Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Google Now Comes To iPhone And iPad

Google Now Comes To iPhone And iPad: The Californian company Google launched its Google Now assistant.
Google Now Comes To iPhone And iPad
The alternative to Apple's virtual assistant Siri to iOS operating system used by the iPhone and iPad which will be accessible through the application of Google Search.

Google Now is a search tool that responds to commands written and voice and tries to anticipate user questions in learning from internet inquiries and information from emails, calendars and other sources of content.

Google Now was only available for Android operated devices, software for mobile and Google tablets.

In an interview with Efe: Google Engineering vice president Scott Huffman confirmed that it is the same tool that debuted in mid-2012 although limitations.

Google Now iOS lack of integration with the Apple calendar will not screen notification service, which Huffman said he is scheduled to arrive later to iPhone and Google iPad.

To get iOS Now the user must download the latest update application of Google.

Google Now offers the user with a series of cards in which shows weather information, traffic, sports scores or airline tickets, to name a few examples, in understanding that may be of interest in terms on the time of day or the place where you are.

Huffman declined to give more details on the rumored integration of Google Now in the Chrome browser, the Google home page on the innovative internet or Google goggles Glass.

Google Now available internationally from the start.

The variety of services available vary depending on the country, although the information about weather, traffic, photographic attractions and urban transport be offered across the board.


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