Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Android And iPhone Free Music Applictaion

Biit For Android And iPhone Free Music Applictaion : Biit is the free app lets you listen music free from your mobile phone, much like Grooveshark or Spotify. 

Android And iPhone Free Music Applictaion
But with a very quirky. Peculiar because i really can not choose which song to listen to, but from bands or artists you define your musical tastes so Biit Generates something like a radius for you.

You can also help the algorithm to refine their proposals indicating what song you like and do not want to listen to a fairly acceptable. 

With this system you can even discover new music or remember a song that you heard not long ago.

An added nothing bad is the ability to have available offline three channels of music and sync every time you connect to the Internet.

Do The Cons?

Well its Limitations for example a limited number of songs progress, the number of channels offline.

Advertising guidelines also but for now Far Between and not annoying. 

Surely we will see premium accounts to remove these restrictions.

Particularly i think a novel proposal, legal and free to listen to music, have to see how it evolves. 

You can download it from the official repository for your OS available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.


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