Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A German Court Considers Illegal Download Manager

A German court considers illegal download manager: The Hamburg Regional Court has declared illegal the JDownloader download manager.
A German Court Considers Illegal Download Manager
Specifically, the court has ruled against a feature in a previous beta version  JDownloader version 2 which allowed the download of content protected by copyright and  streams RTMPE protected. For its part the creators claim that JDownloader manager and does not have that specific feature.

Fighting Internet piracy continues stronger than ever. Germany is one of the European countries with a strong campaign against copyright infringement through the Web On this occasion the service identified by one of the German courts has been the JDownloader download manager.

As reported by TorrentFreak, last week the Hamburg Regional Court prohibited the link manager. The court had ruled against a feature in an earlier beta version which allowed the download of content protected by copyright and streams RTMPE protected.

The Court decided that this feature supposed circumvention of effective technological measure under Section 95a of the Copyright Act of Germany.

As a result, the court issued an injunction against threatened JDownloader and its creators AppWork with a fine of 250,000 euro fine for the production distribution and possession of open source software.

For its part the creators of JDownloader ensure that this function does not exist in the manager. This feature has stood a JDownloader beta 2 in our open source community. Removed this feature as soon as we arrived she notices about a few months ago, said one of the leaders of AppWork.

The download feature streams RTMPE was not created by AppWork was a third-party tool that in its new version also makes downloading RTMPE streams may also be able to download regular RTMP. 

This update of the third party tool was present in JDownloader 2 for a open source developer.

However the court finds that AppWork is responsible for that feature was present in the download manager.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for September JDownloader.

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