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Aveo X6 Becoming Best Selling Smartphone

Those on throne deserved for X6 by Aveo: These really practical contributions to Vietnam via international love technology upgrades including the perfect configuration screen display photography film Full HD.
Aveo X6 Is The Best Selling Smartphone
We can say Aveo X6 gather all the biggest advantages including more than 10 million models also have coveted.

We have the same advantages over those made class Aveo X6.

Configuration Crisis:

To commensurate with the title smartphone configuration strongest in the mid-range segment Aveo X6 proud to show its advantages over the use of quad core processor 1.2 Ghz with 4 channels run independently associated with DDR3 Ram multi  thnreading technology latest maximize capacity 2Gb help speed up the machine faster than 30% from the line smartphone the same price range.

Strength is the ability of the Aveo X6 player This ultimate market. Owning the ability toplayer Top quality sound 24 bit/192 kHz output up to higher than CD genuine.

Not only is the conventional music phone X6 Aveo emphasizes the ability to connect download songs quickly. Users can go to the time of its music, search, download songs to your computer and listen directly.

X6 Camera on the Aveo is rated as the highest resolution currently on the line Smartphone when up to 12.6 megapixel pixel allowing imaging in HD format 4:3 or 16:9.

Film quality Full HD 1920x1088 video recording quality is not inferior to professional camcorders the investment in an Aveo X6 means you will not have to spend money on computer products filming dedicated camera.Screen 5inch HD resolution in 1280 elongated design, strong 1 help Aveo X6 styling and modern harmony overall.

Touchscreen Toughened ultra fine nano coated Gorilla helps prevent scratches shiny and smooth glide your finger over the surface. Special screen Aveo X6 in very high brightness fast response time and absolutely no change in color when you look from the 4 corners.

With the Android OS 4.2.1 the latest Jelly Bean Aveo X6 can download the app and very useful in life like bar code scanning to see if the supermarket price photo shop editing read Auto Cad drawings  pronunciation dictionary a list of karaoke 6 text translation dictionary pharmacy cookbooks teaching makeup.

Particularly with the new Aveo run the software X6 camera itinerary resist firing rate management staff and children from remote or anti-theft function and find the lost phone  which smartphone 10 million is also difficult.

With only 5.3 million cost comes at the mountain of gifts worth $ 1 million as 8Gb memory card stickers screen high capacity 3000 mAh battery warranty with full body + touch screen up to 1 year, 1 X6 Aveo reaffirmed the class of its market smartphone Vietnam today.

In addition to scoring energetic design that refined and configure powerful just mention Aveo X6 is right to remember users smartphone playing music with extreme speakers sound terrible no line smartphone unrivaled today.

Showroom In Vietnam:

CS1: 185 Tran Dang Ninh  Cau Giay district Tel: 04.85878820 --- 0166.963.9899 0906.522.622.

CS2: 86 Land Bridge  Hoan Kiem District : 0987,091,516.

CS3: 25 Acacia Street - Gia Lam. Tel: 0989.89.1288 --- 0912,886,599.

Cs4: Son Tay Town - 34 Bridge Street Lead - P Son Loc Tel: 0966,155,664.

CS5: The New Number 8 Group 2 Spring - Xuan Mai Town - Fine Program: --- 0167.926.4269 0946.935.268.


CS1: 539 Huynh Van Banh - P14-Q Phu Nhuan Tel: 08.6684.4902 0903.065.596 .

CS2: 11/13A 1A  3rd Ward  Tan Quy Tay commune  Tel: 0938,514,801 0933,909,438 .

Two Unique Hybrid Ultrabook In Running

Sony Vaio Duo Acer Aspire 13 and P3: Two unique hybrid ultrabook running to the luxury segment with 35 million, while Aspire P3 with $ 18.5 million.
Two Unique Hybrid Ultrabook In Running
Aspire P3 is essentially a tablet running Windows 8 Pro, however the machine is supplied with mounting hardware keyboard to the computer will turn into a handy ultrabook. 

In the meantime Vaio Duo 13 is a true ultrabook have the ability to switch between the tablet and a computer by quickly sliding mechanism Surf Slides unique brand Sony.

Both devices have a weight of 1.3 kg, the equivalent thickness measured respectively with 19.55 mm and 20 mm for Vaio Duo 13 and Aspire P3. 

But in fact put the two devices together you will feelVaio Duo 13 beautiful than thin Aspire P3 By the edge of the Duo 13 has curved beveled design feels quite thin while Aspire P3 square design.For directions to the premium segment Vaio Duo 13 equipped with 13 inch widescreen Full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

This screen also supports color range Triluminos Display (based on the Bravia technologySony) The image processor X Reality Mobile which helps the display better color reproduction increase image sharpness. 

In particular the Opti Contrast panel Vaio Duo 13 Post to bring more feeling more accurate when using the stylus.

Aspire P3 in the lower segment should only owns 11.6 inch screen size with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This screen is underestimated compared to the tablet at the same price today. 

Acer equip IPS panels use Cine Crystal LED technology the test showed good color display wide viewing angle .

As an ultrabook should Vaio Duo 13 integrated keyboard and touchpad for users. Through manipulation the keyboard has a good bounce and spaced just right you can easily input on this keyboard.

Aspire P3re equipped with keypad and comes with the device connected via Bluetooth. Basically the keyboard for better input capabilities is designed beautifully thin and pretty. 

However, does not support touchpad keyboard the keys are quite large and the distance is not good bounce tiny keys so users must use a few times to get used to this key format.

On the hardware side Sony equip Vaio Duo 13 Intel Core i5-4200U clocked at 1.6 GHz, 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. 8 megapixel main camera with Exmor image sensor RS's renowned Sony .

Aspire P3 the integrated Intel Core i5-3339Y 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD and the main camera 5 megapxiel. 

In addition the battery Vaio Duo 13 published for the use of up to 11.5 hours while Aspire P3 use time is 6 hours.

Currently, Vaio Duo 13 sold for $ 35 million and Aspire P3 is $ 18.5 million.

iPhone Light Recently Cover Is Green

Light Continued To Cheap iPhone Revealed: New leaked images showed that the plastic back cover of iPhone cheap otherwise known as the iPhone Light.
iPhone Light Recently Appeared Green
The back wall is blue is identical to use in a number of Apple accessories.

