Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is only Smartphone

Galaxy S4 is only smartphone In the past, the best smart phones of Nokia then Apple and Samsung. 
Samsung Galaxy S4 is only Smartphone

Who is number one This industry is extremely dynamic. No matter how successful you today you in the number one position does not mean that tomorrow you still. Samsung has a lot of money.

If you invest heavily in marketing campaigns and branding people will always buy your product regardless of the smartphone that is good or not. Galaxy S4 is a mediocre phone.

We want to provide the best smartphone the thinnest and most beautiful. Phone (Galaxy S4) much thicker. Our products are not made from plastic. We also do not have much money to do the brand so we are forced to create better products said Richard You said

In a message broadcast from Huawei CEO he also confirmed that Huawei goal is the top manufacturer of mobile phones for the worlds largest by 2015.

Mr. Yu also said, to realize this goal Huawei will focus on improving the quality of products highly innovative products to help better Apple and Samsung, but sold lower cost.

Previously he has also rocked by the technology village Huawei claims are considering the acquisition of Nokia and the likelihood of success of this deal will depend on the goodwill of Nokia. However even then Huawei has aired immediately press release said it does not intend to acquire Nokia as media reports.

From the above information, the CEO of Huawei is making people doubt that whether or not a campaign to strengthen their reputation by shocking the spokesperson to attract the attention of the media.

On 18/6 personally sannouncement from Huawei the product will be sold first in the European market with price around 600 USD trivial.igned CEO Richard Yu introduced the Ascend P6 Forum  the world's thinnest smartphone at the moment.

This model is quite similar design to the iPhone 5 owns and bautiful metal casing thickness of only 6.18 mm magic. According to the 


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