Friday, 26 April 2013

Microsoft Apps Switch Android Devices To Windows Phone

Microsoft Has Released The Application For Android Devices To Switch To Windows Phone.
Microsoft Apps Switch Android Devices To Windows Phone
As a way to encourage the switch to Android users spend WP devices, Microsoft recently released an application called "Switch to Windows Phone" for Android devices.

The main function of this application is finding the same software you are installing WP on Android phone so when you switch to WP then the application will be installed on the machine so that you can continue continued use and experience.

After you make a list of the software is available on your Android devices, the app will search for alternative software equivalent Marketplace by comparing the software name, notes, reviews, feedback from users and many other types of information to be sure to find the correct version for WP or software at least functionally equivalent.

The list software will then be saved on Sky Drive server when you log into the application Switch to Windows Phone on the WP the application will be installed on the machine.

WP Marketplace app store currently has about 135,000 apps so little compared to approximately 675,000 of the Android app should be able to spend a lot of software you are on Android will not have to replace the on WP.

WP Central Page said Microsoft software will be released next week.

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