Sunday, 30 June 2013

iPhone Light Recently Cover Is Green

Light Continued To Cheap iPhone Revealed: New leaked images showed that the plastic back cover of iPhone cheap otherwise known as the iPhone Light.
iPhone Light Recently Appeared Green
The back wall is blue is identical to use in a number of Apple accessories.

This image appeared again in parts machining workshop for Apple in China.The back shell design, similar to the arrangement iPhone 5, but at the same time as material processing quality make this product look more like a parody than the iPod Touch iPhone.

The rear camera is visible, as well as LED flash metering sensor of the camera. Product specifications do not exist, so this may be iPhone Light or trial version can also be completely false.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone Light with many different colors to diversify its product line.

In addition to using plastic instead of glass and aluminum,iPhone Light processor will be older lower quality camera 3G connectivity and memory capacity is 8GB.

The body will be slightly thicker for the iPhone 5, but still owns 4 inch screen.

Light iPhone is expected to have cost 329 USD for the international version and will be sold in concentrated growing areas such as Asia Africa and some areas in Europe.


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