This image appeared again in parts machining workshop for Apple in China.The back shell design, similar to the arrangement iPhone 5, but at the same time as material processing quality make this product look more like a parody than the iPod Touch iPhone.

The rear camera is visible, as well as LED flash metering sensor of the camera. Product specifications do not exist, so this may be iPhone Light or trial version can also be completely false.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone Light with many different colors to diversify its product line.

In addition to using plastic instead of glass and aluminum,iPhone Light processor will be older lower quality camera 3G connectivity and memory capacity is 8GB.

The body will be slightly thicker for the iPhone 5, but still owns 4 inch screen.

Light iPhone is expected to have cost 329 USD for the international version and will be sold in concentrated growing areas such as Asia Africa and some areas in Europe.

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Nokia 105 Is Very Cheap Collected

Nokia only collected about 5 USD for each ring 105 cheap: 5 USD is a small number compared to what was from Apple for an iPhone 5. 
Nokia 105 Is Very Cheap Collected
Apples just lost about 150 USD near first components for an iPhone 5 which is priced at 650 USD popular.

However, with a super cheap price products like the Nokia 150 our company collected about $ 5/1 product unit sold was considered a miracle. According to a recent report from IHS  Nokia must first spend about $ 14.2 components materials and processing costs for a 105. 

This product is priced at $ 20 in some markets in Africa Asia and Latin America.

There is a special point IHS discovered during the belly fat Nokia ring which is Intel's new chip line called PMB 7900. 

It allows true integrated 3 Nokia combinatorial circuit  to create a complete product with full features as listening to calls messaging, FM radio etc. Earlier a renowned model of Nokia 1110 is a combination of circuit weight to 6. 

Whether a product is cheap but work only integrated circuit on a 3 combinations Nokia 105 be seen as an achievement after decades of trying Nokia.

Although only collected about $ 5 for a Nokia 105 but the fact Nokia has sold about 50 million phones per quarter general about the amount they collect small and there are not so universal telephone is considered the golden goose by the your Nokia I recently they only sold about 5.6 million units and 0.5 million Lumia smartphones Symbian phones.

In Vietnam the Nokia 105 has just been sold for $ 450,000 East. 

This model is considered substitutes its ring in 1280 is also the first handset of Nokia is manufactured at Nokia factories located in Bac Ninh. 

The unit weighs 70 grams, integrated 1.45-inch color display with 800 mAh capacity battery. This is a product against dust and against water overflow. Its battery life can be up to 35 days (in standby mode).

iPhone 6 Is New Generation And Smartphone

The key features of the iPhone dreaming 6: It's great when you can use your finger instead of having to remember too many passwords to unlock the iPhone.
iPhone 6 Is New Generation And Smartphone
Furthermore combined with the close connection technology  users can pay via mobile safely and no need to remember passwords. 

Built in IR transmitter :

Samsung blockbuster Galaxy S4 built in IR transmitter so that users can turn the phone into a remote control. Therefore, many people covet Apple's new generation iPhone will also equip this functionality. 

Integrated NFC :

With this technology the iPhone can function as an electronic payment device or even car keys.

More Archives :

Currently the iPhone has a maximum storage capacity is 64GB and there is no memory card slot so can not extended when needed. Although many people think that 64GB is enough to store but the iPad tablet is equipped with up to 128GB of memory many iPhone users want to crave it. 

Siri Assistant to support better :

Siri voice assistant built on the current iPhone version but has much improved compared to last time but was released ahead of Google Now Apple did little to improve this functionality on the iPhone 5 and the iOS7 we will have new features including a choice between male voice and female voice. Hopefully the new generation iPhone this function will become assistant real numbers. 

Induction Charger :

If you want to use wireless charging for the phone to buy a separate charger casing and charger for the device. Powermat and Energizer Company has created the induction charger for a variety of smartphones. However, if the device is integrated on the sensor chip phone charger you could just buy a touch charger can recharge the device.

Qi is the new standard for charging sensors are promoting the production of Qi chip integrated into their devices. Currently on the market there are a number of products have integrated chips such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and many functions that coveted new iPhone. 

Screen customization:

One of the advantages of Android is the ability to add widgets and customize the phone to the user applications most frequently used settings and useful information quickly. iOS also has a number of options and customizable organization but not strong enough. 

With iOS 7 users will have the new control panel provides quick access to commonly used settings like WiFi Bluetooth and flight mode. However, users expect the new iPhone has a more customizable.

The high-speed processing and improved 3D graphics :

Apple continuously improving graphics capabilities of the iPhone every time you launch the new version so it's no surprise that they would increase the processing speed and graphics performance of the device.

Bigger screen :

iPhone 5 iPhone 4/4S higher and thinner  but they are basically the same as an iPhone 4 can be extended to 4-inch sizes. However, many people expect that the next generation iPhone will have a bigger screen.

Longer battery Source :

There are many phones equipped with processors and faster graphics processor improves battery simultaneously but in fact many expect Apple really can do for longer battery power to compete with rival Android .

Android Smartphone To 2 Sim For Best

Unlike its name Acer Liquid Waterproof but air can S1k hong have large HD touch screen 5.7 inch: 
Android Smartphone To 2 Sim For Today Best
Running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and of cours support 2 SIM. Acer Liquid S1 promises to be one of the big-screen smartphone SIM 2.

Machine will cost about 430 USD and will be available first in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia in the third quarter of this year.


Display 5.7 inch, 720 × 1280 pixel resolution (258 ppi pixel density pixel)

Camera: rear camera 8 megapixel autofocus, 1080p video recording.

Processor: MTK 6589 with a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU and GPU PowerVR SGX 544MP

Memory: 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory and microSD memory card to 32GB

OS: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with UI Float

Pin: 2.400mAh

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0

Call this phone 2 SIM model is equipped with dual camera with BSI sensor is probably the quickest way to describe Cherry Mobile phones Omega HD 2.0. of course there are also a product worth talking about such as 720p IPS HD display with scratch resistant glass 5 inch Asahi Dragon Trail 1.2 GHz dual core CPU and Android OS 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. 

