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12 Tips Of How Do You Blog

12 Tips to Keep Your Blog Fit - Blogging Tips And Tricks 2013: We ended 2012 with 12 grapes eating us hope that we bring luck throughout the year is about to begin.

12 Tips Of How Do You Blog
But one thing is certain is that to be successful with a blog you have to work a lot and spoil him as our son.

1. Do not abandon him, he never would: Imagine you had a Tamagotchi, the virtual pet popular 90s. You have to feed it, tidy up, cuddle him, your blog has to do the same. Feed him frequently publishing, asearlo guarding the structure and appearance and pamper your information sharing in social networks.

2. Converts to social networks into their best friends: Although not every day you post on your blog, if you can share many things in social networks. Worry about your community, share what they publish, comments, offer your help, I like and retwittea Give them. You can also take the opportunity to share information, videos, pictures or anything that you consider interesting and useful to your followers.

3. MaquĆ­llalo to be handsome and elegant: use pretty pictures to accompany the information you post. You can also include videos that provide information or put a humorous twist. Do not ever forget to use the spell checker. A good tip is to write the post in Word and then pass it to your blog. Misspellings distracted, generate noise and give very bad image. It is normal to pass you some, but do not let that be the dominant trend.

4. Make it friendly: Allows your visitors to leave comments. Also, you should make things easy for them to do. There are plugins that allow comments come through Facebook. The worst thing you can do is force them to fill endless boxes to publish data.

5. Make it good host: There's nothing worse than, that make you waste time. For this reason your blog should be understood at first glance. It offers a menu of simple, intuitive navigation, a search button, which will see tags. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are many people with impaired vision. Make it easy to read using a legible font with a size that is not too small.

6. Make retailer: Remember appointments and important dates. We like to greet and congratulate us, so take advantage of special days to do something special.

7. Remember the brothers is important to comment on the blogs of other bloggers, create friendships and share the links of others, always will enrich what you input. Do you see them as rivals or competitors.

8. Make it gentle: If your users are contacted via email or comments you answer them. Ignore requests from your fans, especially when you have a doubt, can be a reason for a visit not come back. It costs nothing to solve a small doubt, to thank or acknowledge that you can not help someone in a certain subject. Always responds.

9. Prove that has its own life: Participate in webinars, Hangouts, conferences, seminars, debates, forums. Give life, relate and proves you exist. Not bad leaving it out of the computer screen and talk in person.

10. Do not let your blog be lonely: Give maximum visibility. Create a signature and put in all the emails you send. If you have a business name your blog on cards, bills and flyers that everyone finds out that there is.

11. Find yourself a companion solo Maintaining a blog is hard work, so, if someone offers to help accept it. Just remember you're the one who commands and the one who makes the rules. It is worthwhile to establish an editorial line and to respect for the proper functioning of the log.

12. Love it, Believe it, respect it and make it grow. Just so that others get to be involved in your work. Those who have a blog we take care as our baby and we are very proud of each little step that gives. You must know the field in which you move and most importantly, choose what you really like it, so just get put in it all the passion that a blog needs to grow strong and healthy.

Last words in this post to wish everyone a happy New Year entry. That same joy with which we will receive the arrival of 2013 is maintained in each of the seconds that make up this new year. Let us not miss work or joy.


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