Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Facebook Home Trial Version Leaked Directly

Facebook Home Trial Version Leaked Directly: Facebook Home version leaked. This version can be used on Google Nexus 4.
Facebook Home Trial Version Leaked Directly
When using the Home version, all new content on Facebook as messages, status and image new friends posted will be brought to your lock screen monitor.

Facebook called the Cover Feeds and fast operation speed, fairly smooth. To browse between statuses we can drag your finger to the left or right. Also here, you are allowed to hit like post and view comments quickly without going through Facebook app.

There is a discomfort this beta site which is Vietnamese font errors. Signature lost so much and if the official of the Home is still faulty, it is almost impossible to use in Vietnam because we cannot know what your friends are writing.

Another highlight of the screen is a button that Feeds Cover pie with our avatar and it will be present when lightly touching a screen. Then there are three options to continue using this button: pull to the left to activate the camera app drag to the right to return the application to run the most recent and pull up on the application for approval installed on the machine.

 In addition, the Home also features Instant Heads: all messages from your friends on Facebook will appear in the circle button and can be used in anywhere to any app. However, the leak test is not run Chat Heads.

Facebook apps leaked along with Home are another improvement. Though its interface remains the same compared to the official Facebook now but the speed of operation has been significantly improved. New Feeds Notification and load noticeably are faster. Facebook Messaging app as well, but still running or shut suddenly fails.

So Facebook Home experience gives us how? First of all, this is a completely new experience because you can access a lot of content at the lock screen, something not many Android devices can bring to the user. Cover Feeds erased boundaries divide the lock screen - main screen - content that we often think about the default lock screen and launcher using Android devices.

Imagine you've just hit the button to unlock the screen was able to browse Facebook even so to save time. When used familiar you do not even have to bother about the lock screen anymore.

Limitations And Bugs In Beta Facebook Home Version:

Heads Chat does not work, inform the Home can touch but not run over. The main screen has the ability to customize the poor. Vietnamese Font seriously defective. It seems that Facebook has locked access to Home and for some you say to yourself that they do not log in anymore.


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