Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Samsung Paid 40.5 Million For Compensation To Apple

Apple Recovered 40.5 Million In Cmpensation From Samsung: In March, Judge Koh has reduced the amount of compensation that Samsung must pay Apple to U.S. $ 598 million and required both parties to attend a hearing to decide the amount of U.S. $ 450.5 million cut less. 
Samsung Paid 40.5 Million For Compensation To Apple
Today, Koh decided that the oral argument will be held on November 12 next. 

Also new in this trial, Koh decided to restore Apple 40.5 million compensation related to the Samsung Galaxy S II versions for AT & T because this model is sold out several months after Apple announced that its Samsung signs patent infringement. 

Previously, this amount 40.5 million discarded because of confusion in the timeframe calculation. 

Thus Glalaxy S II AT & T will not be present in the oral argument in November. 

Besides Galaxy S II AT & T, Apple also requires additional buildings to 44.8 million in compensation for the Infuse 4G as well as the time frame wrong reasons. 

However, the court did not accept this request on the grounds that Apple "does not put the data relating to the business before the date 15/5/2011 Infuse 4G," that day that this smartphone launch in U.S.

On the Samsung, Koh proposal postponed its session on November litigation by two of the patents that Apple is being sued brought to the U.S. Patent Office investigation. 

These include the right to bounce effect when scrolling effects and content copyright zoom multi-touch with two fingers. Judge Koh ejected Samsung's intention and she said but the company may still require the deferred compensation involves two patents 381 and 915 if the USPTO to complete the process before the test session treatment in November.

Windows Phone Highest Market Share Ever

Windows Phone To Reach Highest Market Share While Android And iOS From Embankment: iOS and Android are still other interesting stuff in the leading position 2.
Windows Phone Highest Market Share Ever
The Windows Phone is making steady progress in recent years, and this platform has achieved the highest market share ever in the U.S. market.

There were 5.6% of smartphone sales in the U.S. market in quarter 1/2013, Windows had a growth rate of 1.9% for the same period last year.

With nearly half of smartphone sales (49.3%), Android continues to hold the leading position, but only slightly higher than the same period last year, and fell in the last 3 months, ending on December 03/2013 (-1.9%). iOS in second place with 43.7% of smartphone sales, decreased during Q1/2013. 

Windows are the growth is due to the ability to attract first time smartphone buyers, upgrading from ordinary phone. Among those who bought a new Windows smartphones, 52% had owned a popular handset earlier.

Meanwhile the majority of new clients are iOS and Android smartphones has been spent, 55% of new users of iOS and Android 51% of the change from a different smartphone. 

Although the difference is not much but should know that more than half of users in the U.S. market are still using ordinary phone and seemed to have a lot of people upgrading to smartphones in the years to come when it will contribute to the development for the Windows platform.

In terms of the network in the U.S. market, only a few small changes. Verizon continues to lead in smartphone sales with 37.2% of smartphones sold in 3 months ending on December 03/2013. Is 2nd with 27.9% AT & T and Sprint ranked third with 12.3%. 

T-Mobile is the only carrier recorded a decline in sales in the last quarter down 3.2% from the same period last year, total sales of this network is 9.5%. 

Friday, 26 April 2013

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch For Gamers

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch For Gamers: Currently, Vietnamese gamers can purchase ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch on the company's website or other retail channels.
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch
Furniture orders for Lenovo Model is equipped with Core i7 processor, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. 

Machines running Windows 8 Pro and priced specifically about 49.3 million. Gamers can customize the configuration to higher or lower coal buy the desired product.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch version sold in Vietnam with 14-inch screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixel HD +, Identified 10 touch fingers simultaneously.

Product weighs only 1:54 kg and 20.8 mm thick Due to the shell from carbon fiber.

Regarding configuration, players can choose one of the Core i5 or i7 processor model. Machine technology support Dolby Home Theater v4. 
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch For Gamers
In addition, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch HD am also integrates face recognition camera and two microphones to help users to make video calls. 

The product version supports 3G connectivity and battery life is up to 8 hours.

Lenovo's new Ultrabook charger using 65W slim 17 mm and weighs only 235 grams. 

The lighter color to 53% compared with a conventional model, capable of fast charging technology through RapidCharge. 

In addition to its compact size, this model possesses many features with security management and fingerprint reader, Trusted Platform Module technology or BIOS coding.

Philips W536 Smartphone

Philips W536 Smartphone With Paparazzi: This smartphone is not inferior to the pocket camera, Which helps Young People passionate photographers capture beautiful frames.
Philips W536 Smartphone
Philips W536 supports heard calling, chat, on Facebook, e-mail, scheduling, listen to music, watch movies online, anywhere and shoot and post all day without fear of running out of battery. 

The camera this mini for 11 continuous hours of talk time in 3G mode, 17 hours in 2G mode and up to 17 days standby battery. 

Xenium Chipset integrated directly on the mainboard of mobile phones Philips helps extremely low power consumption, no warm up Long conversations and protect user's health and the environment. 

Worldwide Philips is the exclusive manufacturer of the chipset Xenium.

Philips W536 Smartphone is capable of taking high quality photos with a 5 megapixel rear camera with autofocus. In low light environments or light balance it is still for the unique shots.

