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Samsung Galaxy S4 By Other Version And Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 By Other Version And Smartphone. 
Samsung Galaxy S4 By Other Version And Smartphone

Currently Samsung is the Galaxy S4 mini  miniature versions of the Galaxy S4 ,S4 Zoom  combines a smartphone and a camera point-and shoot S4 Active  dust proof water resistant and a S4 runs pure Android has been sold. 

Although all versions have the same brand Galaxy S4 but only the version of Google's S4 has more in common with the standard S4, from the inside to the outside while the other version the distance of the other designs the other is configured. 

In terms of configuration it is difficult to find a relationship between the above products with the original S4 to put them into the same group of products. However Samsung already know how to put it unreasonable ones to create a sensible  sensible in brand building, as well as the key factor in business. 

Galaxy S has become a global brand. That is a fact. On the phone market the brand is an important factor when many more configurations. It is quite similar to the car market. That why Samsung made a wise decision to put a series of products under the whether big named Galaxy S. 

Korean phone manufacturer has drawn important lessons from past mistakes. When the first generation of the Galaxy S is distributed to each of the American Revolution it has different design and bears a different name despite having the same internal components. 

This strategy brings good sales but no advantage in branding for Samsung. 

And so they began to change. By the time the Galaxy S2 launch it still has many versions but all have shared a common name and specifications. 

By last year the company began offering the Galaxy S3 mini as a test and this year, they have conducted spam users with S4 Galaxy series of different samples after the unexpected success S3 mini. 

Between the phone attached to each form a different name and cost millions of dollars to do marketing relying a little over a major product for sale and branding, giant Samsung chose to 2. For the user if a product meets their requirements, to be righteous brand they will be easy to choose more. 


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