Tuesday, 9 April 2013

HP Server Moonshot To Save Energy

HP Launches Server Moonshot: 89% Energy Savings: HP CEO Meg Whitman has revealed that the company prepares to launch one of the most important products in the past few years.
HP Server Moonshot To Save Energy
This product has been officially announced as the "Project Moonshot". It is a new server for enterprise customers and potentially power consumption at very low levels. HP said it was the result of 10 long years of research and development.

More about the host of Project Moonshot, HP said they consume 89% less energy than traditional servers space-saving 80% and 77% cost reduction. To achieve these numbers, HP has set up modular application for the blade server form. Blade computers that will be sharing together the resources networks and systems cooler mounted on the outer frame.

Moonshot maximum support 1800 Moonshot servers and each server has only one size hardcover book. A system will include the standard chassis Moonshot 1500 Chassis 4.3U, 45 Moonshot ProLiant blade server slots, power supply and power cable, network cable, attached disk storage space and two network switches.

HP Moonshot was first mentioned 16 months ago. At that time, the company confirmed to use ARM processors for servers because efficient power consumption and heat generation of them, along with the reasons for mobile operators use ARM chips in smartphones, tablet. 

When officially launched Moonshot, HP enables customers to customize the server with multiple versions of chipsets from partners such as Intel, AMD, Applied Micro, Texas Instruments, Calxeda. Enterprises can also choose to use SSD or HDD, or even choose your own configuration for graphics processors.

So who is going to buy this server? Sure it's big business, but more specifically, the HP aims for social networking providers, cloud services, mobile services and data center. With the advent of Project Moonshot, it shows that HP is increasingly focused on the enterprise segment and shrinking business in the consumer segment.

This is a general trend that many large technology companies in the world is gradually applied notably Dell and Lenovo. HP's current situation is not satisfactory and Moonshot is its efforts to overcome the mistakes of the past.

The Moonshot the first began to be sold in the U.S. and Canada, will then be distributed to Europe, Asia and Latin America in the next month. Starting price for a Moonshot system is $ 61,875 including the chassis the HP ProLiant Moonshot 45 and an integrated switch.


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