W536 has the ability to set the creative editing, good LED flash, optical zoom feature, image sensor processing performance into a professional camera smartphone.

In addition Philips W536 am also has storage space and high processing speed. Model with 4 GB of internal memory and 32GB external card to. 1 GHz Dual core CPU helps users capture and edit photos right on the phone pretty Quickly. 

Also just one click can upload and store Thousands of photos at the same time, video on Amazon, YouTube quite convenient via a wireless connection như 3G, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

You kids can use Photoshop Express PicSay Pro, integrated on the phone to mobile photo editing for more creative shots. Just check out Google's users find and access install Android applications to image processing the cricket this pet. 

Philips W536 or can turn into a mini studio galleries stylishly own way or variations of style shot of colorful subversive fashion style Vintage. 

Philips W536 Smartphone Instantly helps users share with your Flickr friends from all over the world with the ability to connect to social networking sites or to post photos as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS

Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS: From Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Line, Viber, SMS to familiar, all prepared for a new factor in this growing market.
Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS
Recently, more information about the new service Google talk titled Babel has revealed. 

According to an internal document of Google, Babel will support the ability to transfer multimedia files while chatting with is the ability to group chat. More importantly this service will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Of course, Babel will also support Web platform can duo-ii an application form for the Chrome browser or a feature of Gmail. 

This could be the answer to the user's Google sent to resolve the system conversation his confusion including Talk, Gmail, Google + Hangout, Google Voice and Chat for Drive.

Babel will have the mission to include all of the above services into a unified whole. This application may be announced at the annual conference Google I / O to be held on 15 to 17 January next year in San Francisco, USA.

According to the Google Operating System blog, this website is to be used for Google employees tried to use Babel before the product is officially launched.

Specifically, according to the line of code in the web page, Babel will probably own a UI quite new improved group chat and simultaneously provide enhanced ability to send images, notification through any device.

Recently, it was discovered a trailer for this product:

"Chat with Babel improvements. Babel is a new messaging platform that runs on Google's Android, iOS, Chrome, Google + and Gmail. Chats from anywhere."

Babel is the result of collaboration between the development team Android, Chrome, Google + and mobile applications in general Google.

"What is particularly interesting is that Google says about Babel for iOS as a top experience before on this platform in terms of messaging services."

Droid-Life also said that in the next step Babel will turn merged services like Google Voice, Talk, Hangouts and Messenger.

Movies App Launched In Theaters

Application For Playing Movie: The design is simple and convenient for users, applications Screening Movie Theaters with this beta has done a good job of updating showtimes most popular theaters nationwide. 
Movies App Launched In Theaters
Only encapsulated within 3 clicks can choose the right fit for their reference rate, with the choice of the film, by location or by schedule

This beta version will help users connect and book tickets online at Megastar Systems Galaxy and Lotte Cinema systems are supported online payment.

Movie theaters are also efforts to improve support solutions cinema systems deployed smaller online payments in the future. However, the application has not been made clear what theater ticket support feature, and there is no response when users select tickets in theaters unsupported features

Using GPS data, the application provides a list of the nearest cinema showings of the movie that you like as well as the full details of address, phone, price of each theater tickets each time you spontaneously want to see the movie.

The This offline debut in Sai Gon Paragon District 7 Ho Chi Minh City is also a showcase for smartphone applications to public Phimchieurap love watching movies.

The application is now available on Google Play. For iOS version expected to be released on 8/5.

How To Get Help From Facebook Support

How To Contact Facebook To Solve Problems: In the case of Facebook is very common still see problems personal profiles working for different companies or fan page working for the same brand.

For these cases I want to make the different routes of contact with  Facebook since they are not in a very obvious and many people ask me this information constantly, so maybe a post with this information to help anyone who needs it.

It is worth mentioning that must be very patient, unfortunately his response is not immediate, so patience and persistence is my best recommendation when it is already in their hands or ours as consultants on poderles help.

Facebook Personal Profiles

-  Your personal account has been hacked

-  Problems with long in

-  Your profile is available

-  Logon Problems

-  Problems in the wall

-  Problems uploading

-  Problems with friends

-  Problems in the videos

-  Problems with events

-  Problems reading your posts

-  Problems with receiving notifications

-  The home page is blank or does not display correctly

-  Problems with validating your

Facebook Account Fan Pages

-  Does not appear in search results

-  Report an announcement of Facebook Ads

-  Failed to load

Microsoft Apps Switch Android Devices To Windows Phone

Microsoft Has Released The Application For Android Devices To Switch To Windows Phone.
Microsoft Apps Switch Android Devices To Windows Phone
As a way to encourage the switch to Android users spend WP devices, Microsoft recently released an application called "Switch to Windows Phone" for Android devices.

The main function of this application is finding the same software you are installing WP on Android phone so when you switch to WP then the application will be installed on the machine so that you can continue continued use and experience.

After you make a list of the software is available on your Android devices, the app will search for alternative software equivalent Marketplace by comparing the software name, notes, reviews, feedback from users and many other types of information to be sure to find the correct version for WP or software at least functionally equivalent.

The list software will then be saved on Sky Drive server when you log into the application Switch to Windows Phone on the WP the application will be installed on the machine.

