Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Facebook Apps Original and Practical

Original And Practical Applications For Facebook: The Community Managers working life we ​​Spend using tools and applications, that Will Make work easier.
Facebook Apps Original and Practical
For this we must be very attentive to That come out on the market not to miss any. I wanted to make a brief summary of the practical tools out there for Facebook.

1. Ecwid: That is an implementation lets you create your own store on Facebook. You can display your products and share. Have much success, you can see a video presentation of Ecwid team members. Is payment.

2. Cub.io: is a tool That will come in handy if you want to run competitions. It is free and quite practical. You can use the logo of your brand in the contest.

3. Evuli: Very interesting if you organizes events on Facebook. With it you can download a list in Excel That Gives the characteristics of Those at attending your events from Facebook. It's free.

4. WeBuzz: This is a good tool That Allows you to customize your Facebook pages in a single way. You can use it for free for two weeks and if you like you pay € 9.99 a month.

5. Clobby: With this Application you can convert your page of Facebook on a platform for fans to chat. Used to request collaboration, chat and have from Mashable is a very useful implementation to give more life to your site. It is a very interesting tool for engagement on an issue. It's free.

6. Woobox: A good tool for Facebook Pages that you can create coupons, make sweepstakes, surveys, create a page of offers and many more options. You can test it without costs and the price is € 15 per month if your page HAS 100 to 1,000 fans, or € 29 to 20,000 fans.

7. Smetrica: This is a measurement tool to control access to the statistics of your competition. No need to sign up and all you Have to do is add the ID of the Facebook page you want to know the data. It is very easy to use.

8. Facebook: I think, of all the Community Managers known. I developed to Those Who are just starting.

Facebook puts at your disposal to monitor the activity of your site. Provides demographic information as well as information on how users interact with the page.


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