that in Titan's upper atmosphere between 600 and 1,250 kilometers high gas there was hidden to date.
Descubren un gas misterioso en la atmósfera de Titán
The discovery, published in Geophysical Research Letters, was carried out by analyzing the data obtained by the Cassini spacecraft of NASA and the European Space Agency. As explained scientists have analyzed two overflights conducted in 2007 by the ship, which has since 2004 analyzing the satellite's atmosphere.

So far, scientists knew that Titan's atmosphere was composed of 98.4 percent nitrogen by 1.6 percent methane and between 0.1 and 0.2 percent hydrogen and small amounts of other compounds. But new data determinate that a previously uncatalogued atmospheric component.

Experts have noted that the issuance of the unidentified compound that produces a very strong signal, is present during daylight hours on Titan, from 600 to 1,250 kilometers of its surface with an especially intense peak at 950 kilometers.

That evening fades indicates that it must be a compound that is excited under solar illumination conditions is either destroyed during the hours of darkness.

Nokia Lumia 620 Launched And Lumia 520 Is Coming Soon

Nokia Lumia 620 To Buy Or Wait For Lumia 520: Lumia 620 name is mentioned quite a lot in recent years as an optimal choice for a smartphone Cheap but quality. 
Nokia Lumia 620 Launched And Lumia 520 Is Coming Soon
In fact this is the cheapest smartphone running Windows Phone 8 market possesses some impressive 3.8 inch screen, dual-core chip is quite fast and smooth Lumia 620 is mentioned quite a lot in recent years as an optimal choice for a smartphone Cheap but quality. In fact, this is a smartphone running Windows Phone 8 cheapest market possesses some impressive 3.8 inch screen dual-core chip is quite fast and smooth.

Lumia 620 has a slightly smaller screen masculine design is also less than juniors 520.
The parameters

In terms of hardware configuration, Lumia 620 and 520 have many similarities. For example, we are using dual-core 1 GHz with 512 MB RAM running Windows Phone 8, WVGA display and the storage capacity of 8 GB. Lumia 620 and 520 have many similarities. For example, we are using dual-core 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, running Windows Phone 8, WVGA display 480 x 800 pixels and the storage capacity of 8 GB.

With only 512 MB of integrated RAM this duo will see a little bit limited if the user wants to play the game crisis but with common tasks enough to operate smoothly even smoother than pretty than other Android smartphones have the same parameters.

Camera on the back of the Lumia 520 is designed quite simple no flash. Both 2 are used rear 5-megapixel camera but with the Lumia 520 the Finnish manufacturer has cut the flash as well as to eliminate camera to reduce production costs. Front camera of the Lumia 620 is not impressive but it is very useful if you frequently use the video call feature on Yahoo or Skype.

Also with the built-in flash users will encounter when taking pictures in low-light conditions. Lumia 520. The Finnish manufacturer has cut the flash as well as to eliminate camera to reduce production costs. 

Front of the camera Lumia 620 not impressive but it is very useful if you frequently use the video call feature on Yahoo or Skype. Also with the built-in flash users will encounter when taking pictures in low-light conditions.

The screen is a good part to compare the two smartphone "brethren" because each side has a strong point. With Lumia 520, it uses IPS panels help support better view. 

Meanwhile, the Lumia 620 but owns TFT Clear Black technology helps increase the contrast also means that the ability of its anti-glare excellence. Lumia 520. 

It uses IPS panels help support better view. Meanwhile the Lumia 620 Using TFT screen but Clear Black technology ownership to increase the contrast also means that the ability of its anti-glare excellence. The second shell made of poly-carbonate.

Lumia 520 also scored in that it is equipped with the famous Super Sensitive Touch technology which helps the user to manipulate with gloves thick. This technology is being heavily advertised on the Lumia 920. In fact the Lumia 620's screen is also very responsive good operation even with gloves or thin over 1.2 layer fabric but that is not the Super Sensitive Touch technology. 

