Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Samsung Paid 40.5 Million For Compensation To Apple

Apple Recovered 40.5 Million In Cmpensation From Samsung: In March, Judge Koh has reduced the amount of compensation that Samsung must pay Apple to U.S. $ 598 million and required both parties to attend a hearing to decide the amount of U.S. $ 450.5 million cut less. 
Samsung Paid 40.5 Million For Compensation To Apple
Today, Koh decided that the oral argument will be held on November 12 next. 

Also new in this trial, Koh decided to restore Apple 40.5 million compensation related to the Samsung Galaxy S II versions for AT & T because this model is sold out several months after Apple announced that its Samsung signs patent infringement. 

Previously, this amount 40.5 million discarded because of confusion in the timeframe calculation. 

Thus Glalaxy S II AT & T will not be present in the oral argument in November. 

Besides Galaxy S II AT & T, Apple also requires additional buildings to 44.8 million in compensation for the Infuse 4G as well as the time frame wrong reasons. 

However, the court did not accept this request on the grounds that Apple "does not put the data relating to the business before the date 15/5/2011 Infuse 4G," that day that this smartphone launch in U.S.

On the Samsung, Koh proposal postponed its session on November litigation by two of the patents that Apple is being sued brought to the U.S. Patent Office investigation. 

These include the right to bounce effect when scrolling effects and content copyright zoom multi-touch with two fingers. Judge Koh ejected Samsung's intention and she said but the company may still require the deferred compensation involves two patents 381 and 915 if the USPTO to complete the process before the test session treatment in November.


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