The management of applications and media content can be a little difficult with Omega Cherry Mobile HD 2.0 for storage capacity for users not only to plant at least 2GB but also supports microSD memory cards. It has a price of 200 USD.

Android Smartphone To 2 Sim For Today Best
HTC One Dual SIM

Display: 5-inch IPS LCD with resolution of 720 × 1,280 pixels scratch resistant glass coating Glass DragonTrail

Camera: 12 megapixel BSI rear camera, front camera 2 megapixel BSI.

Processor: MediaTek MT6859 dual core 1.2 GHz.

Memory: 1GB RAM, 4GB of internal memory and microSD card (to 32 GB).

OS: Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean

Battery: 2,100 mAh

Android phones HTC current flagship has been adding features 2 SIM 2 waves. Since its launch smartphone HTC One many people expect HTC One Dual SIM. And this model was launched equipped with all the features of the HTC One sample first.

If this phone have any errors it may be the touch screen less than 5 inches of the machine and the price is quite expensive. Reportedly these phones priced above 20 million in Vietnam.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Of Biggest Phone Sale

Goats Picnic on the Xperia Z Ultra shelves in VN on scale 8; Representatives of Sony Vietnam recently spoke Electronics confirmation.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Of Biggest Phone Sale
Ultra Xperia Zgenuine will be issued in Vietnam in June 8. As a result the cities information line Xperia just have to wait about a month longer to be more market entry of mobile phone ring Full HD thinnest ever. 

Not only that when sold in the market the more likely it will also be the largest smartphone with screen sizes up to 6.44 inches.Ultra Xperia Znewly introduced in the framework of the exhibition held at Mobile Asia Expo Shanghai. This model is considered of the large room table Xperia Z but real it has some design differences. 

Specifically distributed computer chassis is made of aluminum to ensure ruggedness instead of plastic as Xperia Z. In addition the edges of the appliance provide more rounded so that users are not dumb product was feeling balanced hand.

Representatives of Sonysaid the glass covering the front of the bow is a new experience as the firm does not have this Gorilla easily integrated ultra-sensitive touch Classes work with all but name. 

Screen Type Triluminos on the Ultra Xperia Z also regarded as today's most advanced more help clear display along with the processing technology X-Reality picture are considered junior Bravia Engine technology.

In addition to the large screen integrates new technology the Ultra Z ring is the first smartphone to use the newest generation Snapdragon Qualcomm 800 , promises to exceed the processor speed beyond description user's objects. This product capacity 2 GB RAM, rear camera 8 megapixel resolution.

Like Xperia Z this model is resistant to dust water. However, it can reach up to IP 58 standard ie the ability to soak water at a depth of 1.5 m in 30 minutes. Ultra currently offers Z is keep your smartphone home screen Full HD the world's innest with a thickness of 6.5 mm. The weight of this product is 212 grams.

Currently, the price of the product this year in Vietnam and so in secrecy. However, with its price in China is about 17 million 19 million dollars in Europe, more likely Xperia Z Ultra will cost about 18 million in Vietnam.

Related products Sony The Xperia ZR model capable of capturing images underwater Sony will officially go on sale in the market next week. Distinguishes this model compared to Xperia Z is the main screen 4.5 inch HD rather than Full HD and storage space is only 8 GB.

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Google video game And smart meter Is Coming Soon

Google is developing video games and smart meter: Both use the Android operating system hope to complete with the Apple device may launch in the future. 
Google video game And smart meter Is Coming Soon
Google also preparing to introduce the second version of the Nexus Q entertainment device the product was launched in 2012 but was not sold on the market. Sources of the newspaper revealed Google want to design and marketing devices. At least one of the two products may be released in the fall of this year.

Google refused to comment on rumors.Since the Google announced Android 2008, according to data from research firm IDC Android accounted for 75% and 57% market share in smartphone market share during the quarter I/2013 tablet. Therefore not difficult to understand when Google wanted to build hardware based on the success of the platform.

Game on Android also particularly popular and growing faster than the game would make gaming machines of the big guns such as Microsoft Sony or Nintendo.

Sony and Microsoft recently introduced two samples gaming machines New Xbox and PlayStation plans to sell later this year. However, sources said the move of Google not to the company but to the two previous deal with Apple in case apple defect launch game machine with the new Apple TV.

During this time Google is in the final stages complete version Android last.  

This version can stimulate cheap smartphones in developing countries with the aim of increasing its global market share Android. Google based on department Android and Google X production equipment separate from Motorola its subsidiaries.

This fall when the new version released can Android will be incorporated into a variety of devices such as laptops home appliances such as refrigerators. According to a source some computer makers including HP laptop developing Android. We will compete with Windows laptops.

On the smart meter Samsung said earlier developing wristwatch features such as smartphones and platforms using Android . Computing on the body is a field of 'Hot' now. the Wall Street Journal in May 2/2013 reported that Apple is developing similar products. According to rumors the sample clock Google can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Some observers have Google Samsung and other companies eager to explore new land because Apple does not want to be the industry leader in a new category as it did with the iPhone the iPad. On the side Google Internet companies are trying massification list wear on the new equipment the most significant effort must include smart glass Google Glass.

Furthermore still according to the Times Google will launch the second generation of home entertainment devices Nexus Q. Nexus Q by Google developers and marketers but not marketed because faced criticism. The next version will be much cheaper.

Lenovo Has Announced The Latest Device For Windows 8

Lenovo computers optimized for Windows 8:Thanks equipped with Intel's 3rd generation Core the new model features and performance for the modern lifestyle of the consumer.
Lenovo Has Announced The Latest Device For Windows 8
In addition Lenovo G400 laptop also upgrade to mobility equipment for users who have a moderate budget desire to own an affordable laptop but well integrated features and strong performance.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Son General Director Lenovo Vietnam said, To meet the diverse needs and changing consumer has always been a top priority of our business activities in Vietnam. 

Designed towards Windows experience 8 optimized latest laptops released today once again confirms our commitment to provide innovative products with the convenience simplicity and the ability to respond less strongly than never seen before.

