Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nokia Asha 501 has Long Battery Time

Nokia Asha 501 has terrible battery life of Nearly 2 million: A few days after they are sold in some Asian market the price of the Nokia Asha 501 has also been published.
Nokia Asha 501 has Long Battery Time in Vietnam
Representing a major supermarket retailers have voiced confirmation Asha 501 will be priced at 1.9 million 

A price that the manufacturers offe. The time for the official product to consumers is expected on 1/7.

Nokia Asha 501 is considered to be the product helps erase the gap between smartphones and secondary feature phone. Machine integrated touchscreen 3-inch LCD resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

This model runs on Asha improved platform from Symbian S40 platform.

Like other Asha models, the machine does not support 3G connectivity using only 2G network and Wi-Fi. This product use speed 1 GHz chip and then 3.2 megapixel camera. Version sold in Vietnam market is the 2 SIM, for about 26 days of standby time.

Meanwhile, the first machine capable SIM Life is up to 48 days in standby mode. According to the Nokia the talktime of the Asha 501 is 17 hours.

In terms of design, is easy to see this product line inspired Lumia, with the shell made ​​of polycarbonate plastic. Machine that does not have borders covering the back cover embrace the screen like the Lumia 520 and 620.

This product has different colors for the user to select.

Nokia Asha 501 slim 12.1 mm weighs 98 grams and uses a unique hardware keys to navigate.

This product is preloaded with popular applications such as Facebook YouTube and the option to install 40 free EA games.


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