Tuesday, 19 March 2013

6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal

6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal: We often watch our smartphones before we fall asleep. And if, in fact inseparable our mobile helped us out snooze?
6 Smartphone Apps To Move To The Horizontal
To Fall Asleep:

To bed less stupid To combine the practical and not fall asleep idiot App to peruse before going to bed anecdotes Max identifies important for neurons all posted by its users in areas as diverse the Art, Figures, Cinema, Sport, Television. After reading it we validate "I go to bed less stupid" or "I already knew".

A Space iSleep screen, 24 icons symbolizing planets activate to create a sound. It is associated with up to 5 sounds nature and up to 5 frequencies assumed to act on the level of activity of our brain. 

And activates the timer. The result of a zen absolutely deserves some attention.

A magical sleep warning in the description of the app on the store awakens: "Sleep magic is very effective, do not use when driving or operating heavy machinery"

No danger however the application simply on the screen of your smartphone to go through a starry sky by sheep. Soporiphique actually.

Your partner snoring anti snoring? Pace yourself a quiet night with this application that automatically triggers a whistle when the ambient decibel level exceeds 50 db. 

Remains whether it will be awakened by snoring or whistle.

The secret sleep position in which we sleep reflect our personality. On the abdomen or back, on the side, with his hands around the head or under the pillow. 

The possibilities are numerous. With patterns captioned, discover what sleeper or sleeper in you.

Wake-up Light, Philips Owners of the latest generation of light bulbs Awakening dutch manufacturer can optimize their awakening from their iPod. 

This application allows you to set the time at which the lamp will begin during the week, but on weekends its dawn simulation.


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