WP Marketplace app store currently has about 135,000 apps so little compared to approximately 675,000 of the Android app should be able to spend a lot of software you are on Android will not have to replace the on WP.

WP Central Page said Microsoft software will be released next week.

ASUS Taichi 21 Tablet PC

ASUS Taichi 21 Tablet PC: Taichi 21 is a hybrid of many current laptops use Windows 8 as a tool to help users to use the machine as both a tablet computer.
ASUS Taichi 21 Tablet PC
Computers ASUS Taichi 21 is equipped with two screens Full-HD resolution of 1920x1080. Second display on the outside of the laptop and you can use two monitors at the same time. Machine quality parts very hard, strong configuration and beautiful design.

Hinges loose screen, chiclet keyboard and sturdy when opening the machine up using, you will feel clear sense of uncertainty in detail. To put it more understandable, although the machine is small but I still feel like a very robust machine using a large screen 15" or 17".

In addition to the more common of a laptop Taichi 21 also has a button lock / unlock the screen on the right side separate Volume keys like smartphones or tablet products. There are micro HDMI port and Mini Display Port to VGA port switch via the supplied adapter.

Computer keyboard is chiclet type, however back light brightness is not very high, the keys are arranged logically so typing feels good, do not swallow the keys feel when typing quickly. In the upper right corner of the keyboard has a blue shortcut to quickly open the ASUS management utility which you can customize the display of two screens the display can be adjusted only one of the two showing parallel market in Mirror mode or Extended similar to when you connected your laptop to the projector.

In Mirror mode  you can use this mode to guide people sitting across the way that you are doing something on a computer. Extended mode is also interesting because the two screens will serve to complement and extend each other. 

On the screen you can work normally while the other screen we can surf Facebook or watch something. The external screen is touch screen should be less dependent on the mouse and keyboard, while the internal screen is not touch.

Holding his machine is equipped processor Core i7 quad-core 1.9GHz Intel, 4GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD with Win 8 64-bit running very smoothly. Here are the basic parameters of the machine:
  • OS: Windows 8 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3317U (1.7 GHz), Core i7 option up-3517U (1.9 GHz)
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000
  • Display: dual-screen 11.6" IPS panel 1920 x 1080 resolutions. Only external display is multitouch
  • SSD: 128GB or 256GB SATA III
  • Battery: 6 cell with a time of 5 hours
  • Size: 33.92 x 22.8 x 1.74 cm
  • Weight: 1.25 kg

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Facebook Apps Original and Practical

Original And Practical Applications For Facebook: The Community Managers working life we ​​Spend using tools and applications, that Will Make work easier.
Facebook Apps Original and Practical
For this we must be very attentive to That come out on the market not to miss any. I wanted to make a brief summary of the practical tools out there for Facebook.

1. Ecwid: That is an implementation lets you create your own store on Facebook. You can display your products and share. Have much success, you can see a video presentation of Ecwid team members. Is payment.

2. Cub.io: is a tool That will come in handy if you want to run competitions. It is free and quite practical. You can use the logo of your brand in the contest.

3. Evuli: Very interesting if you organizes events on Facebook. With it you can download a list in Excel That Gives the characteristics of Those at attending your events from Facebook. It's free.

4. WeBuzz: This is a good tool That Allows you to customize your Facebook pages in a single way. You can use it for free for two weeks and if you like you pay € 9.99 a month.

5. Clobby: With this Application you can convert your page of Facebook on a platform for fans to chat. Used to request collaboration, chat and have from Mashable is a very useful implementation to give more life to your site. It is a very interesting tool for engagement on an issue. It's free.

6. Woobox: A good tool for Facebook Pages that you can create coupons, make sweepstakes, surveys, create a page of offers and many more options. You can test it without costs and the price is € 15 per month if your page HAS 100 to 1,000 fans, or € 29 to 20,000 fans.

7. Smetrica: This is a measurement tool to control access to the statistics of your competition. No need to sign up and all you Have to do is add the ID of the Facebook page you want to know the data. It is very easy to use.

8. Facebook: I think, of all the Community Managers known. I developed to Those Who are just starting.

Facebook puts at your disposal to monitor the activity of your site. Provides demographic information as well as information on how users interact with the page.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

SKY Dream Phone HD9500

SKY Dream Phone HD9500: Skyphone phone company launched a quadcore HD9500 slower than planned.
SKY Dream Phone HD9500
It was explained to invest in research thorough testing to the customer to hand, it is a perfect product.

The SKY HD9500 is equipped with powerful configuration used on every quality features.

Equipped with 4 chip with each core running the 6589 1.2 Ghz independent, runs on the latest DDR3 technology with 1GB, DDR3 technology for 30% faster than DDR2. 4GB of internal memory and can be upgraded up to 32GB.

Graphics card upgrade from PowerVR SGX 531 line up PowerVR SGX 544, which helps improve the speed up of over 40% compared to the previous generation, as evidenced by the glide touch with high resolution still smooth. With this configuration the machine just 50% is used to run the game smoothly most severe for Android as NOVA3, Fifa 2012.

Camera on HD9500 is rated as the highest resolution currently on the Smartphone line when pixels up to 12.6 megapixel, photography allows the HD format 4:3 or 16:9. Cinema-quality Full HD 1920x1088, video recording quality is not inferior to professional camcorders the investment of a HD9500 means you will not have to spend money for products camera, dedicated camera .

