Monday, 22 July 2013

Apple Compare Larger Screen iPad And iPhone 4

Apple Testing iPad Larger screen 9.7 And With A Larger Screen iPhone 4: Technology company plans to increase the screen size of iPhone 5 now namely between 4.7 to 5.7. 
Apple Compare Larger Screen iPad And iPhone 4

A source from product supply chain of Apple recently revealed to the newspaper Wall Street Journal that Apple is testing two devices. 

iPad with a screen size larger than the 9.7 Current namely greater than 9.7 and less than 13 along with the iPhone 4 has a larger screen. 

It is known that in addition to the WSJ former news site ET News also disclose more likely Apple is considering developing an iPad with a screen of 12.9, and besides a Reuters page last month said it U.S. 

Besides, WSJ also revealed that even Apple this year likely to launch a next generation iPad but it will be lighter thinner screen edges and possibly the new iPad will use the technology in cell screen similar to the current iPhone 5. 

In addition, the sources also said that Apple is preparing for the new iPhone (5S), and along with the cheap iPhone series with a variety of colors as the rumors recently emerged. 

Obviously the iPad plans with larger 9.7 and larger iPhone screen 4 are still in the plans of Apple and yet there's something really obvious. 

However, the information has to be part said that Apple seems to be drawn into the game smartphone and mobile device to the screen the screen when the iPhone is only 4 of them are suffering from many health pressed by major competitors with continuous high flow tablet launched in recent years.

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