Monday, 1 July 2013

Apple And Samsung In Smartphone Rivals

Apple And Samsung Are Swallowed Gradually: Research the company's latest results are bad news for the mobile platforms are competing No.3 position on the mobile market Windows Phone BlackBerry 10 or the brand new recruits as Firefox OS Tizen.
Apple And Samsung Gradually Smartphone Rivals
Specifically, in the past three months 3,4,5, orderly brands smartphone and mobile operating systems will not change apart from the big two is not only threatened by new competitors but also enjoy the happy scene last 3 tables foundation lost market share.

In particular Apple is continuing its smartphone No.1 with a 39.2% market share in the U.S. up 0.3 percentage points from the previous quarter.

According to police Apples defect is Samsung with 23% up 1.7 points.

At the opposite extreme both HTC, Motorola and LG the three remaining firms in the Top 5 are seen market share decline.

Similarly while Android and iOS continue to maintain and champion runner and market share growth the land has little inherent BlackBerry Microsoft, Symbian becomes ever more narrow.

Although the sliding speed is not as fast as your BlackBerry before but this information was not enough to save the company's share price lost 27% after reporting last quarter was announced which is quite meager and depressing protein.

In addition, com Score also said more U.S. users choose smartphone to the phone.

As of last quarter the number of people owning smartphones in the U.S. has reached 141 million accounting for 59% mobile phone market in general.


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