5inch screen size 1280 HD resolution when hand holding the camera, but you will feel like a 4.5-inch screen for very thin rim, top and bottom edges are minimized. Hand touch the 4 corners up nicely curved. Hand touch tempered super fine nano coated Gorilla helps prevent scratches shiny and smooth glide your finger over the surface.

Especially HD9500 screen brightness on high, fast response time and absolutely no change in color when you look from the 4 corners. Running on the latest Android OS version 4.2.1 world. This is the original ROM, Vietnamese standards supported, compatible with the new generation of game development virtual copies are not like other products. Customers can check in procedure, the machine will display the logo as shown above. With version 4.2.1 you will experience major changes compared to the old 4.1 version.

Sky HD9500 can download the app and very useful in life, such as bar code scanning to see when supermarket prices, Photoshop image editing, read AutoCad drawings, pronunciation dictionary, a list of Karaoke 6, translated text, pharmacy dictionary, cookbooks, teaching makeup.

Even HD9500 can help you find information on the Internet by taking one picture and it will search for information related to that picture.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Applications

Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Applications: If you have been listening for a long time the concepts of hybrid applications and native applications without understanding anything, is your chance to find out what are each of them and what advantages.
Native Mobile Applications

  • Native Mobile Apps:

It is an application for smartphones that is integrated in the device. WhatsUp , for example, is a native of instant messaging.

The native applications developed in different programming languages ​​depending on the device you are going to use.

  • Hybrid Mobile Apps:

The hybrid apps are also called web apps which are optimized applications that look good through the screens of mobile devices. The hybrid applications are not installed in smartphones however when we access it, aesthetics and smuy similar to those of native apps.

Native vs. Hybrid Apps:

Simply have the application installed in the end it is an advantage. The same icon is a shortcut by which we do not have to type in the web address to access it. On the other hand, mobile app stores like the App Store or Google Play to find applications more easily than if we looked anywhere.
Hybrid Mobile Applications
One of the most interesting advantages of these applications is that they can access certain phone features, such as the camera and so can take advantage of these resources. An example would be the flashlight app that uses the camera flash. Moreover with few exceptions, an internet connection not required.

Allow sending push notifications. This ability is very interesting and sometimes not utilized as much as it could or used too. Push notifications allow you to send messages to the user to suggest actions: update of the app, shopping, updating content, etc.

Shopping within the Apps. Usually made through the smartphone user account so they are quick and easy. The user does not need to use credit cards.

Among the best-known disadvantages, we find the need for the user to update manually the need to develop an app for each marketplace and the validation thereof. These disadvantages are no nonsense in fact met a few days ago for AppGratis, an app that has been removed from Apple's marketplace and had over 12 million users.

As basically are contrary to those of native applications we will explain in summary:

They can be viewed on any mobile device without creating different apps. Updates the developer and does not need the user to update the web. 

Do not pass a validation process. Not appear in the markets and applications that are lost potential users. May require a greater marketing effort. Internet connection required whenever you want to use.

Original Content The Pillar Of Google Ranking Strategy

Original Content The Pillar Of Google Ranking Strategy: Employment in web content writing is booming mainly because of the flood of companies in need of a remodel of all the content.
Google Ranking Strategy
This is because, since 2011 the year that Google changed its ranking algorithm, SEO techniques have changed radically .

So that while in the past it was ideal to include links in directories but now a day this is greatly punished by Google. The newly algorithm, barely a year old has promised to stay a long time and this has led to numerous websites online services to renew duplicate content, previously allowed, for good positioning Web, by original writings.

The avalanche of job they currently have travel agencies, search engines and online business is such that it has created a job specifically to create this type of content.

Original Content Is The Basic SEO Techniques:

The possibilities arising from these main features are marked primarily by able to have a text model adapted to the needs. For low-profile content required still basic requirements without which are of no efforts being made in this regard.

Among these are the following:

Grammar and spelling correction: In many cases a sector professionals are not familiar with basic SEO techniques but, between them, this is paramount today. If web content is misspelled, Google will penalize you.

Minimum number of words per text: Normally usually several depending on the preponderance that you want to give to the site but will require a minimum of 250 words for secondary content 400 words for the main.

Original Content: not enough to write a string over and over again. Usually must innovate at least some terms.

Content Copyscape Proof:

It is an obligation for all kinds of editors since they have to warn all you need to enjoy a variety of information on the net without these are duplicated. It's one of the reasons that many reference sites in the field of tourism or sales have come down in the seats in the results pages of search engines.

Mainly it has to be ensured that the content editor perform good documentation. Although among SEO techniques never takes into account it is essential for any website that wants to be placed in an important position within the online content.

Otherwise what will happen is mainly that there will be a decline in visits because the content is not good enough to maintain or improve search engine positions.

3 Best SEO Measurements 2013

The 3 Most Important SEO Metrias And Measurements 2013: The start of an SEO strategy is a excellent time for a website and be organized as extensively as feasible to get the desired effect.
3 Best SEO Measurements 2013
We could compare this first release SEO campaign with the launch of the website nobody throws a half-built web and advertising to get visitors right?