IdeaPad Yoga 11S mini but powerful Ultrabook

Users have an option to convert the computer's impressive IdeaPad Yoga Lenovowith a unique hinge design helps rotate the screen 360 degrees and fold. 

The Yoga today launched new 11S is equipped with the processor low power up to 3rd generation Intel Core i5 (running on Windows 8 platform, gives users powerful performance for multi-tasking processor  along with pre-installed Office applications all in a stunning slim design with a thickness of only 17.2 mm, weighs only 1.35 kg.

Much like its predecessor Yoga 11S can be used with many features such as a laptop or rotate the screen to turn into a great tablet. 

Besides, 11S Yoga can also switch to Stand  and Tend  to save space when viewed with excellent sound quality thanks to the machine that is equipped with Dolby Home Theatre v4 audio with integrated Intel graphics resolution for sharp images.IdeaPad Yoga 11S owns 11.6 inch HD screen IPS and 10 point multit ouch support, and retain the unique features that were previously only available on Yoga 13. 

Motion Control helps users just ran his fingers through webcam to view photos, video or other materials and Lenovo Transition helps users to automatically open applications such as PowerPoint in full screen mode when using Yoga in the mode, tent, stand and tablets.

Like Yoga 13, IdeaPad Yoga 11S rubber coated surface to create smooth, attractive, and has versions silver gray and orange.

IdeaPad Z400 Touch - slim, powerful touch sensor:
Lenovo Has Announced The Latest Device For Windows 8
IdeaPad Z400 laptop is the latest in a line of Z Series is optimized for the Windows 8 touch interface touch . 25% thinner than a standard laptop, the new model will support 10-point touch, with stereo speakers designed to enhance bass , along with Dolby Home Theater v4 technology brings experience great sound. 

The machine is equipped with low power microprocessor 3rd generation up to Intel Core i7 with NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology in a new design touch screen 14-inch wide will bring all the Using the most rich touch experience on Windows 8. 

Besides, the choices AccuType keyboard is backlit backlighting of the machine will help users easily see when they enter the key material in low-light environments.Lenovo G400 has a modern design and impressive features gives a reasonable option for those who are looking for a device that harmony between the high performance good audio-visual features but at a price affordable. LenovoG400 is designed with textured black casing Widescreen LED HD 14 inch wide.

Besides G400 integrated analog technology in the computer thicker to ensure robust performance and stability such as Intel Core processors and selected 3rd generation graphics card AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce (with up to 2GB), these smart features like Intelligent Touchpad mouse table enables users to experience Windows 8 wonderful.

G400 is also equipped with stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio certified provides rich surround sound, along with the tool's unique One Key Recovery Lenovo allows users to easily recover data if the machine goes wrong.The new models launched today will be available in stores nationwide information from mid June. Prices and configurations, see below.

During this time, LenovoVietnam is also launching big promotion until 06/30/2013 for customers to purchase products Z400/Z500/Z400 Touch IdeaPad, IdeaPad Y480 and IdeaPad Yoga 11, 13, 11S. Accordingly customers who purchase one of these products will receive special gift package worth $ 2,000,000, including

  • - Wireless Mouse Lenovo worth $ 300,000

  • - McAfee Antivirus software license 3 years, worth $ 500,000

  • - Upgrade package for one year warranty for the machine worth 700,000

Visa Sacombank - Lenovo with 500,000 accounts available providing maximum convenience to customers in payment money and store a variety of incentives and discounts when shopping cards and other banking facilities.

The Play Cricket Best Android Smartpohnes

The cricket Best Android to user interfaces: Owning a Nexus phone means that you have opportunity to experience what most pure Android and not languishing waiting for update Android manufacturers.
The Play Cricket Best Android Smartpohnes
It seems that Google has noticed my interest in particular parts of a user with the Nexus product, and decided to launch a series of products Google Play Edition New year instead of a Nexus phone.

Galaxy S4 won several advantages compared to HTC Onein the standard because it is integrated with a Touch Wiz interface features intelligent series.

However, when stripped of all the skin to return to a pure version of Android it's hard to find the perfect product than the One.

This model is integrated beautifully monolithic aluminum casing, 2.7 inch Full HD screen, quad-core 1.7 GHz and Boom Sound speakers for exceptional sound great.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition HTC One strong point of the design configuration of the main selling points Galaxy S4. Also using 600 quad-core Snapdragon but its speed was pushed up to 1.9 GHz. Also the screen is larger S4, while its actual size equivalent to only One.

One of the other advantages of the Galaxy S4 compared to the Nexus One or the product is that it can integrate external memory card slot to increase storage capacity.

LG Nexus 4:

The Play Cricket Best Android Smartpohnes
Nexus 4is the name most mentioned at the end of 2012. The product owners then coated glass lid beautiful powerful configuration and price is also lower than the same model (300 USD for the 8 GB 350 USD for 16 GB version). 

The continuous occurrence of the strong product Full HD screen in 2013 was part of the attraction thatNexus 4reduced. However, a comprehensive review, this is one product worth owning today.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Like Nexus 4 The Galaxy Nexusis one of the best products at the time of its release (2011). This product is designed much like the Nexus 4 but slightly curved body is considered very sexy. Machine owns 4.65 inch screen dual core processor and 1750 mAh battery. 

The name of the Galaxy Nexus associated with the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich  version for both phones and tablets Google first.

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HP Pavilion m4-1005TX Core i3 Specs And Reviews

HP Pavilion m4-1005TX Notebook Core i3 Ivy Bridge Specs And Reviews: When Intel introduced Core i CPU 4th generation, older generation is older Sandy Bridge Ivy Bridge are they pretty much discount, which makes use of computer processors also significantly reduced price.
HP Pavilion m4-1005TX Core i3 Specs And Reviews
At the same time, PC makers including HP also introduced a laptop running the new Ivy Bridge CPU, for example m4-1005TX Pavilion fairly priced software, but a fairly stable configuration with Core i3 CPU, 4GB RAM, discrete graphics, 2GB, 500GB hard drive and runs Windows 8, especially Pro.

