Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nokia Lumia Tablet PC Is Coming Soon

Nokia Lumia Tablet PC Is Coming Soon: Recently, the introduction of the Adidas Micoach application on Windows 8, Nokia has accidentally revealed its tablet device.
Nokia Lumia Tablet PC Is Coming Soon
Although this is a test product to application Adidas Micoach but many people still cannot help but suspect that the Finnish phone company is cherished intent in a tablet. Even more suspicious, when the design of this tablet brings slightly like its current Lumia smartphones.

Related to the tablet of Nokia, The Verge also revealed that the company's first tablet device Finland will own two connection ports including HDMI, USB and HD 10.1-inch screen resolution Clear Type. 

More specifically, the tablet is rumored will also support similar accessories keypad Touch Cover or Cover Type of Surface from Microsoft.

Unlike the keyboard of Surface only role is to cum hard keyboard protective cover along the new connector the keyboard comes with accessories tablet Nokia also act as an additional batteries to increase duration of use of the tablet.

In addition, this keyboard also provides for the Nokia tablet a number of communication ports for user connections.


  1. The nokia Lumia phone is really nice I hope Nokia Lumia tablet pc is good. I am waiting for this product. Nokia is a nice company.

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