Thursday, 21 March 2013

Google Against Users To Stop Glass Cyborgs

Google Against The Users To Stop Glass The Cyborgs: Google Glass awake much more love between users techies but also raises some hatred. 
Google Unite Against Users To Stop Glass Cyborgs
There the local decided to ban its use even before its release. This time, users have come together to encourage the prohibition of new augmented reality glasses in public places under the platform Stop the Cyborgs.

Following the precedent of Seattle the bar The 5 Point Cafe that already prohibit the use of Google Glass in your establishment last March 10 users have mobilized against creating a platform for this new device called Stop the Cyborgs.

This movement has been created in order to stop a future in which privacy is impossible and businesses have full control. Therefore invites citizens to unite and save humanity from a set cyber.

The organization said in its statement that the population is continuously tracked by smartphones online tracking banking and videovigilancias by CCTV so it could be another Google Glass tracking device on already existing. This is because these devices with no way of knowing if you are being recorded in contrast to smartphones where users should hold the camera visibly.

With augmented reality the user can use the Google Glass display Google+ or Facebook profiles of the person you are watching using facial recognition or voice what they consider a violation of privacy.

Furthermore, the data obtained in this way will not go through any database that can filter data in the most public private but all data are delivered directly to the people with whom you are interacting.

No distinction between the real world and the digital

However, for components of this platoforma these concerns go beyond privacy. His biggest concern is the failure to distinguish between the digital world and the real world which could cause people to make decisions and interact with people on the basis of information obtained through the Google Glass.

In this line, according to the belief of the platforms will act as autonomous individuals to make decisions and relate to others, but the system is controlled by a small group of corporations to make it impossible to escape his online profile.

In this campaign Stop the Cyborg adds that Google ban Glass is just the beginning for they try to add other devices with similar characteristics in the future. Thus, the site also added various prohibition signs of this device for users who want to use it to their homes or establishments in addition to its own online store where offer shirts with printed signs.


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    I really doubt that Google Glasses will take off in the mass market until they do not look like cyborg eyewear.
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