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Why China High-Profile Smartphone Sell Super Cheap?

Currently the only 1-2 million users can easily buy a smartphone running the Android operating system by the Chinese company with the production configuration is not bad compared to the more expensive products large firms.
Android operating system
In fact, many people wishing to purchase smartphone smartphone wonder why many attractive Chinese configuration has such a super cheap price? Whether these products are durable good or not?

Super Cheap Smartphone:

In October last year Viettel has attracted the attention of many users when V8403 smartphone launched by Chinese company ZTE production with the price of 1.5 million is considered cheaper smartphone on the market at that time.

However, the current level of $ 1.5 million for a smartphone was not the cheapest anymore.A few days ago, FPT FPT F2 selling smartphone for only 1.29 million cheaper than the V8403 while the detailed configuration of two similar machines. If you just look at the configuration the FPT and Viettel V8403 F2 is equivalent parameters iPhone 3GS  is worth about 6-7 million.

Up a little bit higher, at $ 2 million range, consumers now have a smartphone options, mostly the phone running Android OS. Samsung and LG also have some form in this price range as the Galaxy Y and LG Optimus L3. 

However, the company's largest product range in the $ 2 million now are less attractive configurations: small screen, low resolution, weak processor, small RAM (typically 256 MB) and runs Android 2.3, has a very old version.

Meanwhile, also in the range of $ 2 million, the user can select the Android smartphone configuration parameters but much more attractive from lesser-known brands such as ZTE, Lenovo, FPT, Q-Mobile, Mobistar or Hkphone.

The big difference between the smartphone brand is strong and cheap smartphone that many people have less money needs to buy smartphone to fret: choose the configuration or choose the brand?

If selected brand products, smartphones usually have configured a very basic level, even if you choose the no-name smartphone from Chinese companies or "Vietnamese brand" configuration will be more attractive.

So no reason for us to still shy with cheap Chinese smartphone?

2012 was a peak year of the Chinese smartphone market. According to market research firm IHS iSuppli the Chinese people have consumed 186 million smartphones in 2012 up 180% from a year earlier. 

Breakneck growth has brought China to become the largest smartphone market in the world, surpassing the U.S.. In 2013, IHS iSuppli predicts China will consume 268 million smartphones. Most smartphones sold in China are now cheap products below 1,500 yuan, due to domestic companies such as Lenovo, Coolpad, TCL, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawei production.

Thanks to cheap smartphone, Lenovo just a short time after joining the smartphone market has been second place in China in 2012, just after surpassing Samsung and Apple, the company is the second smartphone market share globally , according to research firm IDC. 

From success in the Chinese market, Lenovo and many phone companies such as China ZTE, Huawei, OPPO, Meizu expanding the global market and target mainly the developing markets such as Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

Why Chinese companies such rapid success in the domestic smartphone market? 
Why China High-Profile Smartphone Sell Super Cheap?
The answer is related to the two big names that MediaTek and Android. Google to offer free Android operating system is a very good opportunity for the smartphone manufacturers. But new MediaTek is an important factor to promote the boom of cheap smartphones.MediaTek, a Taiwanese company founded in 1997, initially involved in the production processing chips for DVD players, TVs and phones popular. The company has a very large market share in the general phone market, selling 550 million processor for popular phones by 2011 and 400 million units in 2012.

MediaTek smartphone market participants on quite late. By 2011, they introduced a new integrated microprocessor for smartphones first of Lenovo. But just 18 months later MediaTek has accounted for 50% of the processor market for smartphones built in the Chinese market. 

It has sold 10 million integrated processors for smartphones by 2011 and 110 million units in 2012 accounting for more than half of all smartphones sold in China and surpassing Qualcomm chip manufacturers but leading smartphone ranked second in the Chinese market with 82 million microprocessor.

MediaTek secret of success and also reasons for the widespread development of China's cheap smartphone from solution called "turnkey". Not only simple provide microprocessor integrated, MediaTek longer provide for the phone manufacturers mobile phones designed sample to reference the basic software on the smartphone and even appoint both consulting staff directly for these house phone manufacturers in too process production.