Lumia 520 also scored in that it is equipped with the famous Super Sensitive Touch technology which helps the user to manipulate with gloves thick. This technology is being heavily advertised on the Lumia 920. In fact the screen of the Lumia 620 also very sensitive good operation even with gloves or thin over 1.2 layer fabric but that is not the Super Sensitive Touch technology.

With the Lumia 520 is now listed a number of retail stores for about $ 3.9 million it becomes a dual-core smartphone coming from a reputable manufacturer cheapest market. There are many factors that are backing this product to be able to create a single hit on the cheap smartphone market. Lumia 520 have been a number of retail stores listed at about 3.9 million it becomes a dual-core smartphone coming from a reputable manufacturer cheapest market. There are many factors that are backing this product to be able to create a single "hit" on the cheap smartphone market.

Lumia 620 has been sold out for about 3 months and created a positive effect from the user. This is quite important get Lumia 520 more "fame" before entering the market. Lumia 520 itself also has a lot of advantages, like for the young, beautiful design, colorful, stable configuration. Lumia 620 have been sold for about 3 months and created a positive effect from the user. This is quite important help Lumia 520 more "fame" before entering the market. Lumia 520 Itself also has many advantages like for the young beautiful design, colorful, stable configuration.

Mr. William Hamilton-Whyte CEO Nokia representative office said: "With Lumia 520, we expect the smart phone product line of Nokia on Windows Phone 8 platform will be easy to numerous users wishing to use smart phones with eye-catching designs and at the most reasonable price. "

Lumia 520 will officially be available on store shelves beginning in April.Nokia in Vietnam said: "With Lumia 520, We expect the smart phone product line of Nokia on Windows Phone 8 platform will easily come up with numerous users wishing to use smart phones with eye-catching designs and at the most reasonable price". Lumia 520 will officially be available on store shelves beginning in April.


Users Data Convicted In U.S Via iPad

Users Data Convicted in U.S Via iPad: A hacker was sentenced Monday to three years and five months in prison for stealing personal data of 120,000 iPad users, including mayors of large cities.
Users Data Convicted in U.S  Via iPad
Andrew Auernheimer was convicted last November by a jury in Newark, New Jersey to one count of conspiracy to access servers behind the ATandT operator without permission, and one count of identity theft. The sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge.

Susan Wigenton in Newark was between 33 and 41 months in prison that the U.S. Justice Department had asked the defendant.

Prosecutors have determined that the arrest warrant for Auernheimer could help deter hackers when invading the privacy of innocent people on the Internet.

Among those affected by the activities of Auernheimer were the host of ABC News Diane Sawyer, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, as confirmed by prosecutors.

When it became apparent that he was in trouble, he invented a story that he was trying to make was more secure Internet, and that all he did was go through an open door, said the U.S. Attorney. Paul Fishman said in a statement. The jury did not believe him, and neither did the court in sentencing.

Auernheimer had requested probation. His lawyer argued that no passwords hacked, and that a long prison sentence was not justified because the government recently sentenced to six months for a defendant in a case in which there were "made much more intrusive.

The lawyer, Tor Ekeland, has said his client will appeal the verdict and that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act does not clearly define what constitutes access autorizado.Si this is a criminal act, then tens of thousands of Americans are committing cybercrime every other day, Ekeland said in an interview. There really was not hurt.

Ekeland is also the attorney Matthew Keys, a deputy director of social media at Thomson Reuters, who was suspended without pay on Friday. Keys was charged last week in California to help the collective hacker Anonymous giving hackers access to the computer systems of Tribune in December 2010.

The allegations occurred before Keys began working on the website On Friday, Ekeland said Keys maintains his innocence and hopes to contest these baseless charges.

Troll Internet

The prosecution has described as a known troll Auernheimer that co-defendant Daniel Spitler with security and Goatse group tried to disrupt online services.

The two men were accused of using an account Slurper, designed to match email addresses with identifiers for iPad users, and carry out an attack to extract data about the users who accessed the Internet through ATandT servers.

