Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Xerox PARC Optimizes The World

Xerox PARC Optimizes The World: This innovation lab California develops future applications.
Xerox PARC Optimizes The World
It was during a visit to PARC the legendary research laboratory in 1979 that spurred Steve Jobs to Xerox the sacred fire of the GUI and mouse making everyone before this potential commercial. 

Perched on a hill in Palo Alto Silicon Valley lab dominates. PARC has an annual budget of 1.5 billion and sells advanced Xerox half and half to the government and large U.S. companies.

One of the specialties of PARC the big data processing massive amounts of data. 

The company has developed a particular digital assistant for nurses."Influencing people's behavior"

The idea is to make their lives easier. "The networking and sending notifications to their tablet allows them to spend more time with patients" says the head of the health division Markus Fromherz. 

If the wizard does not venture into the field of diagnosis as IBM Watson however it can help assess priorities through a comprehensive service.

With the European team based in Grenoble Onno Zoeter he dreams of finding a solution to the nightmare of parking in the city center starting from the hell of the City of Angels. 

With ground sensors an application displays the available spaces in real time. Most importantly the data stream can change the price of some meter streets of Los Angeles, according to supply and demand. 

"We can influence people's behavior, for example by offering to pay less if they are willing to walk a little more", says the mathematician. 

The Grail is especially able to book his place in the coming quarter. For this the most important work will be required in order to physically block the location. 

And streamline passing traffic avoiding the driver to turn around for fifteen minutes.


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