Thursday, 18 April 2013

What Is Social Responsibility And Social Marketing

What Is Social Responsibility And Social Marketing: Social marketing is the highest state of the phases of marketing, because it integrates highly representative sectors which links all the efforts of the different market players in function of the concept of Quality Of Life For Society.
What Is Social Responsibility And Social Marketing
Pride and Ferrell define Social Responsibility as "the tasks of companies to reduce the negative and maximize the positive impact on society". The above definition agrees that their goal is to balance the interests of organizations to society. 

The concept of improving quality of life of the community in which they have confined is from promoting social causes, thus contributing to consolidating a positive image of the company add value to their brands, create a favorable public opinion allow sales promotions and capture loyal consumers. 

 However there are also large differences, considering that social marketing is a broader discipline. In this statement several authors agree, but also manifest other to the contrary in the case of Juana Maria Saucedo Soto, a professor at the Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico, who says that "between social marketing and cause marketing to CSR, this finally is the largest and the most difficult to implement. "

According to Kotler, in his book Social Marketing, the organization should determine the needs, aspirations and interests of their target markets. 

You must then provide the desired satisfaction, more efficiently and effectively than the competition, so as to preserve or enhance the welfare of consumers and society.

Thus interpret social marketing and I agree with the author's definition.


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