Configuring HP Pavilion m4-1005TX :

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3120M Ivy Bridge
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • Motherboard: Intel HM77
  • Hard Drive: 500GB 5200RPM
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730m , 2 GB GDDR3
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • 14 inch screen, 1366 x 768 pixel
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA, WiFi N, LAN, webcam, bluetooth
  • Other: weight 2kg including 4-cell battery
  • Price: 12.700.000d

The first computer is HP Pavilion introduced to the market in 1995, up to now nearly 20 years of development with many different models and model, Pavilion is a brand constantly investment and upgrade of HP. Not thin and compact as the current ultrabook, so generally the size of its 14-inch screen, the m4-1005TX Pavilion off thick, with dimensions of 34.7 x 24.5 x 2.45 cm length and weighs 2kg, were included 4-cell battery. The machine is made ​​of aluminum and plastic design, with the screen surface is resistant aluminum to create a roughness to hold the camera easier.

The inside of the machine as the screen borders, bribe border around the keyboard and glossy plastic, very easy to stick fingerprint. Hinge screen is not a strength of HP Pavilion laptop, and so on m4-1005TX. Generally light of the hinge, fold up fold down soft hiss was not hard, but you have to use two hands to open, namely a hand screen and a hand-held camera body, as if the body will not run always on screen, the hard drive can be shocking. 
HP Pavilion m4-1005TX Core i3 Specs And Reviews
Another point is that the machine is very easy to Sleep, which was put into sleep mode if the screen folds down to a 50-60 degree angle, this relatively narrow aperture will not be so convenient if we're working that very the face of the screen slightly lower. To address this point we can turn off the sleep function when folding machines in the Power Settings screen of the machine, but that is not convenient for you or for the sleep machine. Keyboard and mouse Properties laptops so popular m4 keyboard with plastic keys and average quality, the machine is not equipped with a backlight for the keyboard, but it is comforting to be a part of this keyboard is not flex, emphasizing a few key has not been subsidence of the surrounding areas.

The rise of the keyboard is also quite good, overall demand is stable for everyday use. Desk m4-1005TX drag of average size compared with the current laptop, designed as lumpy with tiny beads to roll roughness for easier cursor. Touchpad uses Synaptic's hardware so it also supports gesture with fingers 2 and 3. Also, to disable the touchpad when not to use, we need only click on the light 2 times the upper left corner, in small circular concave position, when the touchpad is disabled, there will be a small LED light lit up orange alert effective for us. monitor and display quality HP Pavilion 1005TX m4-use 14-inch mirror LCD screen, LED backlight HD Bright-view technology from HP.

This screen does not use IPS panels, but also relatively wide viewing angle, although far from bearing sits at 1 meter with a deviation of about 45 degrees but you can still see the image on the screen clearly. In addition, the display quality of the screen is quite good and true colors relatively subdued. The screen brightness is also very good if not to 100% and silver colors are dazzling. Perhaps suitable brightness for daytime is 70-80%.

But still leaning blue color a bit if a little calibration will more fully, weakness can see the screen resolution may be low, only 1366 x 768 on a 14 inch wide screen. Perhaps manufacturers should use Windows computer screen with a higher resolution, I think a minimum of 1600 x 900 so we work space more comfortable, and the font is clearly visible than in small size. performance Equipped with Intel Core i3-3120M CPU Ivy Bridge processor launch this quarter 3/2012, ie more than half a year, 2 people 3120M, clocked at 2.5 GHz and integrated HD Graphics 4000 graphics chip.
HP Pavilion m4-1005TX Core i3 Specs And Reviews
Overall, m4-1005TX enough to meet the demand for our everyday, from things like surf the web, listen to music, watch HD movies, edit Microsoft Office. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a discrete graphics chip GeForce GT 730m debuted not long ago by nVIDIA. GeForce GT 730m is actually the upgraded version of the GT 640M, 28nm manufacturing process with Kepler architecture. The chip also supports GeForce Driver Experience helps us customize settings automatically support the game to run smoothly as possible with the configuration of the machine. You can see some of the benchmark results below.

In addition to faster and smoother running machine, we can upgrade the SSD drive and add more RAM to improve performance for your computer. HP has built the machine but use of 4GB RAM DDR3 1 bar, 1 remaining slot to upgrade.

If the 10-point scale, both in quality and volume of only about 4.5-5 m4-1005TX / 10 point only. temperature and battery under factory plastic part should generally remain cool after a life time long use, even when running benchmark and stress machine. After several hours of continuous use, the measured temperature of the CPU is 50 degrees C, 40 degrees C GPU and hard drive is 36 degrees C. 

When stress both the CPU and GPU temperatures considerably higher but still at acceptable levels with the maximum measured parameters remained below 70 ° C for both CPU and GPU. m4 If HP is doing well the heat sink pin the machine was not impressed. In normal conditions of use, such as surfing the web, watch videos on Youtube there, listening to music with headphones and not the game of the office staff 41Wh battery is nearly 4 hours of continuous use, the screen brightness at 60%.

In summary, m4-1005TX HP Pavilion performance on average, but this seems to be pretty good choice for the price range. With less than 13 million, then you will have a laptop computer screen pretty good quality 14 inch, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive with large, discrete graphics chip Nvidia GT 730m enough to play games at medium settings.

Skyphone HD9500 Via Smartphone

Skyphone HD9500 Via Smartphone Products only enough to pay for pre order customers 15/6. 
Skyphone HD9500 Via Smartphone

The unexpected shortages occur in the board of directors of the company and market research.

They recommend that customers deposited from 15/6 onwards wait them.Duoc Skyphone company announced in April, driven products to all customers in all segments by Sky HD 9500 is the handset configuration image quality is not inferior to the line of products offered caoKhach card 12 months warranty nationwide. 

Especially when buying products from 15-25/6 time you will be given one facing the back fold to form folded notebook screen protector worth $ 200,000 1 silicon back wall during contract worth $ 100,000 1 high capacity 3000mAh battery worth 200,000, 500,000 worth of gifts only more applicable for 5000 machines. 