Releasing a half-built web give bad image to the company and substantial losses, well, the launch of a bad campaign would also have fatal consequences SEO for a website and your company.

Once you've launched the SEO campaign has so carefully prepared and planned. You know, if you have some experience in SEO you've started a long distance race with some refreshment points.

As you all know SEO is a constant work that has to be monitored and corrected during the period when the site is operational these corrections will be your provisioning points in the long distance race that is search engine optimization of your website.

To find out what is wrong your SEO campaign or your SEO strategy must do continuously monitor your web analytics. To do this we recommend using Google Analytics tracking that as well as being very complete is free and can connect with other cool sites that also offers Google.

If you are a beginner in the use of Google Analytics is easy to miss among the many statistics, figures, data and other information provided by this tool. To help you, then we'll tell you what three metrics are essential to see improvement or worsening your actions that produce web SEO.

What statistics should I look for all web analytics?

  • Total Visits:

This metric is the most significant and most into account we have. Keep in mind that SEO actions have a reaction to long term, so we should not obsess and expect an increase in visitors instantly. The visits will be gradually increased responding to efforts to improve the SEO of the site to go by.

  • Keywords Driving Traffic:

In most cases, if until now you had not taken any action on your website SEO is that most keywords with visits to your website is the very name of your company or web domain. This is good, it means that users of the Network know the name of your company and seek.

The next step is to start using in your web texts by these words that are already coming to your website to enhance its effectiveness and start using the new keywords for which you want to position in search engines.

  • Time Spent On The Web:

Once visitors arrive at your website, it is important to retain as long as possible to get them to do the action that you want. Therefore it is imperative that visitors find on the web for information that interests them keep out and go quickly.

If you are building your web site or want reform still recommend you do a keyword research before you begin writing articles and new texts in this way you can include these keywords and improve the SEO of your brand positioning.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Social Media Networking Keys For Success

Social Media Networking Keys For Success: When we talk about social media, the first thing that comes to mind is the word Conversation or Interaction. 
Social Media Networking Keys For Success
But if it is true that these words are essential there are other aspects that make up the four legs of a table called Social Media and although they are considered by the professionals we are not come to mind when we hear Social Networks.

The conversation and interaction are essential in any strategy for social media marketing, as it is about establishing quality relationships between brand and user as well as to achieve synergies and relationships between professionals.

The conversation is essential to get the user and know, know what you need, know what you like and what not. On the other hand, need to talk to get a strong voice that differs from all others and that allows us to effectively settle.

Do not forget that conversation also means listening, monitoring, know what the community says and incorporate that feedback into our strategy.

Another of these pillars essential to not let it take the table content marketing. Just as the conversation we used to get that voice itself, we need something to communicate, send a message then will spread through the conversation with users: content. Without quality content, we are bound to fail, because users want something in return for their loyalty, they need quality content to satisfy a need, and our social obligation to provide it. Content positions us as experts in a field, as related in a particular topic, and linking the user with us, helping us get the engagement which we have so often heard.

But no matter the efforts we make or the content if we have a community that consume and interact with us. Everything begins and ends with her. We are in the place that the community gives us, and it depends on spreading our message, so that the work we do is for these users. We owe it to the community, and to work for it.


Do not forget that not all social platforms are the same each has its own personality. So that the presence of our brand can not be equal. We must properly relate with other users to get the last pillar of which we speak, connections, relationships with other professionals and average users.

12 Tips Of How Do You Blog

12 Tips to Keep Your Blog Fit - Blogging Tips And Tricks 2013: We ended 2012 with 12 grapes eating us hope that we bring luck throughout the year is about to begin.
12 Tips Of How Do You Blog
But one thing is certain is that to be successful with a blog you have to work a lot and spoil him as our son.

1. Do not abandon him, he never would: Imagine you had a Tamagotchi, the virtual pet popular 90s. You have to feed it, tidy up, cuddle him, your blog has to do the same. Feed him frequently publishing, asearlo guarding the structure and appearance and pamper your information sharing in social networks.

2. Converts to social networks into their best friends: Although not every day you post on your blog, if you can share many things in social networks. Worry about your community, share what they publish, comments, offer your help, I like and retwittea Give them. You can also take the opportunity to share information, videos, pictures or anything that you consider interesting and useful to your followers.

3. Maquíllalo to be handsome and elegant: use pretty pictures to accompany the information you post. You can also include videos that provide information or put a humorous twist. Do not ever forget to use the spell checker. A good tip is to write the post in Word and then pass it to your blog. Misspellings distracted, generate noise and give very bad image. It is normal to pass you some, but do not let that be the dominant trend.

4. Make it friendly: Allows your visitors to leave comments. Also, you should make things easy for them to do. There are plugins that allow comments come through Facebook. The worst thing you can do is force them to fill endless boxes to publish data.

5. Make it good host: There's nothing worse than, that make you waste time. For this reason your blog should be understood at first glance. It offers a menu of simple, intuitive navigation, a search button, which will see tags. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are many people with impaired vision. Make it easy to read using a legible font with a size that is not too small.

6. Make retailer: Remember appointments and important dates. We like to greet and congratulate us, so take advantage of special days to do something special.