This information was provided about the theft to the website Gawker, which published an article in the names of familiar people whose emails had been compromised according to prosecutors. Spitler pleaded guilty in June 2011 on the same charges for which he was sentenced Auernheimer, and is awaiting sentencing.

Gawker was not charged in the case. In his original article, Gawker said Goatse obtained its data through a script on the ATandT website that was accessible to anyone on the Internet.

Gawker also said in the article establishing the authenticity of the data by two people who are among the names. A spokesman declined Monday Gawker elaborating.

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YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens

YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens: If you believe a poll which also claims a teenager four is connected to the Internet within five minutes after waking.

YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens
Facebook is losing teens. Several studies in recent months suggest. A new survey by PSOS MediaCT Wikia and young Americans from 1203 confirms the heart teenagers network Mark Zuckerberg is beaten by YouTube.

93% of 13-18 year olds consult the video platform at least once a week and 54% several times a day, as against only 65% for Facebook and 38% several times a day. 

26% use Twitter once a week same for Google+, against 17% for Instagram.

The survey responses did not include Snapchat newer and very popular among teenagers.

Connected From The Morning

Entitled Generation Z: Generation without limits the study also provides revealing figures on the addiction of teenagers to their smartphone and the Internet.

47% of respondents say they are more actively connected today than three months ago, and 100% reported spending at least an hour a day on the Net. 46% say they spend more than 10 hours per day online. 

One in four is "actively connected" within five minutes after waking, and 73% are in an hour.

The survey also reflects a very positive view of the technology 76% can help to achieve the goals and 66% gives them the feeling that anything is possible. Only 43% of respondents say they enjoy the time they spend disconnected. 

They are also to ensure that 44% never check their smartphone during the Mass the same percentage for homework and 45% during their sporting activities.

Xperia Two New Smartphones SP And L

Xperia two new smartphones SP and L: Sony Mobile has announced the addition of two new smartphones to its Xperia portfolio of 2013.
Xperia Two New Smartphones SP And L
Xperia SP and L.On one hand the smartphone Xperia SP compatible with 4G LTE networks, offering a 4.6-inch HD display dual-core processor and 8 megapixel camera and second the Xperia L has a screen 4.3 inch dual core and also technology with Sony HDR cameras in a 8-megapixel rear camera.

The Japanese company is expanding its range with two new models Xperia midrange to offer a HD screen experience high quality 4G LTE connectivity and function One touch he claims Sony Mobile team.

Both the SP and the Xperia Xperia L incorporate a variety of technologies including display quality, the latest technology from Sony in terms of camera the One-touch using NFC technology STAMINA mode for longer battery life Battery and Sony applications for enjoying photos, music, movies and games.

Meanwhile, the Xperia SP has a 4.6 inch HD screen with Bravia Engine 2 technology with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels framed in an aluminum design that features a transparent band at the bottom that changes color and is customizable for both incoming and text messages.

It features a dual-core processor at 1.7 GHz Pro Qualcomm, Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean, 8 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 32GB via microSD card - NFC connectivity 8-megapixel rear camera and VGA front camera . This new model will be available in white Xperia, red and black and is compatible with 4G LTE networks.

As for Xperia L Sony has created a smartphone with 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 854x480 pixels, dual-core Qualcomm processor at 1 GHz Regarding internal memory the Xperia L shares the 8 GB expandable to 32 and in their camera also has 8 megapixels as the Xperia SP and VGA front camera. This new smartphone disponibel Sony also be in black white and red.


Both the SP and the Xperia Xperia L include Sony multimedia applications that provide a consistent user experience across devices. Applications Walkman, Album and films provide an access point to the content stored in the cloud and content downloaded to the device with new experiences to enjoy and share content.

The Walkman application provides access to all the music stored on the device plus the Music Unlimited music service with over 18 million songs with integration with Facebook.

Movies application offers consumers access to more than 100,000 movies and Video Unlimited service while Album application provides access to photos taken by the user shared through Facebook. It also allows browse photos by time or location.

