Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sony SmartWatch And Its New Search Interface

Sony Improves Search Interface And Its SmartWatch: Sony has included a series of updates on his watch SmartWatch smart with improved notifications more accurate search interface and new styles.
Sony SmartWatch And Its New Search Interface
Also includes support for 200 new applications enabled for the clock. After the rumor mill about Apple smart watch and confirmation from Samsung on the development of his own wrist device Sony does not forget to improve your SmartWatch already available on the market. 

So has launched several enhancements to its wrist device. The signature package brings new features among which are those relating to notifications. Now you can preview the emails text messages and social networking updates.

The search is one of the aspects that have been optimized. Now indicate battery level will be more accurate. There is also support for almost 200 new applications that will be available to watch ordered by category to find them easily and quickly what you want.

The interface will also have a new look as it features six different styles to vary them according to taste and give a different look and renovated the clock.

To celebrate these improvements Sony has also launched two new accessories for your SmartWatch a new charging cable and new bracelets to wear different colors on the wrist. 

The update is available on Google Play.


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