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Nokia 105 Is Very Cheap Collected

Nokia only collected about 5 USD for each ring 105 cheap: 5 USD is a small number compared to what was from Apple for an iPhone 5. 
Nokia 105 Is Very Cheap Collected
Apples just lost about 150 USD near first components for an iPhone 5 which is priced at 650 USD popular.

However, with a super cheap price products like the Nokia 150 our company collected about $ 5/1 product unit sold was considered a miracle. According to a recent report from IHS  Nokia must first spend about $ 14.2 components materials and processing costs for a 105. 

This product is priced at $ 20 in some markets in Africa Asia and Latin America.

There is a special point IHS discovered during the belly fat Nokia ring which is Intel's new chip line called PMB 7900. 

It allows true integrated 3 Nokia combinatorial circuit  to create a complete product with full features as listening to calls messaging, FM radio etc. Earlier a renowned model of Nokia 1110 is a combination of circuit weight to 6. 

Whether a product is cheap but work only integrated circuit on a 3 combinations Nokia 105 be seen as an achievement after decades of trying Nokia.

Although only collected about $ 5 for a Nokia 105 but the fact Nokia has sold about 50 million phones per quarter general about the amount they collect small and there are not so universal telephone is considered the golden goose by the your Nokia I recently they only sold about 5.6 million units and 0.5 million Lumia smartphones Symbian phones.

In Vietnam the Nokia 105 has just been sold for $ 450,000 East. 

This model is considered substitutes its ring in 1280 is also the first handset of Nokia is manufactured at Nokia factories located in Bac Ninh. 

The unit weighs 70 grams, integrated 1.45-inch color display with 800 mAh capacity battery. This is a product against dust and against water overflow. Its battery life can be up to 35 days (in standby mode).

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  1. I lost my 5 years old Nokia 3120 classic (bunny hop practice on main road, about half a km / 5 mins). I had earlier complained that BSNL signal was bad, not at all picked in Spar (now Auchaan) Bannerghatta road, goes on and off in my office at 8th floor and at home (independent house) at ground floor. Recently father in law bought Nokia 101 (dual sim) and I realized that his phone was picking up the BSNL signal well inside my home. So, I kind of knew that my phone was the problem. So, when I did lose, I was not that sad :)

    I immediately went to BSNL customer service to get a duplicate SIM for which they sent me to get FIR. I got the FIR in no time (Tilaknagar Police Station rocks... this was third experience with them on different reasons and they are so much better than the over hyped bad impression of general police). So, I got the duplicate SIM. Went straight to a nearby shop for Nokia 105 and told them to match Flipkart price as I cannot wait for 2 days. I got it.

    With moderate usage, the battery lasted for 5 full days and still 15% to 20% charge left (running on one line since today morning). This phone is just too good. It also removed all my signal problems.

    It is not that this phone does not have any cons. For instance, calculator is too simple even for simple maths. Calendar reminder does not have repeat option, does not allow selection of multiple SMSes for deletion, etc.

    It has bugs too. For instance, type a number and say add to contacts. Type the first few letters of the contact name. It just does not have the option to select the matched contact name. We have to scroll all the way from "view all" beginning.

    Yet, I cannot complain too much for this price. A spare 800 mAh battery should cost about 30% of the phone (my guess) and that would make this phone last for a very very long vacation away from electricity! Perfect for the guys in adventure tours.


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