Friday, 26 April 2013

Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS

Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS: From Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Line, Viber, SMS to familiar, all prepared for a new factor in this growing market.

Google Babel Chat Platform For iOS
Recently, more information about the new service Google talk titled Babel has revealed. 

According to an internal document of Google, Babel will support the ability to transfer multimedia files while chatting with is the ability to group chat. More importantly this service will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Of course, Babel will also support Web platform can duo-ii an application form for the Chrome browser or a feature of Gmail. 

This could be the answer to the user's Google sent to resolve the system conversation his confusion including Talk, Gmail, Google + Hangout, Google Voice and Chat for Drive.

Babel will have the mission to include all of the above services into a unified whole. This application may be announced at the annual conference Google I / O to be held on 15 to 17 January next year in San Francisco, USA.

According to the Google Operating System blog, this website is to be used for Google employees tried to use Babel before the product is officially launched.

Specifically, according to the line of code in the web page, Babel will probably own a UI quite new improved group chat and simultaneously provide enhanced ability to send images, notification through any device.

Recently, it was discovered a trailer for this product:

"Chat with Babel improvements. Babel is a new messaging platform that runs on Google's Android, iOS, Chrome, Google + and Gmail. Chats from anywhere."

Babel is the result of collaboration between the development team Android, Chrome, Google + and mobile applications in general Google.

"What is particularly interesting is that Google says about Babel for iOS as a top experience before on this platform in terms of messaging services."

Droid-Life also said that in the next step Babel will turn merged services like Google Voice, Talk, Hangouts and Messenger.

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