Both models feature one-touch functions of Sony, allowing consumers to share content in music and photos between devices.

The new Xperia Xperia L SP and will be available globally in the second quarter of 2013.

Xerox PARC Optimizes The World

Xerox PARC Optimizes The World: This innovation lab California develops future applications.
Xerox PARC Optimizes The World
It was during a visit to PARC the legendary research laboratory in 1979 that spurred Steve Jobs to Xerox the sacred fire of the GUI and mouse making everyone before this potential commercial. 

Perched on a hill in Palo Alto Silicon Valley lab dominates. PARC has an annual budget of 1.5 billion and sells advanced Xerox half and half to the government and large U.S. companies.

One of the specialties of PARC the big data processing massive amounts of data. 

The company has developed a particular digital assistant for nurses."Influencing people's behavior"

The idea is to make their lives easier. "The networking and sending notifications to their tablet allows them to spend more time with patients" says the head of the health division Markus Fromherz. 

If the wizard does not venture into the field of diagnosis as IBM Watson however it can help assess priorities through a comprehensive service.

With the European team based in Grenoble Onno Zoeter he dreams of finding a solution to the nightmare of parking in the city center starting from the hell of the City of Angels. 

With ground sensors an application displays the available spaces in real time. Most importantly the data stream can change the price of some meter streets of Los Angeles, according to supply and demand. 

"We can influence people's behavior, for example by offering to pay less if they are willing to walk a little more", says the mathematician. 

The Grail is especially able to book his place in the coming quarter. For this the most important work will be required in order to physically block the location. 

And streamline passing traffic avoiding the driver to turn around for fifteen minutes.

6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal

6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal: We often watch our smartphones before we fall asleep. And if, in fact inseparable our mobile helped us out snooze?
6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal
To Fall Asleep:

To bed less stupid To combine the practical and not fall asleep idiot App to peruse before going to bed anecdotes Max identifies important for neurons all posted by its users in areas as diverse the Art, Figures, Cinema, Sport, Television. After reading it we validate "I go to bed less stupid" or "I already knew".

A Space iSleep screen, 24 icons symbolizing planets activate to create a sound. It is associated with up to 5 sounds nature and up to 5 frequencies assumed to act on the level of activity of our brain. 

And activates the timer. The result of a zen absolutely deserves some attention.

A magical sleep warning in the description of the app on the store awakens: "Sleep magic is very effective, do not use when driving or operating heavy machinery"

No danger however the application simply on the screen of your smartphone to go through a starry sky by sheep. Soporiphique actually.

Your partner snoring anti snoring? Pace yourself a quiet night with this application that automatically triggers a whistle when the ambient decibel level exceeds 50 db. 

Remains whether it will be awakened by snoring or whistle.

The secret sleep position in which we sleep reflect our personality. On the abdomen or back, on the side, with his hands around the head or under the pillow. 

The possibilities are numerous. With patterns captioned, discover what sleeper or sleeper in you.

Wake-up Light, Philips Owners of the latest generation of light bulbs Awakening dutch manufacturer can optimize their awakening from their iPod. 

This application allows you to set the time at which the lamp will begin during the week, but on weekends its dawn simulation.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Qualcomm Supply Brain with Snapdragon Galaxy S4 600

Qualcomm Supply Brain with Snapdragon Galaxy S4 600: Samsung officially announced its latest smartphone Galaxy S4.
Qualcomm Supply Brain with Snapdragon Galaxy S4 600
Successor to the Galaxy SIII was packed with 5 Octa Exynos and Qualcomm chipset.

Galaxy S4 using Qualcomm chipsets for a number of markets in the United States and Canada.

Samartphone Snapdragon will be packed with 600, while it made a number of parties expect that it would be shipped with the Galaxy S4 Snapdragon 800.

Vice President of Marketing of Qualcomm Mobile & Computing Tim McDonough announced the latest smartphone Galaxy S series will use Snapdragon chipset 600.