Fabrication smartphone is complicated work more than many compared with universal telephone, requires companies must invest research and development to design, integrated components and Product Testing Last. Apple has lost more than 3 years of research, from 2004 to 2007 was the last to the first-generation iPhone. However, MediaTek and a few companies manufacture integrated chips such as Spreadtrum Communications has made the most of it, making the product almost complete smartphone includes built-in processors and other components of the Basic software.

The support of MediaTek help manufacturers to easily participate in the production of smartphones, greatly reduce the cost and time to develop new phone. In an interview with The New York Times earlier this year, director of handset manufacturers TCL - Wang Jiyang - said: "The support of MediaTek has helped TCL can bring new products to market cases twice as fast.'s work phone manufacturers are only editing software easier to use and to customize the appearance of the phone slightly to differ. "

Not only provide solutions for companies large phone manufacturers such as China's Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo, MediaTek also supports anonymous makers, many of which are manufacturers of counterfeit goods trade firms prestige. According to statistics China has about 100 large and small companies engaged in manufacturing smartphones.

Smartphone cheap production like?Two months ago, the U.S. magazine Technology Review published an investigative article regarding cheap Android smartphone manufacturers in China. According to this news story not as big smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung are manufactured in a factory cheap Android smartphones in China is mainly made of thousands of small-scale factories.

The companies buying the components smartphone, then transfer coming the production workshop small located scattered throughout city Shenzhen the capital sectors electronics industry of Trung Quoc, to assemble. On average each production line with investment costs of about $ 1.6 million (33 billion) and 35 young workers can be assembled and boxed 3,000 smartphone every day.

Liwan Liang, Director of Communications Xunrui, one of the cheap smartphone manufacturers have relatively large scale, revealed that the magazine Technology Review the cost to produce an Android smartphone just $ 40 including costs the processor's integrated MediaTek about 5-10 dollars depending on the size of the phone screen and other features. The $ 40 smartphone later will retail market for around 65-70 dollars. Average, each day Xunrui Communications can produce be is approximately 30,000 units smartphone so cheap for brands like Konka Mobile or sell for the house network such as China Mobile.

Liwan Liang also said that the goal of Xunrui Communications is producing quality cheap smartphone at an acceptable level. That means that the important component parts of the device as a monitor camera is not the best product.This also for know quality of smartphone Cheap will day increasingly be improved more than by a reason: profit in smartphone Cheap very low because so specific manufacturer also want raise the quality of to push injured effect and prices sell up.

The origin of these components is an important reason to create cheap China smartphones. Results "operating" a cheap smartphone originated from China showed that these products use a lot of cheap components especially components accounted for the highest value as display processor management application or camera. In fact, some cheap smartphone with warranty screen time is very short only about a month.

In summary, the development of the booming smartphone from cheap Chinese elements: offer free Google Android operating system the manufacturer does not have to focus on research and solution development thanks to close such packages from manufacturers such as MediaTek chip and the availability of resources as well as parts factory cheap smartphone. Also cheap is a part of the manufacturers of this smartphone are less brand so easy to sell at a profit.

Lumia 928 Will Launch OLED Screen

Lumia 928 To Launch Surprise OLED Screen: Rather than wait for a special event took place. 
Lumia 928 Will Launch OLED Screen
Nokia has launched Lumia 928 sudden powerful new smartphones and best use Windows Phone 8 platform from Microsoft.

Lumia 928 is a smartphone most attention in recent years by Nokia with a series of rumors and leaked information related to the smartphone. 

Finally, Nokia has officially launched the Lumia 928 today.

Instead of using high-grade aluminum shell as rumored, the Lumia 928 is still using the equivalent plastic shell as the brother Lumia 920. The configuration of the Lumia 928 Lumia 920 is similar with a 4.5-inch widescreen HD resolution of 720p with using dual core processor speed of 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, 1 GB of RAM with a 32GB hard drive. 

It supports 4G LTE connectivity and Near Field Communication.

Lumia 928 camera also equipped with 8.7 megapixel resolution, rather than greater resolution as rumors. However, this camera also uses technology similar PureView Lumia 920 and Carl Zeiss lens. 

