Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Acer New Windows 8 Tablets Release

Acer Repares To Release A New Windows 8 Tablets: Acer spokesperson has recently officially confirmed that next generation of Acer Iconia W3 currently being developed. 
Acer New Windows 8 Tablets Release
Acer says Windows 8 tablet with screen size 8 will soon be released in the near future. Rushing promote The Acer is a plan that is not too surprising because since the official W3 launched the Iconia Acer has constantly been criticized from the user. 

Majority of customers have said that it is a large aircraft heavy and especially the screen can not be used because of the quality poor.

Therefore sales of this machine led to Acer retailers and frustrated and technology group headquartered in Taiwan found that this needs to change immediately. 

Finally frustrated Acer representative said the company will try to sell the notes at the remaining W3 Iconia Dutch market and distributors here will no longer receive any more new episodes.


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