7. Remember the brothers is important to comment on the blogs of other bloggers, create friendships and share the links of others, always will enrich what you input. Do you see them as rivals or competitors.

8. Make it gentle: If your users are contacted via email or comments you answer them. Ignore requests from your fans, especially when you have a doubt, can be a reason for a visit not come back. It costs nothing to solve a small doubt, to thank or acknowledge that you can not help someone in a certain subject. Always responds.

9. Prove that has its own life: Participate in webinars, Hangouts, conferences, seminars, debates, forums. Give life, relate and proves you exist. Not bad leaving it out of the computer screen and talk in person.

10. Do not let your blog be lonely: Give maximum visibility. Create a signature and put in all the emails you send. If you have a business name your blog on cards, bills and flyers that everyone finds out that there is.

11. Find yourself a companion solo Maintaining a blog is hard work, so, if someone offers to help accept it. Just remember you're the one who commands and the one who makes the rules. It is worthwhile to establish an editorial line and to respect for the proper functioning of the log.

12. Love it, Believe it, respect it and make it grow. Just so that others get to be involved in your work. Those who have a blog we take care as our baby and we are very proud of each little step that gives. You must know the field in which you move and most importantly, choose what you really like it, so just get put in it all the passion that a blog needs to grow strong and healthy.

Last words in this post to wish everyone a happy New Year entry. That same joy with which we will receive the arrival of 2013 is maintained in each of the seconds that make up this new year. Let us not miss work or joy.

What Is Social Responsibility And Social Marketing

What Is Social Responsibility And Social Marketing: Social marketing is the highest state of the phases of marketing, because it integrates highly representative sectors which links all the efforts of the different market players in function of the concept of Quality Of Life For Society.
What Is Social Responsibility And Social Marketing
Pride and Ferrell define Social Responsibility as "the tasks of companies to reduce the negative and maximize the positive impact on society". The above definition agrees that their goal is to balance the interests of organizations to society. 

The concept of improving quality of life of the community in which they have confined is from promoting social causes, thus contributing to consolidating a positive image of the company add value to their brands, create a favorable public opinion allow sales promotions and capture loyal consumers. 

 However there are also large differences, considering that social marketing is a broader discipline. In this statement several authors agree, but also manifest other to the contrary in the case of Juana Maria Saucedo Soto, a professor at the Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico, who says that "between social marketing and cause marketing to CSR, this finally is the largest and the most difficult to implement. "

According to Kotler, in his book Social Marketing, the organization should determine the needs, aspirations and interests of their target markets. 

You must then provide the desired satisfaction, more efficiently and effectively than the competition, so as to preserve or enhance the welfare of consumers and society.

Thus interpret social marketing and I agree with the author's definition.

Social Media Marketing And Its Importance

Internet Marketing And The Importance Of Social Media Marketing: It is important to recognize that having a clear social marketing will make businesses, foundations and organizations among others apply these concepts and are part of the life cycle of a society self-sustaining and benefits.
Social Media Marketing And Its Importance
In first instance we can say that Social Marketing is a relatively new concept and that over time has been adjusted to its final definition of Marketing Kotler's father.

"Social marketing is a technology for social change management including the design, implementation and control of programs designed to increase the acceptance of a social idea or practice in one or more groups of target adopters".

With this management glimpse it, it really is a series of processes to get to marketing, which even if we read the book on Social Marketing Kotler, shows that there are several players included that are part of the Social Marketing, which even speaks of a series of demands in the market, taken in account when applying the Social Marketing. Now, one of the definitions easier to understand about this is found in the book of Andreasen Marketing Social Change:

"Social marketing is the application of commercial marketing techniques to the analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation of programs designed to influence the voluntary behavior of target audiences in order to improve their personal welfare and that of their society".

This definition seems important and clear because it is based on the Traditional Marketing you really are not other new concepts or theories to apply is to apply what is known in the marketing to a social environment, commit ourselves to the fact that these management technologies are redirected to a non-profit aspect to society. 

This is because we want to improve and benefit some aspect of personal welfare or society. Since this definition clearer, we can argue that Social Marketing aims to create behavioral changes in terms of what you want to offer and not as a business, but a community, a church, a non-profit Foundation. You see the marketing as an opportunity to help without any interest.

Social Marketing requires this to be more specific we can not expect that if we want to direct our services or products to a sector apabuyado by economic factors we will work. 

Therefore, we as responsible for Social Marketing and the strategies that we use, we must be careful to choose a group of consumers, not individuals or mass markets.

Recall that as we are using the principles of Traditional or Classic Marketing, many concepts will help us to make this social marketing correctly, between these concepts can bring up the implementation of the 4P's, with slight modifications, could be something like :

Price - Cost Benefit

Promotion - Communication service

Plaza - Population Sector or to which you want to provide the service

Product - Social change service type

So we continue with the same 4 steps but geared toward social marketing. Similarly, we have a traditional marketing plan, but focused on social marketing.


With this, we can understand what is Social Marketing and what is missing is corporate social responsibility and then an article talking about the relationship between these two business management tools.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

HP Server Moonshot To Save Energy

HP Launches Server Moonshot: 89% Energy Savings: HP CEO Meg Whitman has revealed that the company prepares to launch one of the most important products in the past few years.
HP Server Moonshot To Save Energy
This product has been officially announced as the "Project Moonshot". It is a new server for enterprise customers and potentially power consumption at very low levels. HP said it was the result of 10 long years of research and development.

