Thursday, 27 June 2013

Windows 8.1 Advanced Features

Windows 8.1 New Advance Features Has Published: The upcoming updates still centerpiece in BUILD 2013 years is a Windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1 Advanced Features
Preview will be published in the TechEd North America 2013 that the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013 in Taiwan that took place in early June 2013 was held in Louisiana New Orleans things that Windows 8.1 is word summary such as official Blog of Microsoft further are.

However COMPUTE the OEM  while the event was a corporate customer users BUILD event for developers to support the ecosystem of hardware and application. It is different from the others in a detailed information with a focus on more developers would be published.

Therefore it was only outline a brief demo to be introduced in the event of the former two but Preview version which can perform validation and application development actually in BUILD this has been distributed officially.

In addition to the download distribution for the general public has started the company site Preview version was distributed to visitors Surface Pro that was pre-installed Office with the latest version of the OS. It can be said that it a place of official unveiling of Windows 8.1 in a sense.

Ballmer took the stage at the keynote was described device Microsoft strategy of 8.1 times this Windows. And extrusion on the front to respond to touch in addition to the form factor of the new PC including a tablet called 2in1 from notebook PC all-in-one to model  Mr. PC of all existing will be described as placed in focus on bringing a touch operation.

Also as a new form factor it has made small and medium-sized tablet of 10 type to less than 7 type degree to which raised in iPad mini and Nexus 7 More recently it was to focus on this market is important.

In Windows 10 and above market was the main, this would be a big turning point in the strategic. Further optimization of the touch screen and UI configuration is important in this size.

It can be said that the improvement of the software keyboard portrait mode that was introduced in a series of demonstration or softening of the screen is split a thing that corresponds to this change.

Improvement for users that use large screen PC desktop and also is progressing, the start button on the desktop screen and resurrection  and desktop screen startup display is a typical.


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