Level but only 4.9 million price Donghe nationwide distribution network 


Display: 5.0-inch HD, 1280x720 pixels

CPU: Quad-core 1.2 GHz, RAM: 1GB / 2GB

OS: Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean)

Main Camera: 12.6 MP, Full HD 1920x1088p video recording @ 30fps

Front camera: 4.9 MP

Memory: 4 GB

External Memory up to: Max 32GB memory expand to (proprietary technology only in its product Skyphone)

Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

More detailed information about the product: Here.

Windows 8.1 Advanced Features

Windows 8.1 New Advance Features Has Published: The upcoming updates still centerpiece in BUILD 2013 years is a Windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1 Advanced Features
Preview will be published in the TechEd North America 2013 that the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013 in Taiwan that took place in early June 2013 was held in Louisiana New Orleans things that Windows 8.1 is word summary such as official Blog of Microsoft further are.

However COMPUTE the OEM  while the event was a corporate customer users BUILD event for developers to support the ecosystem of hardware and application. It is different from the others in a detailed information with a focus on more developers would be published.

Therefore it was only outline a brief demo to be introduced in the event of the former two but Preview version which can perform validation and application development actually in BUILD this has been distributed officially.

In addition to the download distribution for the general public has started the company site Preview version was distributed to visitors Surface Pro that was pre-installed Office with the latest version of the OS. It can be said that it a place of official unveiling of Windows 8.1 in a sense.

Ballmer took the stage at the keynote was described device Microsoft strategy of 8.1 times this Windows. And extrusion on the front to respond to touch in addition to the form factor of the new PC including a tablet called 2in1 from notebook PC all-in-one to model  Mr. PC of all existing will be described as placed in focus on bringing a touch operation.

Also as a new form factor it has made small and medium-sized tablet of 10 type to less than 7 type degree to which raised in iPad mini and Nexus 7 More recently it was to focus on this market is important.

In Windows 10 and above market was the main, this would be a big turning point in the strategic. Further optimization of the touch screen and UI configuration is important in this size.

It can be said that the improvement of the software keyboard portrait mode that was introduced in a series of demonstration or softening of the screen is split a thing that corresponds to this change.

Improvement for users that use large screen PC desktop and also is progressing, the start button on the desktop screen and resurrection  and desktop screen startup display is a typical.

Xperia Z Ultra in Vietnam Progress to Two Phones

Xperia Z Ultra in Vietnam Progress to Two Phones.
 Xperia Z Ultra in Vietnam Progress to Two Phones
Xperia  Z Ultra towards the premium segment with powerful hardware and a unique design with a thickness of only 6.5 mm the thinnest phablet became the world today.

The highlight of this product lies in the 6.44-inch widescreen display at a resolution of Full HD with a pixel density of 344 ppi. This screen uses technology Triluminos and X-Reality technology which displays sharper images and precise color reproduction and impressive.

Xperia Z Ultra is designed in the style Omni Balance overall machine looks beautiful and classy. In this unique design Sony and integrated into this line phablet water resistant and dirt .

As a result, the machine can withstand water at a depth of 1.5 meters while the Xperia Z (IP57 standard) dives just 1 meter maximum.

Besides Sony Xperia Z Ultra is integrated quadcore Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.2 GHz with 800, is considered the most powerful processors currently 16 GB of internal memory and a memory card slot supporting up up to 64 GB, 8 megapixel camera and runs on Android platform 4.2 . 

The machine is equipped with 3000 mAh capacity battery the talk time 11 hour continuous Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy Mega phablet sample is 6.3 for mid-range segment with genuine price of 11.5 million copper.

At first glance it can be seen, this product line like enlarged versions of the Galaxy S4 with 6.3 inch wide screen with HD resolution (720p) and a pixel density of just 233 ppi. All products are made from high quality plastic material with a thickness of 8 mm (thicker than Galaxy S4) and weighs about 199 grams.

Hardware of this product does not really stand out Only 6.3 Galaxy Mega is equipped with dual-core processor Exynos 5250 Cortex-A15 speed of 1.7 GHz, with Mali-T604 graphics core 1.5 GB RAM and runs on Android 4.2.2  .

 In addition, integrated 6.3 Mega Galaxy capacity 3,200 mAh battery infrared port to support IR remote control feature 8 megapixel camera and 1.9 megapixel camera.

Currently Sony has yet to announce the price and release date of Xperia Z Ultra. 

Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy has 6.3 Mega shelves in Vietnam with 11.5 million dong. va  price timeout Ultra Z 550 gio.Xperia monolithic design and non-removable battery and memory card slots SIM is given side products. Meanwhile the Galaxy Mega 6.3 was designed in the traditional style with removable back cover SIM and memory card slots are integrated in the location of the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S4 By Other Version And Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 By Other Version And Smartphone. 
Samsung Galaxy S4 By Other Version And Smartphone

Currently Samsung is the Galaxy S4 mini  miniature versions of the Galaxy S4 ,S4 Zoom  combines a smartphone and a camera point-and shoot S4 Active  dust proof water resistant and a S4 runs pure Android has been sold. 

Although all versions have the same brand Galaxy S4 but only the version of Google's S4 has more in common with the standard S4, from the inside to the outside while the other version the distance of the other designs the other is configured. 

In terms of configuration it is difficult to find a relationship between the above products with the original S4 to put them into the same group of products. However Samsung already know how to put it unreasonable ones to create a sensible  sensible in brand building, as well as the key factor in business. 

Galaxy S has become a global brand. That is a fact. On the phone market the brand is an important factor when many more configurations. It is quite similar to the car market. That why Samsung made a wise decision to put a series of products under the whether big named Galaxy S. 

Korean phone manufacturer has drawn important lessons from past mistakes. When the first generation of the Galaxy S is distributed to each of the American Revolution it has different design and bears a different name despite having the same internal components. 

This strategy brings good sales but no advantage in branding for Samsung. 

And so they began to change. By the time the Galaxy S2 launch it still has many versions but all have shared a common name and specifications. 

By last year the company began offering the Galaxy S3 mini as a test and this year, they have conducted spam users with S4 Galaxy series of different samples after the unexpected success S3 mini. 

