Tuesday, 19 March 2013

YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens

YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens: If you believe a poll which also claims a teenager four is connected to the Internet within five minutes after waking.

YouTube The Social Network Favorite U.S. Teens
Facebook is losing teens. Several studies in recent months suggest. A new survey by PSOS MediaCT Wikia and young Americans from 1203 confirms the heart teenagers network Mark Zuckerberg is beaten by YouTube.

93% of 13-18 year olds consult the video platform at least once a week and 54% several times a day, as against only 65% for Facebook and 38% several times a day. 

26% use Twitter once a week same for Google+, against 17% for Instagram.

The survey responses did not include Snapchat newer and very popular among teenagers.

Connected From The Morning

Entitled Generation Z: Generation without limits the study also provides revealing figures on the addiction of teenagers to their smartphone and the Internet.

47% of respondents say they are more actively connected today than three months ago, and 100% reported spending at least an hour a day on the Net. 46% say they spend more than 10 hours per day online. 

One in four is "actively connected" within five minutes after waking, and 73% are in an hour.

The survey also reflects a very positive view of the technology 76% can help to achieve the goals and 66% gives them the feeling that anything is possible. Only 43% of respondents say they enjoy the time they spend disconnected. 

They are also to ensure that 44% never check their smartphone during the Mass the same percentage for homework and 45% during their sporting activities.

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