However, instead of using the LED flash as the Lumia 920 the machine is equipped with Xenon flash for higher brightness. The front of the camera is 1.2 megapixel. Lumia 928 uses the battery capacity 2.000mAh.

Basically, the Lumia 928 seems similar to the Lumia 920 but the new generation smartphone screen using OLED technology instead ISP technology the image quality and brightness is improved. 

In addition, the machine also 3 additional microphone for recording quality and conversation.

Lumia 928 is also equipped with optical stabilization for reduced blur and shake when taking pictures and shooting video. 

It also is equipped with many features such as Smart Shoot photography allows users to capture 5 consecutive shots in one shot or Cinemagraph to HD video for sharing purposes. 

Like other smartphones, the Lumia 928 is also equipped with features panorama photography.

Nokia confident statement on the Lumia 928 camera is a step forward to help the camera on a smartphone is not inferior compared to the image quality of digital cameras.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Clip Art Logos And Vectors

Free Clip Art Logos And Vectors To Download: We used the English term clip art to refer to all the clip art that can be used to make new creations.
 Clip Art Logos And Vectors
Usually these illustrations are designed in vector design software that facilitates their modification and use.

The site which has a Spanish version not only includes a large amount of images and logos that can be found for free download but also by the ease with which you can navigate through it to find what we're looking for.

Clipart Logo is quite friendly with users in their index showing the main categories searched by users and offering a very accurate search in which only just enter the key words to find what you need.

In addition, search results can be filtered by color or file format (AI, EPS, CDR, SVG).

Although it may seem a truism, you can simply click on the "download" to get the picture that we want.

And while registration is not necessary if we checked on the site we can access our history seen and downloaded files and eventually score a graphic or logo as a favorite for download at any other time.

Finally, although ClipartLogo mainly offers vectors free, we can also see in the gallery pictures premium suggestions can also be considered.

In conclusion, ClipartLogo is an excellent resource for both designers and for those seeking free vector images and logos for their projects and creations.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Android And iPhone Free Music Applictaion

Biit For Android And iPhone Free Music Applictaion : Biit is the free app lets you listen music free from your mobile phone, much like Grooveshark or Spotify. 
Android And iPhone Free Music Applictaion
But with a very quirky. Peculiar because i really can not choose which song to listen to, but from bands or artists you define your musical tastes so Biit Generates something like a radius for you.

You can also help the algorithm to refine their proposals indicating what song you like and do not want to listen to a fairly acceptable. 

With this system you can even discover new music or remember a song that you heard not long ago.

An added nothing bad is the ability to have available offline three channels of music and sync every time you connect to the Internet.

Do The Cons?

Well its Limitations for example a limited number of songs progress, the number of channels offline.

Advertising guidelines also but for now Far Between and not annoying. 

Surely we will see premium accounts to remove these restrictions.

Particularly i think a novel proposal, legal and free to listen to music, have to see how it evolves. 

You can download it from the official repository for your OS available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

Google Now Comes To iPhone And iPad

Google Now Comes To iPhone And iPad: The Californian company Google launched its Google Now assistant.
Google Now Comes To iPhone And iPad
The alternative to Apple's virtual assistant Siri to iOS operating system used by the iPhone and iPad which will be accessible through the application of Google Search.

Google Now is a search tool that responds to commands written and voice and tries to anticipate user questions in learning from internet inquiries and information from emails, calendars and other sources of content.

Google Now was only available for Android operated devices, software for mobile and Google tablets.

In an interview with Efe: Google Engineering vice president Scott Huffman confirmed that it is the same tool that debuted in mid-2012 although limitations.

Google Now iOS lack of integration with the Apple calendar will not screen notification service, which Huffman said he is scheduled to arrive later to iPhone and Google iPad.

To get iOS Now the user must download the latest update application of Google.

Google Now offers the user with a series of cards in which shows weather information, traffic, sports scores or airline tickets, to name a few examples, in understanding that may be of interest in terms on the time of day or the place where you are.

Huffman declined to give more details on the rumored integration of Google Now in the Chrome browser, the Google home page on the innovative internet or Google goggles Glass.

Google Now available internationally from the start.

The variety of services available vary depending on the country, although the information about weather, traffic, photographic attractions and urban transport be offered across the board.

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