Friday, 26 April 2013

How To Get Help From Facebook Support

How To Contact Facebook To Solve Problems: In the case of Facebook is very common still see problems personal profiles working for different companies or fan page working for the same brand.

For these cases I want to make the different routes of contact with  Facebook since they are not in a very obvious and many people ask me this information constantly, so maybe a post with this information to help anyone who needs it.

It is worth mentioning that must be very patient, unfortunately his response is not immediate, so patience and persistence is my best recommendation when it is already in their hands or ours as consultants on poderles help.

Facebook Personal Profiles

-  Your personal account has been hacked

-  Problems with long in

-  Your profile is available

-  Logon Problems

-  Problems in the wall

-  Problems uploading

-  Problems with friends

-  Problems in the videos

-  Problems with events

-  Problems reading your posts

-  Problems with receiving notifications

-  The home page is blank or does not display correctly

-  Problems with validating your

Facebook Account Fan Pages

-  Does not appear in search results

-  Report an announcement of Facebook Ads

-  Failed to load


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