Between the phone attached to each form a different name and cost millions of dollars to do marketing relying a little over a major product for sale and branding, giant Samsung chose to 2. For the user if a product meets their requirements, to be righteous brand they will be easy to choose more. 

Windows 8.1 is Most Features And Operating System

After seeing Windows 8 not won a warm reception from PC users Microsoft found that by changing the first major update to the operating system  Windows 8.1. 
Windows 8.1 is Most Features And Operating System
Microsoft has available for download Preview version  of Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store. Here are 8 of the best features of Windows 8.1.

While Windows 8 users can display photos of loved ones on the lock screen Microsoft may ask why just stop at one image. In Windows 8.1 users can turn the lock screen into a slideshow of images are taken directly from the device or cloud storage service SkyDrive. Even users can take pictures right from the home screen with built-in camera.

Xbox Music Radio application allows you to create a new radio station to focus on your music collection. Microsoft packaged the app for free and do not require users to register. Xbox Music Radio integrated with other applications such as Internet Explorer. Xbox Music Radio is not in the preview but will be released later this year.

Microsoft has added a new feature in Windows 8.1 to help users manipulate easier multitasking allowing users to run applications side by side on a single screen. 

For example if you click on an email attachment photo that photo will be opened by the application files in a window next to the application window email. Similarly click on the link manipulation in an email opens website on the Internet Explorer browser in a separate window next to the window of the email application.

Windows 8.1 also improves the ability to run multiple applications at once. You can see more than two applications at a time on the screen and change the size of this application. 

That way, you can build interface screen according to whim. In addition, users can run the same application on multiple windows for example open the Internet Explorer browser windows at once to be able to multitask better.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Firefox 22 Most Functions Best For 3D Games

Firefox 22 Most Functions Best For 3D Games: The first novelty is that triggered WebRTC support already working on giants like Opera and Google in their browsers and that focuses on the interoperability of the network.
They 3D Games Most Functions To Firefox 22
The first novelty is that triggered WebRTC support already working on giants like Opera and Google in their browsers and that focuses on the interoperability of the network. 

With WebRTC P2P can create connections between a browser and another user for among other things make video calls install extensions capture audio and video. The options open to developers with this update are many especially by the incorporation of this protocol.

Another great news is related to video games specifically games with 3D graphics. This new version allows developers to have access to the resources of the graphics processor (GPU) on your computer. 

So far the browser could only use the CPU which complicated in large part the development of web-based games. They have included OdinMonkey which can increase the performance of your engine by trying graphs Javascript.

Mozilla and have Epic Citadel online demonstration of the capabilities of Firefox 22.

Support for Windows computers with high-resolution display was available via HiDiPi although we have included the new API web service notifications for simple applications. 

Finally the audio and video player for Firefox HTML5 has also been enhanced to allow for faster playback if desired.

For those who want to try it, the new update now available for download on the official Mozilla website but you can also download it from the browser.

Just go to the Help About Firefox browser and check what is the latest version available and start downloading.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is only Smartphone

Galaxy S4 is only smartphone In the past, the best smart phones of Nokia then Apple and Samsung. 
Samsung Galaxy S4 is only Smartphone

Who is number one This industry is extremely dynamic. No matter how successful you today you in the number one position does not mean that tomorrow you still. Samsung has a lot of money.

If you invest heavily in marketing campaigns and branding people will always buy your product regardless of the smartphone that is good or not. Galaxy S4 is a mediocre phone.

We want to provide the best smartphone the thinnest and most beautiful. Phone (Galaxy S4) much thicker. Our products are not made from plastic. We also do not have much money to do the brand so we are forced to create better products said Richard You said

In a message broadcast from Huawei CEO he also confirmed that Huawei goal is the top manufacturer of mobile phones for the worlds largest by 2015.

Mr. Yu also said, to realize this goal Huawei will focus on improving the quality of products highly innovative products to help better Apple and Samsung, but sold lower cost.

Previously he has also rocked by the technology village Huawei claims are considering the acquisition of Nokia and the likelihood of success of this deal will depend on the goodwill of Nokia. However even then Huawei has aired immediately press release said it does not intend to acquire Nokia as media reports.

From the above information, the CEO of Huawei is making people doubt that whether or not a campaign to strengthen their reputation by shocking the spokesperson to attract the attention of the media.

On 18/6 personally sannouncement from Huawei the product will be sold first in the European market with price around 600 USD trivial.igned CEO Richard Yu introduced the Ascend P6 Forum  the world's thinnest smartphone at the moment.

This model is quite similar design to the iPhone 5 owns and bautiful metal casing thickness of only 6.18 mm magic. According to the 

Nokia Asha 501 has Long Battery Time

Nokia Asha 501 has terrible battery life of Nearly 2 million: A few days after they are sold in some Asian market the price of the Nokia Asha 501 has also been published.
Nokia Asha 501 has Long Battery Time in Vietnam
Representing a major supermarket retailers have voiced confirmation Asha 501 will be priced at 1.9 million 

A price that the manufacturers offe. The time for the official product to consumers is expected on 1/7.

Nokia Asha 501 is considered to be the product helps erase the gap between smartphones and secondary feature phone. Machine integrated touchscreen 3-inch LCD resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

This model runs on Asha improved platform from Symbian S40 platform.

Like other Asha models, the machine does not support 3G connectivity using only 2G network and Wi-Fi. This product use speed 1 GHz chip and then 3.2 megapixel camera. Version sold in Vietnam market is the 2 SIM, for about 26 days of standby time.

Meanwhile, the first machine capable SIM Life is up to 48 days in standby mode. According to the Nokia the talktime of the Asha 501 is 17 hours.

In terms of design, is easy to see this product line inspired Lumia, with the shell made ​​of polycarbonate plastic. Machine that does not have borders covering the back cover embrace the screen like the Lumia 520 and 620.

This product has different colors for the user to select.

Nokia Asha 501 slim 12.1 mm weighs 98 grams and uses a unique hardware keys to navigate.

This product is preloaded with popular applications such as Facebook YouTube and the option to install 40 free EA games.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Announcement

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Massive 6.4-inch FHD Display with 2.2GHz Snapdragon SoC 800 Announced.
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Announcement
That has to be one of the biggest titles we had for a post in recent times But its apps for a phone of this size. Sony Xperia Z Ultra has just been made ​​official at the Ongoing Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai and its a monster of a phone possibly carrying high end specs in every department.