"We are pleased to say, will be pinned at 600 Snapdragon S4 Galaxy in a number of areas" said McDonough.

Qualcomm chipset in the Galaxy filled S4 Krait quad-core processor clocked at 1.9GHz racing.

In the meantime, here are the features that are offered Qualcomm Snapdragon 600:
  • LTE Cat 3
  • 2 GB of RAM LPDDR3
  • Hexagon QDSP6
  • Adreno 320 GPU
  • 1080p HD video capture and playback
  • HD multichannel sound with DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus audio
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 conformant

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Xperia Z Series Again Want To Re-jump Begin To Sony

Xperia Z Series Again Want To Re-jump Begin To Sony: MWC 2013 while participating in addition to the Samsung booth was none other than I really want to see the booths Sony and HTC and emerged as the emerging leader in China's Huawei and ZTE.
Xperia Z Series Again Want To Re-jump Begin To Sony
When I went to the Sony booth today of the story I want to share. Usual sir interested in Sony's case showed a ten thousand from CES 2013 smartphone Xperia Z actually seemed to be able to touch wanted was And was looking forward to MWC 2013 venue around or even in the Barcelona airport seen a lot of advertising for Sony's Xperia Z

This Sony Xperia Tablet PC at CES 2013 showed a series of new models Xperia Z with Z presented. Similar on the Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z with both similar UX guy felt emotion that you can feel the advantages could be a thought.

First it was the target of my attention at CES 2013 showcase in Korea, a lot of expectations and caught the attention of Sony's new flagship smartphone, Xperia Z was seen.

Xperia Z with a 5-inch screen smartphone. And the guy is with a Full HD resolution (1080 x 1920). 5 inches in spite of working with one hand holding something like the photo above to discomfort there seems to be no.
The smartphones coming out these days with 7.9mm thickness level, if you think that is. Sure the power button on the right side in the middle of some cotton and different. Thanks to a 5-inch screen that supports Full HD resolution it quite clearly visible. What soon most of the shots in the 5-inch class Full HD resolution support of smartphones alike but mean.

Xperia Z writes TFT-LCD rather than AMOLED. Reality Display TFT LCD and that way with iPhone series of IPS or AMOLED, but the Galaxy series of screen to accept the feeling there is a difference. Because despite being 5 inches and 441ppi of pixel-level show, you can get a fine feeling.

The features of Xperia Z if you can be when viewing multimedia content such as videos or photos that you can see the video of Sony's Bravia engine, this behavior is much more smooth and sleek. Moreover, this time the original Xperia series of advantages to take pictures of high quality even in low light, Exmor R technology also features a video in HDR feature has been added to allow you to take a decent video that seemed to want to be characterized. 
Xperia Z Series , Sony Xperia Mobiles
Is talking about multimedia side features has been greatly enhanced. NFC functionality is greatly enhanced, and the connection with other devices with one-touch connectivity devices that were going to be fine. Currently products such as Sony of course but only seemed to want to increase their support equipment in the future.

Tablet PC version of the Xperia Z, Xperia Tablet Z

Xperia Tablet Z Xperia Z introduced above concepts have moved into the tablet PC guy, I thought it was. Also like to write Qualcomm Snap Dragon 600 chipset. Ten thousand 10.1-inch screen size resolution 1920 x 1200 as a woman who helped raise will increase their look. UX Xperia Z and it's almost identical.

Xperia Tablet Z Xperia Z and another feature of that life waterproof. Upon entering the Sony booth seemed appalled at first I did not let that scene so waterproof yourself that you can’t would I want to.

Is it waterproof as well as all kinds of works in a wide range of environments that the features if the features of the Xperia Z Series I.

After Sony with Windows 8 looked at a mounted tablet PC the Vaio Duo 11. Note that this model was unveiled at the beginning of this year, domestic model was I here this guy was found.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mozilla Firefox OS Developing Strategy

Mozilla Firefox OS Developing Strategy
Strategy Behind Developing Mozilla Firefox OS: Mozilla who are the makers of the popular Internet browser Firefox has begun to challenge Google and Apple in the smartphone operating system market.

