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iPhone 6 Is New Generation And Smartphone

The key features of the iPhone dreaming 6: It's great when you can use your finger instead of having to remember too many passwords to unlock the iPhone.
iPhone 6 Is New Generation And Smartphone
Furthermore combined with the close connection technology  users can pay via mobile safely and no need to remember passwords. 

Built in IR transmitter :

Samsung blockbuster Galaxy S4 built in IR transmitter so that users can turn the phone into a remote control. Therefore, many people covet Apple's new generation iPhone will also equip this functionality. 

Integrated NFC :

With this technology the iPhone can function as an electronic payment device or even car keys.

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Currently the iPhone has a maximum storage capacity is 64GB and there is no memory card slot so can not extended when needed. Although many people think that 64GB is enough to store but the iPad tablet is equipped with up to 128GB of memory many iPhone users want to crave it. 

Siri Assistant to support better :

Siri voice assistant built on the current iPhone version but has much improved compared to last time but was released ahead of Google Now Apple did little to improve this functionality on the iPhone 5 and the iOS7 we will have new features including a choice between male voice and female voice. Hopefully the new generation iPhone this function will become assistant real numbers. 

Induction Charger :

If you want to use wireless charging for the phone to buy a separate charger casing and charger for the device. Powermat and Energizer Company has created the induction charger for a variety of smartphones. However, if the device is integrated on the sensor chip phone charger you could just buy a touch charger can recharge the device.

Qi is the new standard for charging sensors are promoting the production of Qi chip integrated into their devices. Currently on the market there are a number of products have integrated chips such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and many functions that coveted new iPhone. 

Screen customization:

One of the advantages of Android is the ability to add widgets and customize the phone to the user applications most frequently used settings and useful information quickly. iOS also has a number of options and customizable organization but not strong enough. 

With iOS 7 users will have the new control panel provides quick access to commonly used settings like WiFi Bluetooth and flight mode. However, users expect the new iPhone has a more customizable.

The high-speed processing and improved 3D graphics :

Apple continuously improving graphics capabilities of the iPhone every time you launch the new version so it's no surprise that they would increase the processing speed and graphics performance of the device.

Bigger screen :

iPhone 5 iPhone 4/4S higher and thinner  but they are basically the same as an iPhone 4 can be extended to 4-inch sizes. However, many people expect that the next generation iPhone will have a bigger screen.

Longer battery Source :

There are many phones equipped with processors and faster graphics processor improves battery simultaneously but in fact many expect Apple really can do for longer battery power to compete with rival Android .


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