More about the host of Project Moonshot, HP said they consume 89% less energy than traditional servers space-saving 80% and 77% cost reduction. To achieve these numbers, HP has set up modular application for the blade server form. Blade computers that will be sharing together the resources networks and systems cooler mounted on the outer frame.

Moonshot maximum support 1800 Moonshot servers and each server has only one size hardcover book. A system will include the standard chassis Moonshot 1500 Chassis 4.3U, 45 Moonshot ProLiant blade server slots, power supply and power cable, network cable, attached disk storage space and two network switches.

HP Moonshot was first mentioned 16 months ago. At that time, the company confirmed to use ARM processors for servers because efficient power consumption and heat generation of them, along with the reasons for mobile operators use ARM chips in smartphones, tablet. 

When officially launched Moonshot, HP enables customers to customize the server with multiple versions of chipsets from partners such as Intel, AMD, Applied Micro, Texas Instruments, Calxeda. Enterprises can also choose to use SSD or HDD, or even choose your own configuration for graphics processors.

So who is going to buy this server? Sure it's big business, but more specifically, the HP aims for social networking providers, cloud services, mobile services and data center. With the advent of Project Moonshot, it shows that HP is increasingly focused on the enterprise segment and shrinking business in the consumer segment.

This is a general trend that many large technology companies in the world is gradually applied notably Dell and Lenovo. HP's current situation is not satisfactory and Moonshot is its efforts to overcome the mistakes of the past.

The Moonshot the first began to be sold in the U.S. and Canada, will then be distributed to Europe, Asia and Latin America in the next month. Starting price for a Moonshot system is $ 61,875 including the chassis the HP ProLiant Moonshot 45 and an integrated switch.

Facebook Home Trial Version Leaked Directly

Facebook Home Trial Version Leaked Directly: Facebook Home version leaked. This version can be used on Google Nexus 4.
Facebook Home Trial Version Leaked Directly
When using the Home version, all new content on Facebook as messages, status and image new friends posted will be brought to your lock screen monitor.

Facebook called the Cover Feeds and fast operation speed, fairly smooth. To browse between statuses we can drag your finger to the left or right. Also here, you are allowed to hit like post and view comments quickly without going through Facebook app.

There is a discomfort this beta site which is Vietnamese font errors. Signature lost so much and if the official of the Home is still faulty, it is almost impossible to use in Vietnam because we cannot know what your friends are writing.

Another highlight of the screen is a button that Feeds Cover pie with our avatar and it will be present when lightly touching a screen. Then there are three options to continue using this button: pull to the left to activate the camera app drag to the right to return the application to run the most recent and pull up on the application for approval installed on the machine.

 In addition, the Home also features Instant Heads: all messages from your friends on Facebook will appear in the circle button and can be used in anywhere to any app. However, the leak test is not run Chat Heads.

Facebook apps leaked along with Home are another improvement. Though its interface remains the same compared to the official Facebook now but the speed of operation has been significantly improved. New Feeds Notification and load noticeably are faster. Facebook Messaging app as well, but still running or shut suddenly fails.

So Facebook Home experience gives us how? First of all, this is a completely new experience because you can access a lot of content at the lock screen, something not many Android devices can bring to the user. Cover Feeds erased boundaries divide the lock screen - main screen - content that we often think about the default lock screen and launcher using Android devices.

Imagine you've just hit the button to unlock the screen was able to browse Facebook even so to save time. When used familiar you do not even have to bother about the lock screen anymore.

Limitations And Bugs In Beta Facebook Home Version:

Heads Chat does not work, inform the Home can touch but not run over. The main screen has the ability to customize the poor. Vietnamese Font seriously defective. It seems that Facebook has locked access to Home and for some you say to yourself that they do not log in anymore.

Nokia Lumia Tablet PC Is Coming Soon

Nokia Lumia Tablet PC Is Coming Soon: Recently, the introduction of the Adidas Micoach application on Windows 8, Nokia has accidentally revealed its tablet device.
Nokia Lumia Tablet PC Is Coming Soon
Although this is a test product to application Adidas Micoach but many people still cannot help but suspect that the Finnish phone company is cherished intent in a tablet. Even more suspicious, when the design of this tablet brings slightly like its current Lumia smartphones.

Related to the tablet of Nokia, The Verge also revealed that the company's first tablet device Finland will own two connection ports including HDMI, USB and HD 10.1-inch screen resolution Clear Type. 

More specifically, the tablet is rumored will also support similar accessories keypad Touch Cover or Cover Type of Surface from Microsoft.

Unlike the keyboard of Surface only role is to cum hard keyboard protective cover along the new connector the keyboard comes with accessories tablet Nokia also act as an additional batteries to increase duration of use of the tablet.

In addition, this keyboard also provides for the Nokia tablet a number of communication ports for user connections.

