Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Apple Has Officially Announced Second Quarter Financial Report

Apple Has Officially Announced Second Quarter Financial Report: Accordingly, the company has sold 31.1 million iPhones over 5 million units compared with expectations of experts.
Apple Has Officially Announced Second Quarter Financial Report
In the published financial statements management's Apple special emphasis on good sales of the iPhone 4. 

Apple not in the habit of watching their father how much sales the iPhone 5 how many iPhone 4S and how much iPhone 4in a quarter.

However, the average value of an iPhone sales dropped to 581 USD in part a reflection of the iPhone 4 is still very attractive.

However, leaders of Apple also reveal the iPhone 5 is still the best selling product of the company.

If iPhone sales reach positive, in contrast, the number of iPads sold in the second quarter of Appleled many to despair. 

Specifically, the apple defect only sold 14.6 million iPads lower than expected level of about 18.5 million units. Sales also fell 3% from the same period last year. At that time,Apple sold only a single model is the iPad 3.

However, overall sales of Appleis increased by 1%, to $ 35.3 billion, net profit of 7.47 billion USD. Its stock price also increased slightly afterApple published financial reports second quarter.

Speaking to reporters CEO Tim Cook promises: We are working very seriously for the great product in the fall of this year and in 2014. 

Through the suggestive above it can be stated, this fall is the time Apple introduced the new iPhone. What is waiting for the user whether or not a complete breakthrough product such as a clock or iTV iWatch that this company has been veiled.


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