The new phablet from Sony packs a 6.4-inch display Which runs at 1080p resolution. We have not seen a phablet of this size  yet boasting 1080p screens. 

Moreover its powered by the latest Snap dragon processor from Qualcomm 800 clocked at 2.2GHz With 4G-LTE thrown in. Snapdragon 800 was recently benchmarked With Some impressive scores never seen on a mobile chip ever before.

As you expect Sony Xperia Z Ultra weighs 50g more than its little sibling, the Xperia Z. Even with a weight of 212g the thickness stands at a meager 6.5mm much like the newly Announced Huawei Ascend P6. Other specs include 16GB of in-built storage microSD slot 3,000 mAh of battery pack and 8MP rear camera.We 

That Should note in Spite of being one of the first smartphones to be released with 1080p display Sony 
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Announcement
Xperia Z drew a lot of flak for its display quality. With Ultra Z Xperia Sony has improved upon the Mobile Bravia tech with OptiContrast and X-Reality tech. Though Xperia Z Ultra does eat with a stylus. Sony says 

That users can use any pen or pencil as a capacitive stylus. 
It also Improves upon the waterproofing and dust-resistant technology With The updated IP58 certification.

Ultra Z Xperia eat With The usual set of Sony-made apps like Walkman, Sony Reader and mini-apps suite. Handwriting recognition and easy-toggle keyboard Helps Improve the productivity.

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes in White&Black and Purple colors. It would go on sale globally from Q3 2013. No word on pricing yet.

A German Court Considers Illegal Download Manager

A German court considers illegal download manager: The Hamburg Regional Court has declared illegal the JDownloader download manager.
A German Court Considers Illegal Download Manager
Specifically, the court has ruled against a feature in a previous beta version  JDownloader version 2 which allowed the download of content protected by copyright and  streams RTMPE protected. For its part the creators claim that JDownloader manager and does not have that specific feature.

Fighting Internet piracy continues stronger than ever. Germany is one of the European countries with a strong campaign against copyright infringement through the Web On this occasion the service identified by one of the German courts has been the JDownloader download manager.

As reported by TorrentFreak, last week the Hamburg Regional Court prohibited the link manager. The court had ruled against a feature in an earlier beta version which allowed the download of content protected by copyright and streams RTMPE protected.

The Court decided that this feature supposed circumvention of effective technological measure under Section 95a of the Copyright Act of Germany.

As a result, the court issued an injunction against threatened JDownloader and its creators AppWork with a fine of 250,000 euro fine for the production distribution and possession of open source software.

For its part the creators of JDownloader ensure that this function does not exist in the manager. This feature has stood a JDownloader beta 2 in our open source community. Removed this feature as soon as we arrived she notices about a few months ago, said one of the leaders of AppWork.

The download feature streams RTMPE was not created by AppWork was a third-party tool that in its new version also makes downloading RTMPE streams may also be able to download regular RTMP. 

This update of the third party tool was present in JDownloader 2 for a open source developer.

However the court finds that AppWork is responsible for that feature was present in the download manager.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for September JDownloader.

The Price Of Xbox An Economist

The price of Xbox an economist at Harvard's blog when Microsoft announced the price of Xbox One, it seemed excessive compared
The Price of Xbox an Economist at Harvard's Blog
For example, with the starting price of the previous generation. However hours after the announcement Sony surprised with the 399 euros for PlayStation 4. Now the question is to what extent the $ 499 console from Microsoft can be a drag something that has been an economist at Harvard blog.

The consultant Rafi Mohammed  recently published a blog on the Harvard Business Review an entry in which notes that the fundamentals of the battle for the next console game consoles are set according to sales this holiday season.  In this sense indicates that the importance of setting a relatively low price for the system with the objective of maximizing the overall benefits.

Mohammed recommended directly to Microsoft to lower the price of Xbox One, which was too high due to the number chosen by Sony for PlayStation 4. The Economist refers to a common strategy in the console market selling the machines prices even below its actual production cost to achieve a significant installed base and raise cash by selling games.

Since the profits come from the sales of video games and accessories, pricing strategy is simple place the low prices for the consoles put in the hands of the players, said Mohammed. The more consoles are sold, the greater the potential benefit.

The economist added that the perception that the price of Xbox One is too high is embedding in the minds of consumers. In this sens although Microsoft believes that its new Xbox offers more value Historically consumers have not been willing to pay more for that peak, although ultimately offer more value.

In this regard, Mohammed cites the case of Kodak whose premium pricing strategy initiated in 2007 did not come effect and, together with other factors such as changes undergone by the world of photography in recent years, led to its bankruptcy declared in 2012.

Thus the sentence economist Xbox One and disadvantaged party Quote in this sense an poll-before Microsoft policy change regarding restriction of Second Hand market in which 94 percent of respondents were placed for the purchase of PS4 One Xbox instead.

With this scenario, Microsoft recommends economist lower the price of Xbox One or sell a package with some cuts to a lower price. The good news is that there is still enough time for the company to take this decision and is at a more competitive level when the machine hits the shelves later this year concludes.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

HTC One Mini Will Launch In June

HTC One Mini Will Launching Soon In June: One mini will be a direct competitor of the S4 Galaxy mini with dual core, 720p screen and metal casing design as the existing One.
HTC One Mini Will Launch In June
The product HTC One mini is long-standing speculation codenamed M4 most likely will be released in mid or late June this almost coincides with the launch of Google HTC One version of Nexus.

According to information from the page Eprice, HTC One mini will be strongly integrated configuration including 720p screen will be better than the qHD screen of the Galaxy S4 mini, dual-core chip, camera ultrapixel and designers like metal casingHTC One.

In a related move, HTC also going to introduce a new HTCButterfly S to replace the current version.

Accordingly, the Butterfly S will be upgraded to 600 Snapdragon 1.7 GHz speed with a larger capacity battery.

In addition, HTC will soon provide the market version One red and blue in a few weeks.

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