Friday, 26 April 2013

Movies App Launched In Theaters

Application For Playing Movie: The design is simple and convenient for users, applications Screening Movie Theaters with this beta has done a good job of updating showtimes most popular theaters nationwide. 

Movies App Launched In Theaters
Only encapsulated within 3 clicks can choose the right fit for their reference rate, with the choice of the film, by location or by schedule

This beta version will help users connect and book tickets online at Megastar Systems Galaxy and Lotte Cinema systems are supported online payment.

Movie theaters are also efforts to improve support solutions cinema systems deployed smaller online payments in the future. However, the application has not been made clear what theater ticket support feature, and there is no response when users select tickets in theaters unsupported features

Using GPS data, the application provides a list of the nearest cinema showings of the movie that you like as well as the full details of address, phone, price of each theater tickets each time you spontaneously want to see the movie.

The This offline debut in Sai Gon Paragon District 7 Ho Chi Minh City is also a showcase for smartphone applications to public Phimchieurap love watching movies.

The application is now available on Google Play. For iOS version expected to be released on 8/5.

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  1. such a good app for ticket booking. there is also movie ticket booking app with so much advanced facility.


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