Tablet Pc Branded Soft Market Prices

Tablet PC Branded Soft Prices Stir The Markets: The appearance of the tablet series from major brands such as Asus, Acer, Samsung with prices ranging from 2.9 to 5 million to bring more opportunities to access in effect for ordinary consumers promising exciting competition in the low price segment.
Tablet Pc Branded Soft Market Prices
In the emerging Vietnam market nearly ten tablets priced from 2.9 million to less than 5 million, so many big brands such as Asus, Acer, Samsung, BlackBerry sold, were imported through the official distribution mode or laptop.

Among the brands mentioned above, the Asus Memo Pad, Acer Iconia B1-A71 is the rookie is warming cheap tablet market in Vietnam from February / 2013 onwards due to the advantage property sale price is quite soft.

Specifically, the first release from February / 2013 by Asus Vietnam, Memo Pad tablet is sold for about $ 3.3 million. This product runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 7-inch screen; Cortex-A9 chip clocked at 1 GHz, 8GB memory and can be expanded via Micro SD Card, Wi-Fi and 4270mAh capacity battery.

Together, Acer Iconia B1-A71 is a 7.1-inch tablet running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, CPU MediaTek dual core 1.2 GHz, 512MB RAM, 8GB of internal memory. Selling price of the product is about 2.9 million.

Just last March, the Vietnamese market is witnessing a new product is imported branded Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Wi-Fi. Machine using dual-core 1 GHz processor, PowerVR SGX540 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory and can support up to 64GB via Micro SD Card, sold for 4.6 - 4.89 million depending on the place.

Tablet market titre soft also continued to witness the price of a number of other models have been sold in the country as long as the Google Nexus 8GB in months decreased from 200,000 to 400,000 depending on where the price to around 4.7 million; BlackBerry Playbook 16GB 4.8 million, Kindle Fire HD 7 respectively 4.4 million and 4.95 million for the 8GB and 16GB from 6 to 12 months warranty.

According to the market and consumers, even if it is equipped with Wi-Fi, no 3G and fairly price, even higher than some tablet products originating from China 3G connections are widely sold in the Vietnamese market, but the products of brands such as Asus, Acer still scored thanks to the touch screen sensitivity, the ability to meet the entertainment needs of the most common consumers such as gaming, surfing the web, listening to music, watching movies.

Related to the consumption of these products cheap tablet, identified by representatives system Thegioididong.com for that purchasing power in the March / 2013 this business was up 7 - 10% compared to February, the cause is the "contributions" of some big brand 7inch tablet, well as Acer B1 and Asus Memo Pad. Even with the "military" tablet "soft" above, the tablet market in April / 2013 of Thegioididong.com expected to continue to rise by 10% compared with March.

iPhone 5S Portrait Apple's New iPhone

iPhone 5S Portrait Through Some Rumors: 13 megapixel camera, iOS 7 cleaner more modern and the design does not change compared to the iPhone 5 is what we predict about Apple's new iPhone.
 iPhone 5S Portrait Apple's New iPhone
The emergence of a new iOS device always comes with the rumors, predictions and design concept for a utopia. If Apple does not do something contrary to the law, the next iPhone will be called 5S and some of that information it will be one of 3 units of Apple's iPhone launch in 2013.

The iPhone 5S will not be the only iPhone launched this year. This model will be launched in conjunction with a cheap plastic shell iPhone and an iPhone version of Math with screen size up to 4.8 inches.

Recent reports indicate that the aforementioned cheap iPhone version will be manufactured by Pegatron rather than Foxconn partners as usual. The iPhone Math will have a 4.8-inch screen and 8 megapixel camera.

The two products come with the iPhone 5S will look forward to developing the market intended for the average user than the current population.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S will simply use an aluminum used of identical iPhone 5 and just change the "interior" of the machine. But can Apple will release a series of colorful like the current iPod Touch instead of two black and white as it is now.

IOS 7 Interface Cleaner And More Modern

Right after Jony Ive information is specified holding iOS development instead of Scott Forstall all eyes fell on the iOS 7. According to the information raised last time, iOS 7 will be more specific changes but changes what it is, not who owns it.

According to the experts, it's time to iOS needs a revolution in the interface as well as how to operate because it has kept almost intact for a long time while rivals such as Android or BlackBerry is changing and the days good one.

Apple made no secret of his intention to break with Samsung and are looking for a reliable partner to produce its new A-series chips.

TSMC has been selected to produce the A7 chip but in the future maybe Apple will catch up with Intel to ensure the credibility and quality of their products.

New Screen Technology

This is considered a minor detail, does not affect the user but with Apple, which is a big problem. IPhone 5 screen panels is formed by putting together the display and touch together, thin paring help screen but it makes it difficult to repair and often missing component.

The new screen Apple is considering using have very similar structure but for the ability to touch more sensitive and less problems. Partners provide this type of monitor is Chimei Innolux.

13 Megapixel Camera

This information is derived from iLounge - a website usually fairly accurate release rumors about Apple products. The iPhone 5 will use 13 megapixel camera with better quality flash.

High number of megapixels does not determine the quality of photos but that would be an important factor for the subsequent communication strategy. In addition, Apple is expected to continue to improve the software inside the camera of the iPhone 5S.

Wireless Charging, NFC

Apple has been granted a patent application named Wireless Power Utilization. Basically, this means the ability to iPhone device joins the wireless charging ability is quite high.

In addition, the company also will integrate NFC technology on its new iPhone after a long time under pressure from public opinion.

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