Mozilla has announced yesterday the first phone to run on the Firefox OS operating system. The organization said they had persuaded 18 global network and 4 phone manufacturers support for FireFox open source mobile operating system OS. However, the technology for that as it was not enough to dislodge strength of Google Android and Apple iOS but at least can also ensure FireFox OS is not overshadowed by the market launch in the second quarter.

Since this summer the first Firefox OS phone of four manufacturers Alcatel, ZTE, LG Electronics, and Huawei will be sold through the network America Moovil, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Three Group, KDDI, KT, MegaFon, Qtel, SingTel, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia Group, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, TMN and VimpelCom.

Mozilla does not like the competition. The company used its software is not to please the shareholders but to promote openness on the web. Part of the Mozilla effort to improve the mobile web standards for everyone. Firefox not currently be running on iOS, and also is not the default browser on Android. That's why Mozilla decided to build Firefox OS in 2011 under the project called Boot to Gecko.

Firefox OS will be in Firefox Marketplace, an app store opened which would have applications Firefox as game Cut the Rope, game Pogo's Poppit of EA Games, Time Out, SoundCloud, Nokia Here, Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb, and Disney Mobile Games.

Mozilla confirms Firefox OS will be very friendly to developers. This mobile platform based on open-source mobile platform, developers can download the source code of the platform and customize as you wish.

Firefox OS is open source software and web based so the third-party developers will be comfortable selling mobile applications without having to share revenue with Apple or Google.

In addition it can run on devices with low hardware configuration than other smartphones on sale today.

"The mobile industry is a need for a new operating system, truly open and competitive, support options for developers and users," said Jay Sullivan, senior vice president in charge of product Mozilla said.

Unlike Google and Apple's OS is built from proprietary technologies, Firefox OS using HTML 5 standard built-in web services. That means that anyone familiar with the web programmers can create applications Firefox OS.

War is not easy

Although there are advantages such as developer-friendly and can run "yum" on the low-end smartphone, which means the product will be sold cheap, but Mozilla, a non-profit organization - still facing fierce competition.

According to analyst firm Gartner, by quarter 4/2012 of the past, Google's Android software is distributed for free, widely available to manufacturers from Samsung to HTC phones, nearly 70% of global smartphone market share .

As for Apple, the company created the smartphone market with the launch of the iPhone in 2007, has nearly 21% market share.

"The real barrier is no longer located in the more technical aspects, that is the scale," said John Jackson, an analyst at research firm IDC said. Mozilla will have attracted large amounts of consumers and application developers if hoping to avoid the fate of the mobile operating system is also very promising Palm's WebOS which is owned by HP.

Moreover, the low-priced Android phone and the old iPhone model still attractive, even companies like Microsoft and BlackBerry are attractive not only users but also developers.

Mozilla's initial strategy is to compete on the "emerging economies" in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, where many users are still using the older phones and have not upgraded to the line more expensive smartphones, touch screen and high-speed Internet connection.

The first Firefox OS phone models will be sold this summer in Brazil, Columbia, Poland, Venezuela, Serbia and Spain. In Spain, the first Firefox OS phones will be sold Telefonica network with wholesale price of $ 100. The price that consumers will pay for the phone model will vary depending on each market, and depending on the product sold there comes a contract to use the services of the network or not.

Firefox OS  Is Not Develop For Tablets

While both the iOS and Android platform is now supported on both smartphones and tablets, Mozilla said it is not intended to develop Firefox OS for tablets by almost all partners are interested in version phone.

Current, Mozilla is mainly based on ad revenue Google search. Google to share ad revenue with Mozilla when people use Firefox to search. It is not clear Mozilla's Firefox mobile OS strategy how to make money, even though they say not interested in profit but still have to have revenue to pay for its 320 engineers and to pursue open Web tasks of the company.

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